July 25, 2021

Element - Peanutbutter and Jelly (1997)


Christian Pop Punk / Alt Rock

Peanutbutter and Jelly
1997 (no label)
Cedar Groove, New Jersey, USA

Crissie Verhagen – Vocals
Danny Papa – Guitar
Chris Lindstrom – Bass
Chris Mizzone – Drums

  1. So Happy Together
  2. Life-Line
  3. Schooldaze
  4. Hide and Seek
  5. Escape Route
  6. Coolday

This band was formerly going by Element316. They released one demo under that name, and then dropped the “316” part. After this demo, they signed to Burnt Toast Records and released Future Plans Undecided. If all of that sounds familiar, it is because Tooth & Nail Records picked up Future Plans Undecided, remixed it slightly, and made the band change names to Elemenet101. They then released a couple of albums for Tooth & Nail before calling it quits. This demo seems a bit more punk than their later releases, but still pop-oriented. The vocals are bit buried and/or mixed weird on this demo (well more so than on most demos, that is).(not review)




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