December 26, 2021

Songs You've Never Heard - Light Vol. II (1995)

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 Christian Rock

01 Rumors Of War–    God Died
02 Rumors Of War–    World Without Walls
03 Rumors Of War–    Something's Wrong
04 The Recruits–    Are You
05 The Recruits–    I Wish I Could
06 The Recruits–    I Can't Tell You Why
07 The Autumns–    Briar Patch
08 The Autumns–    My Rainbow In The Cloud
09 Pushstart Wagon–    Weird
10 Pushstart Wagon–    Tightrope Boy
11 The Crucified–    Straining Life

Tracks 9 & 10: "...About one week before mastering and during their finals at school, Pushstart came in and recorded. Eric was still mixing the last tune the day before the deadline..."
Track 11: "...This song, as well as 'Power of God' (released on vol. 1), were both recorded (in two days) as final studio demos for consideration on a future Crucified album which was never completed."
Tracks 7 & 8 by The Autumns are unavailable elsewhere, and predate their first proper release.




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