May 23, 2018

Cranial Captivity: Fettered in the Mind's Eye (1994)

Gene: Industrial / Punk / Thrash / Metal
Password(mediafire only): 2014
Bitrate: 320k CBR

Link fixed 2-24-18
Checked link 5-23-18


short lived bit of a rip off label.
pretty decent comp.
note:exorcist is aeturnus...with bob larsen show samples.
the cover states "featuring the best in underground punk, hardcore, death metal, and industrial" yet there is no hardcore on the compilation.

1.ANTIC - Healing
2.AETURNUS - From Blackest Darkness
3.ARBITRAGE - In Regards To Flesh
4.INBORN - Dismembered
5.PREACHER - Into The Fire
6.THE PAIN - Onion Ring
7.QUALITY SCRUB - Help You Down
8.P.O.D. - Draw The Line
9.SOUL KEEPER - Receive It
10.FINAL JUDGEMENT - Carnal Conception
11.EXORCIST - Psychomantium (Cast You Out Overdub)



  1. They were looking at one of my first bands back then, and they seemed sketchy.


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