July 25, 2021

Hip Dream - Jump to the Drum (1992)


Christian Electronica / Eurodance

Jump to the Drum
1992 (no label)

Sheri Swaback
Janet Chalupnik

Side 1:

  1. Love Thing
  2. I’ll Be There
  3. Waited

Side 2:

  1. Can’t Live a Day
  2. Beat of My Heart

This is another highly sought after demo. This one features Sheri Swaback, who went on to join Deitiphobia, Massivivid, and now Sstaria. It was produced by Barry Blazs of Code of Ethics fame, and even features a cover of a Code of Ethics song (“Can’t Live a Day”). There is also a cover of an Ian Eskelin song (“Beat of My Heart”). The three non-covers are written by Swaback and Blazs. So, of course, it does have a euro-pop sound like Code of Ethics, but really kind of does its own thing. There are some guitars in the mix, but this is still electronica rather than the industrial or industrial metal of Swaback’s next two bands. I think this is the only release by this band, which is too bad.




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