-KJs MUSIC(5/2020)

I will be posted music that i have done over the past 10+ years.Most
are remix tracks of other people’s stuff. Changed it to my liking..

Note: Some or all have never been release to the public. Updated 11-07-2016

Download Links Below

Mindspin:Mix One(remixed in 2008)

More Info:
-Remixed 1997 Tune-
-Updated samples,Refine tracks-
-.MOD(4channel) to .XM(5 channel)-
-Remix tune March 30,2013-
Converted to MP3 for your Enjoy-ment


Guitar Madness
-Org. Music Done in 1997/96
-Never Released until Now
-Protracker 4 Tracks
-.MOD to MP3 Format
-Style: Rock / Metal

DOWNLOAD HERE(11'07'2016)

Picture This :V.X.C
-Remixed .MOD from 1996
- Converted to .S3M(Screamtracker) then .MP3(EZ Listening)
-Style: Rock / Techno / Dance

DOWNLOAD HERE(11-07-2016)

Out.Of.Control:Mix One
-I reReMixed this one from 1996(work on 11.08.2016)
-Org. Music by Kingjeste
-Converted to S3M Then to MP3

-Style: Electronica / Dance
-Very Short Tune: 53sec
-I may make it longer sometime in future

DOWNLOAD HERE(11-08-2016)

X1Z:Mix One
-Org. Music written in 1996
-ReRemixed on 11.08.16
-Converted to S3M from .MOD then MP3

DOWNLOAD HERE(11-08-2016)

NEW Music Updates 5 25 2017

Org. Was one channel.. Remixed it .. now has 3 channels

1ch Mono Mod Remixed by KJA
Converted from.s3m to mp3


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