September 21, 2017

Love Assembly - Urgency of Now (1992)

Password: 17
Genre: Christian New Wave
Source: Tape, Rare. Hard to Find.Only Album
Artwork: None Found

This Ohio band was made up of Collin Rowland and Sven Menninger. Contributing musicians to this project in no order are Tony Larkin, Chris Fee and Ronell Wiles.

These guy creative hooks and danceability caught the eye of Michael Knott for his Blonde Vinyl label. They appeared on the Slava Compilation album and were in negotiation with Knott before the label fizzed out.

  1. Love Assembly - Inside (4:20)
  2. Love Assembly - All the Pain (4:12)
  3. Love Assembly - Your World Again (3:59)
  4. Love Assembly - Learn to Feel (1:48)
  5. Love Assembly - Sence of Urgency (4:27)
  6. Love Assembly - You (4:58)
  7. Love Assembly - Onward (3:04)
  8. Love Assembly - The World (8:30)



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