December 5, 2014

Just Visting - Garden Show (1996)

Gene: Christian Rock / Alt.
Year: 1996
BitRate: VBR 320k HQ
PassWord: 2014


Band is now called The Elms

  1. Just Visiting - You (5:31)
  2. Just Visiting - Jug of Pennies (4:36)
  3. Just Visiting - Was It Worth? (3:50)
  4. Just Visiting - Wake Up & Smell the Reality (4:52)
  5. Just Visiting - She Never Walked Away (5:23)
  6. Just Visiting - Jesus Loves Me '96 (3:58)
  7. Just Visiting - The Hedgehog Song (4:14)
  8. Just Visiting - Promises Come True (4:36)
  9. Just Visiting - Don't Ever Let Me See You Cry (3:31)
  10. Just Visiting - Feeling Wrong (3:09)
  11. Just Visiting - Leave (9:52)


  1. This band was NOT started by Chris and Owen Thomas. This band was
    the youth band at Cornerstone Community Church that the Youth Pastor started for the purpose of doing worship and then met a few time to have fun and play music. The Youth Pastor wrote all the music and taught Owen how to take his poems and turn them into songs. Owen was so shy that he struggled to face the audience when he sang but over time he became a amazing front man. Owen and Chris were just kids who came to church after school to jam with the youth pastor!


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