September 20, 2022

Martha's Wake - Romans (Demo)



1993 Independent

Leah Carson – Vocals
Drew Cullis – Drums and Percussion
Jon Nichols – Guitar
Melody Nichols – Bass and back-up vocals
J.W. Penzien – Keyboards
Lori Penzien – Backup vocals, flute, and trumpet

  1. Martha's Wake - Burn Out (5:00)
  2. Martha's Wake - Lament of Planet Earth (4:22)
  3. Martha's Wake - Just Like Me (5:20)
  4. Martha's Wake - Righteous Man (4:46)
  5. Martha's Wake - Scarlet Letter (5:00)
  6. Martha's Wake - Café Moderato (6:55)


  1. Although 10 songs are listed in the description, only the 6 songs downloaded (which does reflect the cassette pic). I was wondering if you have any of the other Martha's Wake songs or albums. Thx again!

    1. Demo has 6 tracks. fixed titles.. Full album has 10 tracks.. don't have any other albums.

    2. Counting this one, Martha's Wake published three albums. I have them all. My version of this one is the complete album but the recording quality is poor, but I'll send you all three later this week.


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