April 21, 2016

Message - Sailing Home (1974)

Genre: Jesus Music Era
Password:  BKM2016

  1. Message - I Dreamed I Saw Jesus (2:41)
  2. Message - Highway 45 (5:10)
  3. Message - Changing Up My Lines (2:45)
  4. Message - Coming Soon (2:26)
  5. Message - Should've Followed Jesus (2:44)
  6. Message - Thank You Jesus (4:23)
  7. Message - He Was A Carpenter (4:20)
  8. Message - Crucify (3:20)
  9. Message - It's Hard To Be A Christian (When You're Not) (3:19)
  10. Message - Sailing Home (4:33)


  1. KJ, thanks for this LP, it's a good record I enjoyed it tho surprised that a few weeks ago it went for $102.50 at auction on eBay.

    Here's a bit of a more complete text file for it.

    MESSAGE - Sailing Home (MER-AL 1053972) 1974?

    A solid do-it-yourself rural acoustic release from guitar pals Allan Butt and Pat Merchant that has been likened to Buffalo Springfield. Guitars
    plus bass and drums to fill out the sound. From upbeat jangly folk tunes with a nod to spirited ’60s pop, to sparkling 12-string acoustic ballads,
    with guitar interplay excelling throughout,especially when Pat takes off
    on the lead. Nice slide guitar on the lazy Southern twanger ‘Highway 45’. Country feel to ‘He Was a Carpenter’ with harmonica providing a mourn-ful tone. Best song title: ‘It’s Hard To Be A Christian (When You’re Not)’.
    (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

    01. I Dreamed I Saw Jesus 2:41
    02. Highway 45 5:10
    03. Changing Up My Lines 2:45
    04. Coming Soon 2:25
    05. Should’ve Followed Jesus 2:44
    06. Thank You Jesus 4:23
    07. He Was A Carpenter 4:20
    08. Crucify 3:20
    09. It’s Hard To Be A Christian (When You’re Not) 3:19
    10. Sailing Home 4:33

    All songs written by Merchant or Butt or both

    Allan Butt - guitars, vocals, recorder
    Pat Merchant - harp, vocals, lead guitar and slide
    Robin Barnett - drums
    David Deakle - bass
    Rick Cagle - backup vocals


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