March 11, 2015

John Polce - Your Love is Changing the World (1978)

Gene: Folk / Jesus Music
Password: 2015

Like John Michael Talbot, Jon Polce is the type of folk-singer that immediately grabs your attention through skilful musicianship, stirring vocals, and a lengthy free form style that stands in contrast to the usual 3- minute verse-chorus-verse songs. Six of the seven compositions use the simple approach of voice accompanied only by acoustic guitar, including the beautifully delicate 9-minute ‘Silver Nor Gold’. Title track is a simple praise tune with backup singers and small band. Solemn meditative presence throughout this whole work . (Ken Scott – Archivist).


Download(mediafire): CLICK HERE


  1. Tudo perfeito seus comentários e os discos. Muito obrigado!!!


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