August 21, 2017

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Michael James Murphy-Tender Heart(1984)!HY5RXAqa!M-JI-zfsJWtyBE2vQEqjmRU9br8oorO1EnbZGkJuuQs

Michael James Murphy-No Kidnap Today(1987)!uJwmQIyZ!dEdBETvWwGAjRQOchuqjkgjjEXpppooAV2-4ENs2dBo

Servant - Caught in the Act of Loving Him (1983)!dkAwAZJT!R1SKNC_wGqJ3OhYsyKx3acy5popfGtvwh3OdkgWUPzM

Servant -Light Maneuvers (1984)!FpRGQAyA!UxwYDXv6vlrYS7uWp8xgixGFKQAUHYf-VILXRMEYjRw

Byron Spradlin and Carl Stanley - Edge Of Drifting (1971)!UIcH1Loa!k0-aaBc63KIXpKrrTXrKA6C_hjk1IbRd13bhZjI1-XA

 Phil Driscoll-I Exalt Thee(1983).!NtxnECSC!a5HrZWNXU5eZXd9uZsuXXgKjIZkFQz242NIdOymYVoU

Ralph Carmichael and the Young People - Our Back Porch LP (1970)!9ANTnaRC!1P6vnbEPa8cD1p-W41mVqOLqa7xOPOYjWQhndrD5w1s

Liberation Suite - 25th Anniversary Edition [2003]

Malcolm & Alwyn - Wildwall (Digitally Remastered) [1999] 

2nd Chapter of Acts - Hymns Collection [2003]

Elvis Presley - He Touched Me [1972]

Sweet Comfort Band [1977]

The Crossbeats - Crazy Mixed-Up Generation 1967 & Singles Of 1965

Parchment - Shamblejam [1975]

Ron Salisbury & J.C. Power - Forgiven [1974] 


  1. KJ, This is a good idea because I am sure there are those who a week after posting a request for an LP don't bother to go back to their request and see if anyone has posted a link for it.

    Here's one I posted on OCT. 2, that you didn't include in this list.

    The Group - No Time Like the Present (1969) MP3@320 with scans and text file.!lMEzWJwR!JbPaM8eFUfU5FeHyTVyLwBaq3LW6zwG9yq4ywAFIG4k


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