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  1. Hi KJ

    Here is a couple of more requests I hope you will be able to find:

    1980 Windvoice - Self Title
    1983 Katharsis - "Drivin too Fast"

    Thank you in advance and God Bless!

  2. Hi KJ,

    Thank you for your blog and all the great music! I have a few requests I hope you will be able to post:

    1978 "I'm Grateful" by Garth Hewitt
    1978 "Grand Arrival" by Bryn Haworth
    1980 "The Gap" by Bryn Haworth

    Thanks and have a great week! God Bless!

  3. What a blessing!! KJ that is who you are--you have gone above and beyond what I have asked for! Thank you so very much and may the Lord shower blessings that you cup is always overflowing!!

  4. I'm looking for this band

  5. Hi KJ God Bless You!!! Please any album "2lb Planet" Songs from the Hydrogen Jukebox (1990)or Whispering Delicious (1993) ;) Thank you so much KJ!! God Bless You!!

  6. Hi,
    here link for:

    GIDEON'S ARMY:Warrior Of Love.(1985)(Remastered 2013)



    1. sipi & KJ,

      Thanks for the link - it worked fine! God Bless!

  7. I am looking for a rock band from CA called Surrender. They had a few demos one had a fantastic song called Long Long Winter. I'll be sending a few of my rare hard to find gems.

  8. Hello master! You're my last chance to find this song. I do not know his name, I know nothing about it. But I sincerely hope you can help me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkQGaPXiOvc

  9. Ralph Carmichael & The Young People - Have A Nice Day 1972
    Fantazia - Fantazia (Big Wave Records 1979
    Zaras - Excuse Me, Forever
    Joey Melotti - Take Another Look 1982
    Tony Arlyn - Childlike 1979
    Wickety Wak - New Horizons 1983
    Jeff Grosser - A Part Of Me
    Gotcha - Gotcha (Tequila Gold Records 1978
    The Latinos* - We Believe In You 1976
    The Unisounds - The Unisounds (Generation Records 1971
    Roger Moon - Second Class View Of Paradise 1975
    Alfred James - Music Man 1978
    Bernard Tarver - You're A Very Special Part Of Me 1979
    David Niblock - David Niblock 1980
    Michael Saxell - It's Good To Be Alive 1980
    Ingmar Johansson - Bildspråk 1979
    The Morgan-James Duo* - At The Bar Of Music 1964
    Sharon Cuneta - Sixteen 1982
    Golden West College - Better Days 1980
    Randy Morriss - Lifeline 1981

  10. KJ, here are my requests. All very hard to find:

    Various - Shack Of Peasants, Vol. 2 (1993)
    Solveig Leithaug - First Step (1988)
    Found Free - Transformation (1975)
    Billy Crockett - Surprises In Disguises (1986)
    Pamela Deuel Hart - Weary Child (1980)
    Priscilla Engle - Priscilla Engle (1986)
    Robot Luggage - Robot Luggage EP (1987)
    Sue Chrisco - The Singer (1984)
    The Meeks - Turning It Over (1983)
    Soul Liberation - Who Are You (1982)
    Marvin & Gentry - Safe Harbour (1987)
    Marvin & Gentry - Light Of The World (1989)
    Mattie Groves - Mattie Groves (1999)
    Nicholas Giaconia - Center Of The Earth (1994)
    Bruce Rector - Beginnings (1978)
    Brendan Doyle - Musical Mystical Bear (1972)
    The Seraphims - The Consciousness Of Happening (1968)
    Reid Power - Intuition (1980)

    Thanks in advance for any and all you can provide.

  11. HI KIng Jeste! How Are you? please! DEAR EPHESUS "The Consolation of Pianissimo" (1997) ! God Bless you!

  12. Hey KJ, keep up the great work! Thank you for helping me get digital copies of my vinyl collection. I am still looking for
    Chuck Girard - Take It Easy
    Chuck Girard - Glow In The Dark
    Chuck Girard - Written On The Wind

  13. Hi, thank you very much for Carla Riehl,Believer and Priscilla Engle.

  14. Hi everyone! I'm looking for this record:

    Geoff Moore - Where Are The Other Nine? (1984)

    Thanks a lot!


  15. I used to own a ton of christian rap when I was a teenager but got rid of it in my early 20s. I've been getting some of those albums back but I can't find the following and would love to hear them again:

    DJ Dove - The Devil's Worst Nightmare
    Fros-T - Mad at the World
    Mike-E & The G Rap Crew - I Rap for the Man
    Mike-E - Pass it On
    Transformation Crusade - Makin' it Happen
    I.D.O.L. King - Explosion
    Apocalypse - The Final Plea

  16. Good Day BK!!!!
    Can I request This 2 Albums Namely:

    1. The Hemphills - Workin' (1980)
    2. Brent Lamb - Outside These Walls (1988)

    Thanks and GOD Bless BK!!...

  17. good evening,does anyone know anything about this crosswind ccm plz ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y41E-QMuUbI

  18. this is a really great album

  19. Do you have the other Limpic and Rayburn, titled Limpic and Rayburn with Dave Pollard - 1976

  20. Wondering if someone has Gabriel - Gabriel 1978 or 80? (brown album w/Gabriel on the front. Gabriel - Rescued 1981. Lastly, Gabriel - Out of The East 1985

    Thank You :-)

  21. I'm looking for Order of Chaos - s/t Demo 1990 and Omega - Alpha (Demo) 1983.
    Thanks a lot for help!

  22. I actually used to have this back in the day. It was a free EP/album that was put out on Myspace I do believe. The group was called This Diminishing West and it was fronted by Scott Hunter from Poor Old Lu. Id love to have that album on here and to get it again

  23. Stephen Wiley-Bible Break

  24. Would you be able to locate any albums by a country/Southern gospel group called the MidSouth Boys? I am particularly interested in their 1986 album Christian Country Hearts and their 1987 album City Lights. I've also been looking for an album by a Southern gospel quartet called The Sound. They made an album in 1987 entitled Take a Little Time. If you could find these, that would be great. Thank you

  25. I just noticed the posts of the MidSouth Boys. Thanks so much. I can't believe you were able to find them so quickly. I've been looking for them for years with no success. Any chance you could locate their 1985 album, Boys Will Be Boys?

  26. Thank you once again for the MidSouth Boys and The Sound posts. Much appreciated. While we're at it, here's a few more that I've been looking for if you could find. They are by another southern gospel group called Heaven Bound:

    We Are Those Children - 1981
    Genuine - 1982
    I Am With Thee - 1983
    In Concert - 1985
    Revived - 1986
    Just No Stopping Us Now - 1987
    Look What God Has Done - 1989

    Any of these would be greatly appreciated

  27. Got the Heaven Bound material. Thank you. Any chance you could locate these albums by a quartet called Perfect Heart:

    Live - 1991 (re-issued in 1993)
    Command Performance - 1992
    On Time God - 1995

    Thank you

  28. Sonlight Orchestra

    Love Song and Other Greats - 1975
    Sometimes Allelua - 1976
    We are the Reason - 1981
    Star of the Morning - 1982

  29. Here's a shot in the dark.

    Hundredfold - Look Up!
    T.N.K. - The Noble Knights

    Have never seen these on any site like this.

  30. Tales From The Tube Creative Sound ‎– CSS 1583
    1975 Soundtrack to the Christian Surf Movie

  31. I've got a long shot for you, it's an acapella group called Rhythm & News, and I had their first album, Get With the Rhythm on tape. Can you help me out? Thanks!

  32. Found two albums by Rhythm & News for you..

    Your Welcome

  33. HI KJ!!! PLEASE " Shaded Red "Red Revolution" (1999) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cluXT8LHlaw Thank you so much!!

  34. Hello, I would like to request these:

    - Various Artists - Airpop: An Apricot Records Compilation (1998)
    - Den Baron - The Soundtrack of My Life (2000)
    - Various Artist - Rough Trade Shops: Indiepop 01 (2004)

    Thank you so much!

  35. Infinity Plus Three - Setting Yesterday Free

  36. Struggling to find Graham Kendrick 'Triumph In The Air'. It was the only album to be issued on a small label, hence harder to find. Any help appreciated!

  37. Resurrection Metal Radio10/24/17, 5:36 PM

    I am looking for some music by Eric Champion

  38. I'm looking for Gordon De Leon - His Matchless Grace 1973
    Roberta Vandervort - Chameleon Cry 1984
    New Creation Singers - Sweeter Than Honey 1978
    -the lord lives 1972
    -Reality Rd
    -Perfect Praise 1976
    -i will praise thee 1972

    There may be others. Thank You!

  39. I'm looking for the two Petra Youth Choir Collections (1985 and 1987). I believe the first one at least was circulating on ZPOC, but I can't access it anymore. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

  40. i have been looking all over for Sentry- sick of the darkness

  41. Thanks for this great blog. I have been looking for a band called 20/twenty. They had two releases in the 1980's. Thanks!

  42. malcolm wall - broken chains

  43. Hi kj?i have first call's 1987 album but is very low on audio.Can u pump it up for me?

  44. Hi again,

    Would it be possible to request anything by Ernie & Debbie Rettino?
    Thank you for this amazing blog :)

  45. I'm looking for these albums:
    Helga Pictures-ST-1991
    Helga Pictures-Build It Up-1993
    Karl Keaton-Just Another Love Affair-1991
    Karl Keaton-How Can I Let Go-1993
    Priscilla Engle-ST-1986
    Priscilla Engle-Learning To Love-1991
    Kim Boyce-This I Know-1990
    Phil and The Noise-Foolin' Around-1991
    The Johnsons-Break Tommorrow's Day-1986.

    thanks in advance.

  46. Could you possibly find an album called The Road to Forgiveness by a group called Crossway? Thanks

  47. Thanks so much for the Sheesh & Dion :) so nice to hear them again. Here's a few more I haven't heard in ages (used to have the lps)
    1) Sheila Walsh - War Of Love (1983)
    2) Sheila Walsh - Triumph In The Air (1984)
    3) Randy Stonehill - The Wild Frontier (1986)

  48. Hi KJ. I am looking for:

    1986 - Split Level - Break the Chains
    1994 -Julie Miller - Invisible Girl

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  49. I am looking for Pegtop - Just Us. Any ideas?


  50. Hi KJ. Looking for a couple of releases by The Walk:

    1986 - The Walk - s/t
    1987 - The Walk - Longing


  51. HAIL from Croatia, Europe, I'm looking for David and The Giants - Riders in the Sky album! Thanx so much and Merry Christimass!

  52. I would love to see The Concrete Rubber Band - Risen Savior. thank you for all the great music.

  53. fades away - perceptions

    thank you

  54. Hello! Looking for a few albums you might have access to:

    John Polce - The Call
    New Creation - Troubled
    Lyle and Peake - S/T
    Sounds of Salvation - S/T
    Sixth Station - Dark Night

    Thank you for all the glorious music!

  55. Anyone have any of these to share please.

    Acceptance With Joy - Thanks A Trillion
    Ada Allen - The Straying Sheep
    Cindy Bashaw - Friends
    Bob & Bernie - Somebody Loves You
    Rodney Cordner & Jean-Pierre Rudolph - Up Hill and Down Brae
    Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia - Bitter Sweet
    Famous With God - Famous with God
    Rev. Carey Landry - Bloom Where You're Planted
    Neale Powell Lundgren - Time of the Harvest
    McGann and Morris - Walk Humbly With Your God
    The Minor Birds [GBR] - The Minor Birds
    Songs for the Masses - Songs for the Masses
    Kevin Roth - Somebody Give Me Direction
    Steve Kinzie - Steve Kinzie
    Well of Life - Come to the Well

  56. Larry Bryant "The Artist"
    Purpose (circa 1970 "Youth" musical)

  57. annie herring - through a child's eyes

  58. Talbot McGuire - When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth

  59. Looking for an album from Dallas Holm - Didn´t he Shine, released in 1973 or 1974

  60. Hi, thanks for the great blog and music!

    I'm looking for several albums from the late 90's/early 00's:

    The Witness Protection Program - Fire, Ready, Aim (2003)
    The Fallout - Days Away From Life (2004)
    Longday - An Explanation For My Behavior (2004)
    Crafted - Shoes Of Innocence (2002)
    Anthem - Silence In Stereo (2002)
    Shiloh - King (2002)
    Godhead Disciple - Beautiful Feet (2002)
    Tucker - Moving Too Fast (1999)


  61. I should update my want list that was posted on 2/7/18 I found about half of them so here are the ones I'm still looking for:
    Redeemer – Anno Domini (2012)
    Redeemer – One Way (2011)
    The Seventh Power - Dominion & Power (2008)
    The Seventh Power - Eternal Power (2012)
    Titanic - Full Steam Ahead (2007)
    Titanic - Maiden Voyage (1996)
    Titanic - Screaming In Silence
    Titanic - Wreckage, The Best Of And The Rest Of (2007) comp
    Subdux - Subdux One (2002)

  62. Looking for
    Under Midnight - Void and Self-Titled.
    Deitiphobia - Anything

  63. Any chance you could find these albums by the Crossmen Quartet:
    New Ground (1995)
    He is Leading (2002)
    Home (2007)

    Thank you. I would appreciate it.

  64. Looking for an album called The Bridge (1991) by the Trailblazers. Thank you

  65. Trying to track down the album Cut 'N' Dried Southern Style by the Bibletones. Have had no luck. Possibly you can find it. Thank you.

  66. Can you find any of these albums by the Cumberland Boys:

    Presenting Opryland's Gospel Quartet (1982)
    Presenting Opryland's Gospel Quartet II (1983)
    I Owe It All to Jesus (1984)
    A New Song (1987)
    Alive and Now (1988)

  67. Do you have this:

    Our Generation - Dawning of the Day (1971)

  68. Got the Cumberland Boys material. Thank you. I'm also looking for some albums to round out my Kingsboys collection. Any chance you could locate any of the following by the Kingsboys:

    Rehearsal - 1984
    Holding On - 1985
    Feeling Fine - 1986
    Right Now - 1987
    Don't Stop Now - 1989

    As always, I appreciate it.


  70. Rain by Closer - New Breed Records

  71. I'm after Jon Eberson Group - "Polarities" from 1982 and "City Visions" also by Jon Eberson group - from the year 1984 please someone!

  72. In search of:
    Camel Society Kings - 1986 demo, 1987 demo, A Pile of Songs
    Pieces of Glass - What You Tell Me / Lonely (7")
    Moral Support - Just Where It's At Tonight / Sin (7" on Round records)
    Blue Trapeze - Who Were You Then?, From A Dream, Farewell to Noone, Waiting on Your Call
    The Lonely Now - Original Intentions, Captive
    Didi - Les Enfants de Siegneur
    Tempest - Annihilation of the Wicked
    No Laughing Matter - It Bites KMart Shoppers

    1. Tempest already posted

    2. Thanks!

    3. I have the lonely now original intentions but don't know who to send it for upload.

    4. Someone says they have The Lonely Now and don't know where to send it? Perhaps ask the guy that runs this site if he can help with that

  73. Does anyone have anything by Jeff Johnson?

  74. Looking for the following by the Kingsboys:
    Rehearsal - 1984
    Holding On - 1985
    Feeling Fine - 1986
    Right Now - 1987
    Don't Stop Now - 1989

    Thank you

  75. Hi

    Im looking for Transformation Crusades first album 1990, and Kings Crew - Chilling in the Kings Castle 1993.

  76. hi friend, i'm looking for this album very very rare:

    Tim Miner - Tim Miner 1984
    David Saylor - One On One 1990
    No Two - No Two 1989
    John Hunter - More Than Meets The Eye 1986
    Robbie Patton - Do You Wanna Tonight 1979
    Robbie Patton - No Problem 1984

    Thx in advance, bye!

  77. Hi KJ or other music lovers who have these. I'm looking for Phil Potter.
    My Song is Love Unknown - 1977
    The Restorer - 1978
    Lead Me on - 1980
    Thank You

  78. Hey KJ Any chance you could help me out with the Detritus, greatly appreciated if you can rhanks

  79. Hello, I am looking for the following albums:
    The Search Party - Montgomery Chapel
    Concrete Rubber Band - Risen Savior
    Sonlight - Sonlight (this was originally released in 1973 by Light Records)


  80. I'm looking for an album called "It Ain't Over" by group called Destiny. Released in 1991. If you can find, I'd appreciate it. Thanks

  81. my buddy kj. can you please post "Holes In The Floor Of Heaven" by Ric Alba

  82. Hi I have a request, I'm looking for Sister Janet Mead, 3 albums but I can settle for the first two. Sister Janet Mead - A Rock Mass. Australian Nun who can sing. With You I Am 1974
    But I am Smaller Than My Song (a rock mass) 1975

    Thank You

  83. 1)Blind Teeth Victory Band
    2)The Mission - Cut the Crap!
    3)Hounds of Heaven
    4)Children of the Consuming Fire

  84. Do you have anything by
    1. the Swirling Eddies
    2. the Lost Dogs
    3. Don Francisco
    4. Bruce Cockburn

  85. The Jesus Generation (Thief in the Night) Holy Grail 1969

  86. Do you have any of the following choir albums?

    Free Flying Soul
    Flap Your Wings
    Burning Like the Midnight Sun
    The Loudest Sound Ever heard

  87. Randy Stonehill - Born Twice
    This only came out on vinyl, any mp3 available? I have been looking for this for years

  88. thank you!

  89. any chance you can get Kosher's album White Lies? they were a Christian nu metal band from UK

  90. Hello. Thank you for all the hard work! Do you have Mark Heard: Appalachian Melody. This is his second album and first for Larry Norman's Solid Rock label. I can only find an expensive vinyl copy.

  91. Thank you so much for the Mark Heard link!


  93. Betrayal - The Passing of Time
    Betrayal - In Remembrance of Me

  94. Harvest - Give Them Back, Thanks!

  95. Hi,
    link for:

    BETRAYAL:The Passing.(1993) @ 192



  96. Been looking for tnis one for a long time!
    Canadian Rock Theater – Canadian Rock Theater(1972)

  97. nina - no shadow of turning (R.E.X)
    Pierce Pettis - tinseltown

  98. Matthew Ward - Fortress

  99. Jordan - End of the Rainbow
    No Longer Music - Hang By Your Feet And Sing!
    The Choir - Shades of Gray EP
    Vigilantes of Love - Welcome to Struggleville
    Yeti - Yeti (been looking for this for years)

  100. Pierce Pettis - Chase the Buffalo
    Michael Been - Light Sleeper
    Michael Been - On the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough

  101. Looking for an album by the Kingsboys called "Right Now." Released in 1987. Any chance you could find that for me?


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