September 17, 2015

Morbid Sacrifice - Severed Death (2002)

Password: BKM2015

Gene: Christian Death Metal
Bitrate: 192k (Thanks to J.Davis)

Morbid Sacrifice started in 1995 when Devilkill (Guitar) and Chris Auman (Vocals/Bass) came together with the understanding that they wanted to create a Death Metal band along the lines of their favorite bands like Crimson Thorn, Vengeance Rising, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel amongst many others. Hailing for a little town in Central Pennsylvania it wasn't exactly easy to come across like minded musicians. After having played with many drummers and guitarist they finally found band mates with Nate Davis (Guitar) and rounding everything out Tom Klinesmith (Drums). In the 7 years Morbid Sacrifice was together they played their fair share of shows with artist from Antithesis to Alethian and even artist like Sam Black Church. Their claim to fame however comes on two separate occasions, they where supposed to play with both Hatebreed and Madball, and both shows the headliner ended up backing out for personal reasons.
By the time 2002 came around Morbid Sacrifice entered the studio to record what is now being released, their debut album "Severed Death". However it wasn't long after the album was recorded the band members decided to go their own separate ways, which meant few copies of the album ever got released to the public. So here we are today, the year 2006 and Morbid Sacrifice's debut album is just now finally getting the release it has deserved for many years.

After the break up Tom and Chris went on to form progressive death metal band Nightsbane (still together with an EP release), Tom is also the current drummer for Royal Anguish. Devilkill went on to form punk band Anti-Hell Society (self released one album - no longer together), and nobody is to sure what happened to Nate Davis.

1.The Offering     05:07
2.Buried Alive     04:41     
3.Humping the Dead     00:33     
4.Misogynicide     05:50     
5.Severed Death     04:23     
6.Divinely Exhumed     05:21     
7.Whom I Serve     02:19     
8.Deliverance of the Beast

Download: CLICK HERE


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