February 27, 2015

Logos - Sharper Than A Two Edged Sword (1980)

Gene: Christian Rock / Jesus Music
Password: 2015

This five-man Mt. Vernon, Illinois band’s lone album is an above-average blend of rural/country rock sounds with good fuzz/acid electric leads, filled in with piano, electric piano or background synthesizer. The vocals are a wee bit amateurish, but that’s okay given the homemade nature of the project. Somebody obviously thought the phase-shifter was too cool not to use – they end up applying it to the guitar on nearly half the songs. The opening ‘Alone In The City’ and the closing ‘Vision’ are the album’s strongest songs, the latter beginning with an acoustic folk/psych groove with surging organ, then effectively transitioning to a hard-rocking electric riff. A lot of the songs are on the softer melodic side, but still given periodic lifts from the aforementioned phasing or nudged into heavier peaks from the fuzz/electric guitar. Also a couple straightforward easygoing country rockers, balanced with some folky acoustic and/or keyboard ballads. A good and occasionally excellent album. A rare one, since only 100 copies were made. Logos is Greek for “word”.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

01. Alone In The City
02. Back To The Garden
03. Why Not Try The Lord
04. Ship Of Life
05. Cindy’s Song
06. Beacon
07. The Truth Will Set You Free
08. Sonshine
09. Let It Grow
10. Come To Jesus
11. Vision

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