October 11, 2015

Arkangel – Warrior (1980)


Gene:Christian Metal
Pass: BKM2015

1. ArkAngel – Pange Lingua Certaminis (0:43)
2. ArkAngel – Warrior/The March of the Ents (4:22)
3. ArkAngel – Dwelling Place (4:32)
4. ArkAngel – Paradox (Disciple’s Song) (3:19)
5. ArkAngel – Realization (2:56)
6. ArkAngel – Praises in the Old Tongue (1:21)
7. ArkAngel – Greater Love (3:16)
8. ArkAngel – Ex Nihilo (2:00)
9. ArkAngel – Morning’s Anthem (5:46)
10. ArkAngel – Elohim Considers Antedeluvia (1:44)
11. ArkAngel – The Nephilim Disembodied (0:39)
12. ArkAngel – Ark (4:29)
13. ArkAngel – Beastia Ex Machina (0:39)
14. ArkAngel – To a Sleeping Infidel (3:22)
15. ArkAngel – Morning’s Anthem Reprise (0:22)

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  1. One of greatest albums ever released!
    What more I say?
    One thing though... On the original recording (ok, it was on vinyl) tracks 7-Greater Love came in front of 6-Praises...
    Not SO important, but if you're wanting originality, change the numbers of these tracks to swap them around once you've downloaded the album.

  2. I agree with the Brother above . One of the greatest and most Militant Christian albums ever released. I have the CD somewhere but can't find it. So, Thank you.

  3. -- Featuring Kemper Crabb, ArkAngel’s “Warrior” has become one of the most sought after and expensive collector’s item in CCM history. From the stunning Album artwork to the brilliant words and music performed perfectly, there is really no doubt as to why this is such a sought after project. The artwork and the music conjure up images of Tolkien and “middle Earth,” crusades and knights in shining armor.
    Primarily a moody and melodic and even worshipful Album, there are also moments of hard and progressive rock. Labeled often a progressive rock masterpiece, Art Rock is a better label. More thoughtful and contemplative than its contemporaries, Crabb revels in the classical, meditative and majestic musical styles employed. Crabb also demonstrates a diversity of musical taste and instrumentation, with nearly 40 instruments represented on the project with Crabb responsible for playing roughly 30 of them."

    -- Listed as one of CCMs 500 Best Albums of All Time --

    -- This is one of my Favorite Christian Albums of all time, It's just Wonderful Music played by an Awesome Band .... ,The Album is really unlike any other I have heard , almost like a Journey back in time, an Immersive and Majestic Experience. ----- A religious, mystical, and spiritual encounter that will engage your emotions and can cause your spirit to soar.

    One of the Best Christian Albums ever, this Music is Exciting, Uplifting, Worshipful -- One of our favorite things to do after we arrive home after church on Sunday is play ArkAngel while we are preparing lunch , the music is exciting and enthralling and there is something about the way the music can draw you in and engage your emotions, feelings of excitement, happiness, joy, peace, and contentment.

    - or

    -- Turn out the lights at night, put the music on, open your heart and prepare to have your soul touched and your spirit soar!


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