March 31, 2015

Don't Know - Chili with Beans (1993)

Gene: Christian Punk
Password: 2015
File Host: Mega
Bite: 160 CBR

1 Intro 0:41
2 Too Much To Think 2:03
Find Time 2:03
4 50 Pound Bible 2:51
5 Jeffries Makin' Breakfast 2:49
6 Complacent Tea 2:34
7 Power Tool Pete 6:32
8 I Buy
Rug 1:31

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Ebenezer Church - Tearing Down The Temple (1995)

Gene: Christian Rock
Password: 2015
Bitrate: 320k CBR
File Host: Mega

  1. Ebenezer Church - That Sinking Feeling (4:07)
  2. Ebenezer Church - Pleasure Island (3:47)
  3. Ebenezer Church - Whisper (4:45)
  4. Ebenezer Church - Loose Lips (3:50)
  5. Ebenezer Church - Tricks (5:14)
  6. Ebenezer Church - Itching Ears (4:10)
  7. Ebenezer Church - P.o.l. (4:07)
  8. Ebenezer Church - All I Need (3:57)
  9. Ebenezer Church - Taste The Tears (6:49)
  10. Ebenezer Church - Even So (8:01)
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New Jerusalem - Self Title (1997)

Gene: Christian Rock / Metal
Password: 2015
File Host: Mega
Bitrate: 256k VBR High
Sounds Like: Ac/Dc . Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Barren Cross, Guardian, Slaughter, and Neon Cross

  1. New Jerusalem - Living In The Light (5:29)
  2. New Jerusalem - Take Me Home (3:30)
  3. New Jerusalem - Judgement Day (8:43)
  4. New Jerusalem - Foundation (3:13)
  5. New Jerusalem - You Are My Life (6:37)
  6. New Jerusalem - Final Stand (4:19)
  7. New Jerusalem - Forgiven (4:43)
  8. New Jerusalem - Hail Tonight (4:11)
  9. New Jerusalem - Sincerity (3:02)
  10. New Jerusalem - A Melody, A Symphony, A Song (8:07)
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March 29, 2015

Jack Miffleton -Discography- 1968 - 1978

Gene: Jesus Music Era
Password: 2015
Year: 1968
File Host: Mega

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Gene: Jesus Music Era
Password: 2015
Year: 1970
File Host: Mega

Download: CLICK HERE

Gene: Jesus Music Era
Password: 2015
Year: 1975
File Host: Mega

Download: CLICK HERE

Gene: Jesus Music Era
Password: 2015
Year: 1978
File Host: Mega

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Young Brothers - High Energy Rock (1978)

Gene: Christian Rock / Jesus Music Era / 70s
Password: 2015
Bitrate: 320k CBR
File Host: Mega

Admin Note: Really Great 70s Rock Album.. Check this one out.. 

This one’s about as gnarly as they get. ZZ Top move over cuz this thing is relentless fast hard-rockin’ butt-kickin’ Texas-style biker boogie jammin’ with nothing as gracious as a keyboard note to sully the tuneage. It’s raw. It’s loud. It’s three long-haired brothers Allan, Ronnie, and Terry Young playing lead, bass, and rhythm guitar respectively, rounded out by Kenny Mooney on drums, custom-recorded in their home on 4 track. The leads absolutely shred, sometimes with spacey pedal effects. Technically this isn’t “Jesus music”, though the spiritual angle is clearly evident. Lots of references to “the Spirit”, the afterlife, resisting the devil, love. ‘Just Setting My Soul Free’ states “my soul is indestructible along with the Spirit of Christ”. Lyrically simple and a bit obtuse and I doubt any Pulitzers will be given for lines like “gonna chase away this feeling, this feeling so sad, gonna chase away the sadness, change it to glad”, and titles like ‘Space Child’ will leave you scratchin’ your head. Certainly doesn’t fit into the norm, but hey that’s a plus. Deceptively benign sun-in-the-clouds cover and sunshiny yellow vinyl masking the fierce monster that lurks within. If Barnabas’ first lp was too sweet for ya, get a line on the Young Brothers. I can only wipe the sweat.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

01. Come Alive
02. Touched
03. Excited
04. The Answer
05. Suffering Man
06. If It’s Not One Thing It’s Another
07. Bus Stop
08. Hinder
09. Say You Know Love
10. Just Setting My Soul Free
11. Space Child

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Randy York - One For The Road (1978)

Gene: Jesus Music Era
Password: 2015
Bitrate: 320
File Host: Mega

Another backwoods scruffy rocker guy that successfully avoided the sanitized ccm scene The denim jacket; the ripped jeans; the long hair; the bizarre humor - it's easy to picture this guy right alongside Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Randy Matthews and all those other out-in-left- field radicals. We'd heard from York previously as half of the duo Rockwood Brad Nelson (the other half of Rockwood) is part of York's band on Candle Wax, contributing some blistering scratchy lead guitar to tracks like the re-worked Wallace'. Most of side one is raw electric stuff while side two explores acoustic rock evoking Ron Moore's early albums. One For The Road is a collection of solo performances - a mix of before- an-audience and live-in-studio tracks recorded at various high schools, coffeehouses, studios and living rooms. In addition to great music there's some humorous audience talk about such topics as the song 'Convoy' and Christian disco (aka "Crisco"). Other oddities include studio chitchat, 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game' (sung off by one syllable) and the strange heavily-reverbed poetry reading 'The Winter Chill'. Pretty much a classic in my book with the homemade carefree attitude of Norman's Streams Of White Light Weird cover of can of Wheaton Beer: "a pure brew from God's country".

01. Stop Him
02. Resurrection Song
03. Wake Up
04. Diana
05. Your Faith Will Make You Whole
06. Foreign Car Song
07. Maybe Monday Morning
08. A Soft Song For Mary Long
09. Take Me Out To The Ball Game
10. Hello Thomas J.
11. Crisco
12. Man In The Moon
13. The Winter Chill
14. Every Task Every Song

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Charity - S/T (1975)

Gene: Jesus Music Era
Password: 2015
Bitrate: 320 CBR
File Host: Mega

Another class act in the homemade soft jangly guy/gal electric folkrock department that you can proudly file next to The Bridge (with whom they share a similar sound). Dreamy acoustic atmospheres are overlaid with flute and recorder, precious ethereal female harmonies and attractive electric guitar leads, including a few friendly fuzz and other effects here and there. Indeed I wouldn’t be surprised to see some listeners classify this as “folk/psych”. Effective shimmering moody presence throughout, whether strummed folkrock tunes, gentle finger picked songs, slow stirring ballads, plugged-in rural-edged tracks or spoken word over guitar. ‘Rejoice God’s Children’, ‘River Jordan’, ‘A Prayer Of David’, ‘John 1:1-14’, ‘Dear Heavenly Father’. Nine original songs in all, plus a cover of Kenn Gulliksen’s ‘Charity’. Three guys and two girls from El Cajon, California, on the same label as fellow Californians Soul Purpose. Excellent cover too – a colored pencil ocean scene with breaking wave and image of Christ in the clouds. I’m touched. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

01. Rejoice God’s Children
02. Christ Through Me
03. River Jordan
04. John 3;16,17
05. A Prayer Of David
06. John 1;1
07. Coming Again
08. Charity
09. Glory To God
10. Dear Heavenly Father

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John Ylvisaker - Recorded At A Housewarming For Fritzie (1972)

Gene: Jesus Music Era
Password: 2015
Bitrate: 192k CBR
File Host: Mega

Prepare to be jolted right from the start with one of the most guttural growls imaginable. What is this – a pirate drinking song? Tom Waits with a throat infection? By golly if this custom isn’t one of the most down-home lps ever made! As the title indicates, this is a live recording of two guitarists, a wailing harmonica, and a handful of guests gathered around a living room microphone and hamming it up (with bass mixed in later). It’s a marvelous blend of back porch acoustic blues, spirituals, and folk originals – a complete about face from John’s Avant Garde lps. Lots of lengthy twangy raw bluesy jamming backed by a party atmosphere of hoopin’ and hollerin’, clapping, singing along – indeed I know of one collector that’s gone so far as to say they must have been stoned! Titles like ‘Glory Hallelujah’, ‘Gethsemane’, ‘Emmaus’, and ‘Annanias’ (which stops cold in mid-song for a comical shouting match between Pilate and the Pharisees). You’d expect radical hippie types, but back cover photos of the participants (cleverly cut out into house windows) reveals your basic young adult and kids church bunch. Brilliant, sincere, and spontaneous – the absolute antithesis of Christian labels with their studios and producers – the mere thought of anything like this appearing on such is ridiculous. Bravo, John!    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Download: CLICK HERE

Steve Hurlburt - Standing (1978)

Gene: Jesus Music
Password: 2015
File Host: Mega
Bitrate: 160k CBR

Liner notes compare this guy to the likes of Larry Norman and Randy Stonehill which is pretty much on the money, right down to the long blonde hair (a subject wittily dealt with in the pro-hair exegesis of ‘First Corinthians 11:14’). Steve musically jumps from rockers to acoustic ballads much as Norman did on In Another Land, plugging his tunes with some snazzy slide guitar, complemented by organ and spirited female bgvs. Steve handles a number of guitars (acoustic, electric, slide, bass), while additional personnel fill in on keyboards, percussion, additional guitars and backing vocals. Good electric guitar workouts on ‘I’ve Been Told’, ‘Grace’, ‘Song’, the title track and ‘Good News’, the latter with numerous ‘70s references (including Mary Hartman). Quieter acoustic settings can be found within ‘On Valentine’s Day’, the string-backed ‘Mom, Dad’ and covers of Paul Davis (‘Editorial’) and Livingston Taylor (the instrumental ‘Thank You Song’). A basically cool classic Jesus rocker kind of guy. Originally a custom release on a private label out of Grand Rapids, Minnesota (with lyrics/commentary insert), later picked up by the Canadian New Born label (NB 7006).    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

01. I’ve Been Told
02. Editorial
03. Grace
04. On Valentine’s Day
05. Good News
06. Standing
07. First Corinthians 11_14
08. Song
09. Mom, Dad
10. Thank You Song

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March 28, 2015

The Living Sacrifice Band - S/T (1977)

Gene: Christian Rock / Jesus Music / Folk
Password: 2015
File Host: Mega
Bitrate: 320k CBR
Source: Tape

01. Hallelujah
02. Cross And Nails
03. Lord I Don’t Want To Die
04. Born Of A Virgin
05. Come To The Lord
06. Jesus Loves His Little Ones
07. It Shall Come To Pass
08. These Are The Times Before The End
09. Jesus

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March 26, 2015

Overland Stage - S/T (1972)


Gene: Christian Rock / Jesus Music
Artist: Overland Stage
Title: Overland Stage
Year: 1972
Format: LP
Label: Epic
Password: 2015

Overland Stage garnered a recording contract from CBS in 1972 and recorded this album in San Francisco of that year. Two singles were released from the lp, including “I’m Beginning To Feel It”.
The group which included Steve Babb, Duane Elofson, Jim Flint, David Hanson, Rick Johnsgard, and Don Miller had been described earlier as “xian hippie” but this album while having subtle xian overtones (“Salvation”, “Brother Moses”), is closer to a progressive rock sound with vocals and harmonies similar in style to the Eagles, Yes, and CSN (or a cross between them).
The album features the brilliant percussion work of Santana’s Coke Escovedo, who were recording down the hall when this album was being made and who the group got to know personally. (Prairie Prince Minsky)

Track Listing
  1. Salvation
  2. Cherokee
  3. She Will Leave Me
  4. I’m Beginning To Feel It
  5. Brother Moses
  6. To The Park
  7. After You Leave Me
  8. Don’t You Believe Me
  9. It’s Just Life
  10. Indian
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The Overflow Band - Hazardous Driving Ahead (1984)

Gene: Christian Rock
Password: 2015
File Host: Mega

Ready for Action
Right Road
 Walkin’ in Desolation
 Rock Bottom
Hold On
Makes No Sense to Me
Jesus Is the Answer
Hey Why Don’t You Believe
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March 25, 2015

The Pebbles - S/T (1968)

Gene: Jesus Music / Rock / British
Password: 2015
File Host: Mega


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March 24, 2015

Shop 11 Phoenix - This is Your Life (2001)

Artist: Shop 11 Phoenix
Album: This Is Your Life...Year: 2001Quality: 128 kbps (Standard Quality)Label: Bettierocket RecordsGenre: Punk 
Password: 2015 

2.Closer Than My Sister
3.I'm Sorry It's Ok
4.Believe It's True
5.Ordinary Me
6.Broken And Bruised
7.Hollow Heart
8.Random Thoughts
9.I Will Fight
10.This Is Your Life
11.Goodbyes Are Always Sad
12.Datenight In Loserville
13.One Day We Will All Know
14.Ineffectual Friend
15.Simple Thoughts Of A Little Old Man

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The Fireblood Angel Band - Day of the Trumpet (1982,7" Single)

Gene: Christian Rock / Jesus Music
Password: 2015

Single Song - Download: CLICK HERE

March 23, 2015

Concern - America Where Are You (1973)

Gene: Xian Christian Rock Folk Jesus Music
Password: 2015

Another super scarce one with something like a 200-300 press I’ve heard. On America, Where Are You? the former Guitar Ensemble (now renamed Concern) duplicates seven of their best songs from the You-N-You sessions plus a couple from Have Faith. But it’s the previously unheard tracks that are the real treat here. The addition of electric guitar to all four songs pushes the group’s sound further in the rock direction. At the same time the organ is given more prominence in the mix, making their previously subtle psych edge noticeably more distinct. The opener ‘Lone Man’s Plea’ has a cool wah-wah thing going down coupled with dizzying organ – a sound not too distant from Azitis. ‘Clap Your Hands’ employs a catchy mid-tempo banjo-plunking rhythm, followed by the mesmerizing ballad ‘Abortion’ where the soft-psych vibe is in top form. Add the sharp marching hippie beat of the title track and you could potentially even snag a Jefferson Airplane fan or two. Comes in a very plain-looking red cover with the title in white, the back of similar design with exclamations of “Unity!”, “Sharing!”, “Abortion!”, “Identity!”, “Prejudice!” and “Pollution!”.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

01. Lone Man’s Plea
02. Close To Me
03. Clap Your Hands
04. Abortion
05. This Is A Man
06. America Where Are You
07. The You In You
08. The Answer
09. Have Faith
10. Don’t Say Love
11. The Call
12. Hear O Lord
13. Greensleeves

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March 22, 2015

Desert Voice - Holy Fire (1994)

Gene: Christian Hard Rock
Password: 2015
Bitrate: 256k CBR

Notes: Here's another mega rare CD...

For Fans of XT, Jersualem, Leviticus

  1. Desert Voice - Servant (3:44)
  2. Desert Voice - Stormy Wind (3:33)
  3. Desert Voice - Holy Fire (4:08)
  4. Desert Voice - Never Enough (4:56)
  5. Desert Voice - Break Down The Walls (4:12)
  6. Desert Voice - Bread And Wine (2:22)
  7. Desert Voice - Greater Love (4:17)
  8. Desert Voice - Eternal Life (3:56)
  9. Desert Voice - Winning Side (4:32)
  10. Desert Voice - Are You Ready (3:49)
Download: CLiCK HERE

Justice - Counting Down (1992)

Gene: Christian Metal
Password: 2015
Bitrate: 192k CBR

Notes: Mega rare CD...

1.     Disciple     03:15    
2.     Race for Victory     04:47    
3.     Way Back Home     05:19    
4.     Giving It All     04:05    
5.     Jesus Is the Rock     03:09    
6.     Counting Down     03:43    
7.     Blood of His Son     03:18    
8.     Better way     04:10    
9.     Stand Up     03:30    
10.     Grace of God     03:27    

Download: CLiCK HERE

Heavens Rage - Temporary (1993)

Gene: Christian Thrash Metal
Password: 2015

Note: Now know as Lucid.. 


1.     Listen     03:22    
2.     Answer     03:00    
3.     Slave     03:01    
4.     Zombie     02:54    
5.     Junkie     03:07    
6.     Drown     03:37    
7.     Demoralized     03:19    
8.     Empty     04:36    
9.     Mad Cow     04:34    
10.     Temporary     03:42    
11.     Stand     03:50    
12.     Choices     02:26    
13.     Waiting     02:42    
14.     Nailed     03:10    
15.     Generation "X"     03:25    
16.     Repent     02:55      

Download(mediafire) : CLICK HERE

March 15, 2015

Glory Hallelujah Amen (Fear Dark,1999)

Gene: Christian Thrash Metal
Password: 2015

  1. Various - The Judge (Tefilla) (6:46)
  2. Various - A Contemplation Of David (Remix 99) (Sculpture) (5:10)
  3. Various - Spiritual Matrix (Remix 99) (Sculpture) (5:57)
  4. Various - Enslaved (Salutary) (4:17)
  5. Various - War Of The Saints (Salutary) (6:11)
  6. Various - Part Of The Plan (Jacks Of All Trades) (1:49)
  7. Various - Nail Through Hand (Jacks Of All Trades) (2:28)
  8. Various - Limbman (Salida) (2:54)
  9. Various - Migraine (Salida) (3:37)
  10. Various - Scenes Beyond The Grave (Pre-Mix) (Tefilla) (7:40)
Download: CLiCK HERE

Drnwyn - Gypsies in the Mist (1978)

Gene: Jesus Music / Folk
Password: 2015

David W. Hoag - Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Synthesizer, Vocals
John Volio - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Randy Pregibon - Electric Guitar
Kevin McIlvainde - Bass
Larry Davis - Drums
Greg Smith - Keyboards
Nancy Fannin - Vocals

1. Empty Bars
2. Summer Sun
3. Secrets Of the Past
4. Brothers
5. Move a Mountain
6. Gypsies In the Mist
7. Places Faces Pages
8. The Madman And the Angel
9. Something To Hang On To


Sculpture - Spiritual Matrix (1998)

Gene: Christian Thrash Metal
Location: Netherlands
Password: 2015

Album Artwork:

1. A Contemplation of David 06:58
2. Sodom 03:45
3. No Liberation 04:39
4. Spiritual Matrix 06:51
5. No Respect 03:32
6. Scoring 05:33
7. Dawn of Eternity 04:37
8. Grinding Sacrifice 04:42
9. Death to Death 03:20
10. Twilight Traps 05:07

Download: CLICK HERE

SCSI - Crave (2000)

Gene: Christian Alt Rock
Password: 2015
Bitrate: 192k CBR

Here's rare gem. Great tunes..

  1. SCSI - Better Than This (3:25)
  2. SCSI - Crave (3:10)
  3. SCSI - Wouldnt Change A Thing (4:09)
  4. SCSI - Right Here Right Now (5:15)
  5. SCSI - Somedays (4:35)
  6. SCSI - Stunned (3:14)
  7. SCSI - Looks Like Me (3:23)
  8. SCSI - Grace And You (5:00)
  9. SCSI - Just Tell Me You Love Me (3:43)
  10. SCSI - Be The One (3:22)
Download(mediafire) : CLICK HERE

Ransom - Demo Tracks (1988)

These demo tracks are from 20th Anniversary Edition(2011) . I won't be posting whole album here since you still can buy it

Gene: Christian Metal Female Front Band
Password: 2015

12. Sin Killer [demo] (4:32)
13. Sticks & Stones [demo] (4:04)
14. To Be Like You [demo] (5:00)
15. All My Heart [demo] (5:02)

Download: CLICK HERE

March 13, 2015

The Bluegrass Gospel Teens - Heart of Man (1999)

Gene: Bluegrass
Password: 2015
Cover: Unable to locator

  1. The Bluegrass Gospel Teens - When My Time Comes To Go (1:24)
  2. The Bluegrass Gospel Teens - God Sent An Angel (3:28)
  3. The Bluegrass Gospel Teens - In His Arms (3:17)
  4. The Bluegrass Gospel Teens - I Found A Way (1:52)
  5. The Bluegrass Gospel Teens - Old Rugged Cross (3:13)
  6. The Bluegrass Gospel Teens - Three Rusty Nails (4:01)
  7. The Bluegrass Gospel Teens - One More Day (3:30)
  8. The Bluegrass Gospel Teens - That's The Way It Is (2:39)
  9. The Bluegrass Gospel Teens - Amazing Grace (1:43)
  10. The Bluegrass Gospel Teens - Waiting At The Gate (2:06)
  11. The Bluegrass Gospel Teens - Heart Of Man (3:40)
  12. The Bluegrass Gospel Teens - Smile (bonus Cut) (1:30)
Download(mega) : CLICK HERE

March 12, 2015

Blues Band - Breakin' The Bondage (2001)

Gene: Christian Blues
Password: 2015

Here's an rare gem.

 Blues Band - We've Come To Have Church (3:56)
    Blues Band - Man From Galilee (3:50)
    Blues Band - Call On His Name (4:08)
    Blues Band - Sinner Man (4:10)
    Blues Band - Be Born Again (4:14)
    Blues Band - Livin' In Christ (3:50)
    Blues Band - No Matter What (4:22)
    Blues Band - Holy Ghost Workin' (3:46)
    Blues Band - Praise With Me (2:58)
    Blues Band - Need Your Love (3:44)
    Blues Band - Thank You For Dyin' (4:08)
    Blues Band - Hey Lord (5:26)
    Blues Band - Walkin' (2:34)
    Blues Band - Revival (3:48)

Download: CLICK HERE

Blaine Bowman & The Children Of Light - It's Great Right Now (1975)

Gene: Jesus Music
Location: Ohio based group
Password: 2015

Ohio folk rockers homemade affair, smooth and easy-digested for the most part, a tad feeble vocally, atoned for by recurrent twinge of garage via electric fills and rare but well-timed use of wah-wah, tremolo, and distortion upping the appeal to keeper status, especially the first.  Chevy van proudly displays “Jesus is Lord”.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

01. It’s Great Right Now
02. All He Wants To Do Is Give You Life
03. Jesus Is The Way
04. A Song About Peace
05. Jesus Said. ‘Be Of Good Cheer’
06. Jesus Christ Has Come To Save
07. He’ll Give You A Smile
08. All Together (My Sister’s Wedding Song)
09. Jesus And Me
10. I’ll Go With You All The Way

Download(mega) : CLICK HERE

March 11, 2015

Bill Davidson - Starwars Of Darkness And Light (1978)

Gene: Folk / Pop / Rock
Password: 2015


Download(mediafire) :  CLICK HERE

Backwood - Pilgrim's Road (1976)

Gene: Folk / Jesus Music
Password: 2015

01. I am My Brother's Brother
02. Because We are One
03. Pilgrim's Song
04. Love is Like a Circle
05. Lonely Days
06. We Reach Out for Love
07. Amy's Song
08. Together Again (Scotty's Song)
09. Glory
10. Daily Bread
11. Celebration (Timmy's Song)
12. God Gives Freely
13. The Earth is Filled
14. Praise and Honor
15. Alleluia, Christ Has Died
16. Alleluia (before Gospel)
17. Lamb of God
18. On the Road

Download: CLICK HERE

John Polce - Your Love is Changing the World (1978)

Gene: Folk / Jesus Music
Password: 2015

Like John Michael Talbot, Jon Polce is the type of folk-singer that immediately grabs your attention through skilful musicianship, stirring vocals, and a lengthy free form style that stands in contrast to the usual 3- minute verse-chorus-verse songs. Six of the seven compositions use the simple approach of voice accompanied only by acoustic guitar, including the beautifully delicate 9-minute ‘Silver Nor Gold’. Title track is a simple praise tune with backup singers and small band. Solemn meditative presence throughout this whole work . (Ken Scott – Archivist).


Download(mediafire): CLICK HERE

March 10, 2015

Voiz - Boanerges (1977)

Gene: Hard Rock / Jesus Music
Password: 2015

01. Little Words
02. Laughing
03. All The Way From Fryslan
04. Trust
05. Keep Quiet
06. Quality Of Life
07. Dank U (Thank You)


Robin Runge - Don't Give Up The Ship (1974)

Gene: Rock / Jesus Music
Password: 2015



Mathetai - Knowing (1977)

Gene: Jesus Music Rock
Password: 2015


Download: CLiCK HERE

Hosanna (IL) - Forever (1978)

Gene: Jesus Music / Rock
Location: ILL. (USA)
Password: 2015

  1. Hosanna - I Don't Know Why jesus Is The Answer (6:01)
  2. Hosanna - Praise The Lord (3:33)
  3. Hosanna - For The Things We Have Done (6:39)
  4. Hosanna - Cornerstone (3:59)
  5. Hosanna - Rise Again (4:22)
  6. Hosanna - The Rock (2:34)
  7. Hosanna - Watergrave (4:34)
  8. Hosanna - Oh Buddha (3:35)
  9. Hosanna - Forever (4:20)
Download: CLICK HERE

Hosanna - In The Morning (1974)

Gene: Jesus Music
Password: 2015

  1. Hosanna - In The Morning (3:21)
  2. Hosanna - Put Your Trust (2:50)
  3. Hosanna - Reach Out (2:57)
  4. Hosanna - I Love God (2:02)
  5. Hosanna - Friend (6:18)
  6. Hosanna - You (4:36)
  7. Hosanna - Turn Around (4:44)
  8. Hosanna - What Lasts (2:59)
  9. Hosanna - The Wonders (3:47)

Pat Copalello - Daybreak (1977)

Gene: Christian Rock
Password: 2015

  1. Pat Copalello - Tell Him You Need Him (2:55)
  2. Pat Copalello - Always Get To Thinking About Her (4:24)
  3. Pat Copalello - Got A Reason (2:19)
  4. Pat Copalello - Talking Guruvee Blues (4:24)
  5. Pat Copalello - Diamonds Of Death (3:00)
  6. Pat Copalello - Daybreak (4:10)
  7. Pat Copalello - Sure Was Lucky (2:11)
  8. Pat Copalello - Ten Years Or So (4:44)
  9. Pat Copalello - One World (2:58)
  10. Pat Copalello - He'll Do The Same For You (3:40)

Talleyrand - First Fruits (1976)

Gene: Jesus Music
Password: 2015



Jime Thomson II & Preflyte - Message at 33 1/3 (1979)

Gene: Christian Rock / Jesus Music
Password: 2015

01. Be My Song
02. I’ve Got Jesus
03. Lonely One
04. New Song
05. Blend
06. Train For Thought
07. Eternal Light Brigade
08. Come Follow
09. Oh Lord
10. Slow Down
11. You Are The Song
12. Be My Song


Cascade - Taken by Surprise (1979)

Gene: Folk Rock / Jesus Music
Password: 2015

01. Danielle 
02. Emmanuel
03. Born A Man
04. Sometimes I Feel I Could Say
05. The Bay
06. Rainbows
07. Taken By Surprise
08. The Room
09. Living In A Fallen World
10. A Taste Of Heaven (For Keith Mcgowan)

Download: CLiCK HERE

Barbara Bell - All I Have (1973)

Gene: Folk Rock / Jesus Music
Password: 2015

01. The Parable Of The Talents 
02. Christmas Song
03. The Dormitory
04. Organ Man
05. Morning Come
06. Tea Dropped Down
07. The Ceramist
08. Eagle
09. Peace Cried The Angels
10. Candle
Download: CLICK HERE 

The Bridge(MO) - Jesus is the Bridge (1972)

Gene: Folk Rock / Jesus Music
Password: 2015
Bitrate: 128k CBR best found at moment

1. questions
2. blue’s
3. look right up
4. show me what’s real
5. i’m on my way
6. one way
7. call yourself a Christian
8. once you understand
9. i wish we’d all been ready
10. bridging the gap

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March 4, 2015

Might Flyers - What Kind of King (1976)

Gene: Jesus Music / Rock
Password: 2015

01. Egypt
02. Thinking Of Mary Tonight
03. I Saw Heaven Open
04. Eyes Like Jewels
05. Love Like An Ocean
06. Let Me Die An Easy Death
07. The Thief’s Song
08. Four Score Years
09. Fair Weather Friends
10. Celebrate The Feast – Salute The King
11. I Looked Down

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Might Flyers - Under New Mangement (1975)

Gene: Jesus Music / Rock
Password: 2015

01. Heaven Or Blue Suede Shoes
02. Demon Dark Fantasy
03. All Stops For Hollywood
04. Just Another Song For Marilyn
05. The Saddest Song You’ll Ever Hear
06. Take A Tip (From the Low Flying Angels)
07. Wheels
08. The Lord Is In This Place
09. The Fire Next Time
10. The Darkest Night
11. Number One

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First Revelation Discography (1973-75)

Gene: Jesus Music / Rock
Password: 2015

01. This Side Of Eternity
02. Where Could I Go
03. Jesus Loves Me
04. Lord Come Into My Life
05. Lords Last Supper
06. As Long As You Listen
07. All My Trials
08. New Jerusalem
09. Amazing Grace
10. Swing Low Sweet Chariot


Album: This Side of Eternity, 2nd Version (1974)

For their next project the Kimers upped their budget, picked up a new drummer, and in an unusual move re-recorded the entire This Side Of Eternity album, re-interpreting almost every song. In the process an already excellent album becomes even better, although they’re so different collectors will want to track down both versions. If you like your music more on the raw unprocessed side then you’ll probably prefer the first version, since Linda’s synthesizers are laid down a bit stronger here. The electric guitar solos are completely different, but still just as chaotic, growling even louder than on the first version. The two bluegrass numbers appear to be unchanged. The cover art and catalog numbers are identical, with only the drummer’s name to distinguish the original harder-to-find version (drums – John Hauser) from the second version (drums – Bob Argiro). (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).



Year: 1975

01- How Great Thou Art
02- When We Shed Our Last Tear
03- Rejoice In The Lord
04- I’ll Fly Away
05- Morning Sun
06- Lose Yourself In The Love Of God
07- The Battle Hymn Of The Republic
08- Since God Made Me He Can Fix Me
09- Statue Of Liberty
10- A God Who Really Cares

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Album: Alive in New York
Year: 1975
Password for all: 2015

    First Revelation - Because He Lives (4:53)
    First Revelation - Leave Your Burden at Calvary (6:57)
    First Revelation - Sing It Out (4:43)
    First Revelation - God Made Me He Can Fix Me (4:20)
    First Revelation - In the Garden (6:41)
    First Revelation - When We Shed Our Last Tear (3:38)
    First Revelation - Savior (3:57)
    First Revelation - As Long As You Listen (4:40)
    First Revelation - Morning Son (4:41)
    First Revelation - Through It All (5:16)
    First Revelation - Where Could I Go (6:28)

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Redemption - Lookup (1975)

Gene: Jesus Music
Password: 2015

  1. Redemption - May I Introduce You (2:43)
  2. Redemption - Anti Satan Boogie (3:27)
  3. Redemption - I See (3:28)
  4. Redemption - Something More (3:29)
  5. Redemption - New Jerusalem (3:10)
  6. Redemption - Surrender (4:02)
  7. Redemption - Front Seat Back Seat (2:19)
  8. Redemption - Yes He's Lord (3:37)
  9. Redemption - Hey Brother (2:37)
  10. Redemption - Amazing Grace (2:49)
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