January 15, 2023

Split Level - Boomerange (1992)

 Password: 2021

Adrian Thompson - Vocals, guitar
Gary Preston - Bass, vocals
Rob Craner - Drums, percussion, vocals

Jean-Pierre Rudolph - Fiddle, penny whistle

Holy Fire            3:51
Nicholas Says            2:57
Borderland            3:30
Lasting Hope            3:37
Alone                    3:44
Messenger Of Love      4:37
Twist (In My Sobriety) 3:41
Miracle            3:43
I Found Love            4:08
This Time            4:08
Stay                    5:59
Carry You            5:35



  1. Is it my imagination, or do these guys sound a lot like Mark Heard?

  2. On their 80s records they kind of usually sounded like 80s U2, but on the 90s they had another great Glo.bal album. Very alternative from the 90s but a very good album.

  3. I follow them on facebook, apparently they are going to have a reunion and some presentations. They are an explicitly Christian band, they have a very good projection of spreading the gospel, their band is a ministry, I have been able to read their host in its beginnings in the 80s. I have been able to start listening to it around the year 98 on a demo cd by "Organic Records" and a couple of songs from the Global album. Coincidentally I have been able to listen to the album in concert of that album itself on YouTube, very difficult to find and I have been able to listen to songs from this Boomerang album, they have several albums, all very good. MY question to KJ is, do you download songs from youtube? How do you get this type of music, many times it is very difficult to get it. Thanks for this great contribution JK, I had overlooked it. blessings.


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