March 29, 2015

Steve Hurlburt - Standing (1978)

Gene: Jesus Music
Password: 2015
File Host: Mega
Bitrate: 160k CBR

Liner notes compare this guy to the likes of Larry Norman and Randy Stonehill which is pretty much on the money, right down to the long blonde hair (a subject wittily dealt with in the pro-hair exegesis of ‘First Corinthians 11:14’). Steve musically jumps from rockers to acoustic ballads much as Norman did on In Another Land, plugging his tunes with some snazzy slide guitar, complemented by organ and spirited female bgvs. Steve handles a number of guitars (acoustic, electric, slide, bass), while additional personnel fill in on keyboards, percussion, additional guitars and backing vocals. Good electric guitar workouts on ‘I’ve Been Told’, ‘Grace’, ‘Song’, the title track and ‘Good News’, the latter with numerous ‘70s references (including Mary Hartman). Quieter acoustic settings can be found within ‘On Valentine’s Day’, the string-backed ‘Mom, Dad’ and covers of Paul Davis (‘Editorial’) and Livingston Taylor (the instrumental ‘Thank You Song’). A basically cool classic Jesus rocker kind of guy. Originally a custom release on a private label out of Grand Rapids, Minnesota (with lyrics/commentary insert), later picked up by the Canadian New Born label (NB 7006).    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

01. I’ve Been Told
02. Editorial
03. Grace
04. On Valentine’s Day
05. Good News
06. Standing
07. First Corinthians 11_14
08. Song
09. Mom, Dad
10. Thank You Song

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