February 2, 2023

The Bleed - Ouch! (1996)


Christian Rock / Grunge

  1. The Bleed - These Shoes (3:37)
  2. The Bleed - Love Over All (5:04)
  3. The Bleed - Sake/Round the World (3:30)
  4. The Bleed - Hose Me Down (3:49)
  5. The Bleed - Let the Rain Fall Down (4:02)
  6. The Bleed - Me, My Orb, and Mine (4:07)
  7. The Bleed - Take Back a Life (3:45)
  8. The Bleed - Lies/That's the Way Life Goes (5:46)
  9. The Bleed - Too Late (Time Has Come) (3:40)
  10. The Bleed - Stay the Same (4:54)


  1. Remastered & new artwork - formerly released with the 1997 album title "Ouch!" Featuring Tim Bushong of Lovewar on vocals. This is excellent bluesy hard rock with amazing vocals and harmonies! Fans of 90’s hard rock and metal should rejoice with this stellar reissue from Retroactive Records. Rex Carroll and The Bleed is solid 90’s grungy hard rock at its best. Not unlike Pearl Jam or Alice in Chains, Take Back a Life is an obscure album which has finally seen a new life. This album was originally released as The Bleed with the title of Ouch!. Rex Carroll (Whitecross/King James) and Tim Bushong (Lovewar) collaborated and assembled an album that sounds nothing like either of their previous efforts. You won’t hear Rex ripping up the fretboard like a madman on this album. Make it clear that this album more in common with Pearl Jam than Whitecross. To emphasize that when the album was originally released Rex Carroll’s name wasn’t even attached to the album, lest someone think it was a new Whitecross product.
    Guitarist Rex Carroll went from Whitecross to King James to The Bleed in a few short years. Whitecross, of course, is his signature group, having recorded five acclaimed melodic metal albums with vocalist Scott Wenzel between the late eighties and early nineties. Later aligning with a new vocalist in Jimi Bennett, the artist put together King James and released a pair of albums that ranged from the commercial hard rock of the group’s self-titled debut (1994) to the joining of metal and modern elements that is The Fall (1997). Carroll reinvented himself a third time with vocalist Tim Bushong (Lovewar), the two forming The Bleed and putting out the groove driven and grungy sounds of its first and only album Ouch! (1997). The Bleed was a particularly promising act but, unfortunately, Ouch! was poorly marketed and soon went out of print and drifted into obscurity. After falling beneath the radar the past 15 years, the album was re-mastered and re-issued by Retroactive Records in the spring of 2011. In addition to featuring new artwork, it also was given a new title, Take Back A Life, in addition to being renamed (Rex Carroll & The Bleed) in order to reflect the star power behind it. What we have in Rex Carroll & The Bleed is nineties alternative hard rock. Specifically, the group reflects the moodiness and down-tuned flavorings of The Fall era King James but joined with the groove driven presence of Lovewar and swirling backing vocals not unlike prime King’s X. In between, plenty of Galactic Cowboys style melodic sensibilities can be found along with some of the grungy inspired sounds of Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots. SOurce : "Jesus Rock man Channel" "Youtube"

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