July 8, 2017

Joyful Noise, The - The Sounds of... (1971)

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Genre: Jesus Music Era



  1. Wow, hey thanks! I wish I had something from your want list to send to you but I don't. I have quite a few recordings but none of those. I do have a want list and might as well mention a few here:
    1) Kemper Crabb (all)
    2) Undercover - boys & girls renounce the world & branded
    3) Sheesh! (their self titled recording from 97')
    If you have them and could post them sometime that would be so cool! Well, thanks again & God bless!!!

  2. Thank you for this. Very cool artwork and music. I was checking on the Gabriel album and was quite surprised to see the joyful Noise. I've been wanting this $80 album for some time. I didn't know the other titles existed and I didn't see any requests for these. The lead guitarist, Ralph Straight died a week ago. Apparently he was a sheriff for 38 years. Thanks again KJ.

  3. Thanks KJ, here's a text file for the LP

    The Joyful Noise - The Sounds of..(Classic 30562) (1971?)
    In the early days The Joyful Noise had female lead and backing singers on most of their songs, not to mention a female drummer. Musically the group’s debut is not as heavy as their monster Electric Gospel, but that in no way implies they’re without energy as they perform their basement hybrid of blues, country, and old-time r&r. Ralph is still in here having fun with his twin-neck guitar,injecting riffs and fuzz into tracks like ‘Joyful Noise’, ‘Peacemakers’ and ‘Thank You Jesus’, all of which chug and bounce along to a brisk plugged-in rockabilly beat. ‘High On Jesus’ and slow-swaying numbers like ‘Cause Jesus Loves Me’ and ‘Come To Jesus’ also receive a good dousing of Ralph’s rippling licks. Unfortunately the low-budget production has a tendency to shove that electric guitar into the background, but at least the enthusiasm is there. ‘Jim’s Things’ features evangelist Jim Whitaker (who traveled with the group) delivering his testimony and a gospel presentation while the band plays the song ‘Alleluia’ in the background. Also includes a fuzzed cover of ‘Amazing Grace’ to the tune of ‘House Of The Rising Sun’. Twelve songs in all. From St. Petersburg, Florida. (Ken Scott - Archivist)

    01. Joyful Noise 2:04
    02. Peacemakers 2:20
    03. Life Love And Peace 3:07
    04. ‘Cause Jesus Loves Me 4:19
    05. Jim’s Thing 3:23
    06. Come To Jesus 3:30
    07. High On Jesus 4:04
    08. Thank You Jesus 2:42
    09. Amazing Grace 3:21
    10. Where Could I Go 2:56
    11. One Two Three 3:31
    12. I’d Like To Jesus Come 4:12

    Ralph Straight - lead guitar
    Kent Mathewson - rhythm guitar
    Cheryl Medema - drums
    Sherley Straight - lead vocals
    Cathy Straight - background vocals
    Mary Whitaker - background vocals


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