September 25, 2016

Immortal Chorus - Picking the Bones (1992)

Gene: Alt. Rock / Metal   Christian?  Good question..I really don't know..
Bitrate: 160k CBR
Password: 2014

Band had a track on Taste Like Chicken Vars Artist Album Found HERE

The band is now know as Soundtrack Black  FIRST BORN album CLICK HERE

Admin Note: I really like this band either way.. If anyone has more albums by them. Just message me..  

Other Albums Wanted:
2002 -  Premonition
1995 - Just a Dirge  Did some more digging around.downloaded a copy..

1999 - Noble Cause
1991 - Self Title(tape)  

1 Introduction...Mary Are You Sleeping?
2 Gone
3 In Love With Life
4 Breathe
5 Pessimist
6 Flail
7 Kingdom Come
8 Lift Me Up
9 Cross My Heart
10 What It's Like To Die
11 To The Water
12 D.O.V.
13 Run From The Son



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