August 19, 2016

Boarding House Reach - S/T (1977)

Gene: Folk / Rock / Jesus Music
Password: BKM2016

Home-made low-tech hippie rural folk-rock lp from Idaho that I find I’ve grown immensely fond of. Six guys and one girl with fresh original songs constructed around acoustic guitars, electric piano, flute, bass and drums, all with a muddy primitive amateur vibe that ups the appeal rather than detracts. Some good brisk numbers, including ‘Guess I Never Knew’, ‘Life And Fire’, ‘David’s First Song’ and ‘Train Song’, the latter with harmonica and cool phased “helicopter” percussion. Other highlights are the richly melodic ‘Riverside Song’, ‘Easter Song’ (which has a downer psyche passage in the middle), the dreamy closing ballad ‘Blessing Called Conviction’ and the playful ‘Peaceful Paradise’ which has a strange quirky quality not unlike a Casio demo. Nice west coast hippie edge to some of these, sometimes suggesting a more subdued Wilson McKinley’s Heavens Gonna Be A Blast. Laid back trumpet on a couple songs doesn’t hurt the mood any. Primitive gate-fold cover art showing individual photos of the group members cut out into the windows of a house. From Rathdrurn, Idaho.  (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

DOWNLOAD HERE(new link 7-28-16) (file checked 8-19-16,working)


  1. Thank you for your effort and hard work. What a treat to find someone with interest in my Father's old album. It would be truly great to have a digital copy. However, the link provided is not working. Can you message me? May Christ continue to bless you in your works. Jadenn

    1. No problems with links.. works here.. try it again..

    2. Here's a list of the members of the group who played on this LP.

      Randy Baugh — guitar, vocals
      John Tull — guitar, vocals
      Bob Holliday — bass, vocals
      Diane Woffenden — piano
      Bill Power — trumpet, congas
      Craig Clauson — flute
      David Johnson — drums

  2. Muita emoção legal mesmo parabéns. Jesus Abençoe vocês!!!


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