August 27, 2013

Bad News for the Devil (1998)

A german band out of Berlin with very straight lyrics.

Bitrate: 128k (Best i can find)

Vocals – Carsten Rahl
Guitars – Olaf Unglaube
Guitar – Michael Schulz
Bass – Stefan Schmidt
Drums – Thorsten Zippan

01-Step Forward (3:35)
02-Bad News For The Devil (4:37)
03-Revelation (4:03)
04-Time (4:02)
05-Belief (4:52)
06-Mayday (3:34)
07-Prayer (5:34)
08-Prelude (0:40)
09-Recycle Your Life (4:42)


August 26, 2013

Disco Saints – Cosmic Cowboy (1996)

Gene: Dance/Techno
Bitrate: 128k

1. Cosmic Cowboy
2. The Devil Is a Liar
3. Time to Change
4. I Won’t Be Satisfied
5. I Surrender All (Drummin)
6. Saved
7. Range in the Sky
8. Goin’ to a Place
9. Scenes from the Throne Room
10. Psalm 5


N-Soul / Nsoul Sampler (1994)

Here is an mix of the following artist. Over 70 mins worth.. Great stuff.. Came from an Tape.

Bitrate: 192K

Track List:
Side One
Side Two

Artist List:
Virus — analogue
Mindbender — Mindbender
Rhythm Saints — Deep Sustained Booming Sounds
world wide Message Tribe — Take A Long Hike (With The Chosen Few)
Prophecy of P.A.N.I.C. — Manic Panic
Sozo — Purity
Nitro Praise
Private Boiz — Check da Flava
Resolution — Politically Incorrect
World Wide Message Tribes — Dance Planet
Raving loonatics — My King
My Limit — Mailbongwe
Gina — Eternity


Level / LvL -Discography-

Brother of Scott Albert(aka celldweller)

More Info: Click Here

01 She: Backslide
02 Best Way Out
03 File# 81251
04 Caught Sick
05 Just Like You
06 Devil's Advocate
07 She: Pay to Play
08 Pay to Play (mix B)
09 Downplay
10 What If? (Vintage Lofi)
11 Hero Zero
12 File# 91931
13 She: This Time



01 End Title
02 Open Mind
03 Mirror
04 A Satisfaction
05 Restore
06 I. E. L. I
07 Home
08 What Free Is
09 Hold It In
10 Decide



1 Home (Remastered)
2 Home (Klayton Revision)
3 Home (Audesi Remix)
4 Home (Extraction Mix )
5 Home (Home-less Mix)
6 Home (Perplex Remix)
7 Home (Last Men Standing Remix)


Level - Instinctive Reaction (Mastered) (5:17)
Level - loop (1:11)
Level - Monophase (Mastered) (4:58)


August 10, 2013

Sounds of Heaven (Banjo/Gospel) 1980s

Banjo/Gospel group from the 80s.Kent Miller and Wife..Unknown info about them.They were friends of my Parents.My Mother(not related to kent) wrote two songs(tracks 3,4) & Kent wrote the music.

If anyone knows any info about them.Post it.
Thank you for your time

Year: 1980?
Artist: Sounds of Heaven
Location: Ohio (USA)
Source: Tape/45 rpm record

Kent Miller
Mrs. Miller

Track List:
1.If You Were There(45 record)
2.It Will Be Worth It All(45 record)
3.If Not For The Savior(Tape_rough start_few seconds)
4.Just a Prayer Away(Tape)

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