March 7, 2021

Midnight Hour - Piercing The Darkness (1994)

 Password: 2021

I bought this CD to $hare with all... ;)

Really like this one... I have been looking for an copy for over 5yrs..Found one.So,I got it... 

Enjoy this mega rare & very hard to find gem

Request filled.

Artist: Midnight Hour
Release: Piercing The Darkness
Format: Album
Release Year: 1994
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: USA
Bitrate: 320kbps MP3 V0 / FLAC

Scan booklet(front,inside,back)
Source: DirectCD Rip

Ed Rutledge-Lead Vocals
Jeff Boots-Drums
Troy Neujuhr-Bass Guitar, Vocals
Darren Mills-Guitars, Vocals


01.Just For the Thrill (5:27)
02.Fighten (5:11)
03.Run Away (4:52)
04.Give Your Love to Me (6:56)
05.All Right (4:14)
06.The Journey (1:24)
07.Break Away (3:41)
08.Don't You Cry (3:12)
09.Experience the Power (4:47)
10.Searchin (6:59)
11.Michael's Cry (6:43)





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