November 12, 2014

Body and Soul - Something's Going on Here (7'') (1983)

Bitrate: 320k CBR
Password: 2014
Here's a very rare and unknown piece of US wave history. Update: Some info has been found. It seems this was a solo effort by "Rob Watson(from Daniel Amos)" and was pressed to 800 copies. More than I would've expected. Mr. Watson has had his hands in quite a few other things as well, it seems. I'll have to do a bit more investigation on that. As for this record, the a-side is a nice upbeat, club-friendly track... but I think I prefer the gloomy, mellow b-side. Enjoy!

Somethings going on here
The Graylands



  1. is also in The Swirling Eddies "Arthur Fhardy"

    Robert Watson is also known for his work on :
    VeggieTales in the City (2017)
    Armikrog (2015)
    VeggieTales in the House (2014)


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