August 2, 2016

Joe Dailey & Friends - Happy Are The Children Of The Lord (1975)

Genre: Jesus Music Era
Password: BKM2016


A lovely spirited folkrock item from three guys and two girls on an obscure Ohio Christian label. Acoustic guitars, recorder, harpsichord, electric bass, drums, conga, absorbing harmonies and just the right amount of homemade vibes. Jangly acoustic feel includes a good mix of catchy upbeat rhythms and moving meditative ballads, sometimes reminiscent of the early Jack Miffleton and The Group albums. Ten original songs, including ‘God Is Love’, ‘Prayer For Peace’, ‘A Light Will Shine’ and ‘The Christ Hymn’. Alive, authentic, brimming with charm. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

  1. Joe Dailey & Friends - Happy Are The Children Of The Lord (2:26)
  2. Joe Dailey & Friends - God Is Love (3:31)
  3. Joe Dailey & Friends - Prayer For Peace (2:07)
  4. Joe Dailey & Friends - Our Father (2:37)
  5. Joe Dailey & Friends - A Light Will Shine (2:56)
  6. Joe Dailey & Friends - We'll See The Light (3:41)
  7. Joe Dailey & Friends - The Christ Hymn (3:51)
  8. Joe Dailey & Friends - New Life Hymn (2:00)
  9. Joe Dailey & Friends - Commitment Song (2:40)
  10. Joe Dailey & Friends - Blessing (1:48)


  1. KJ, Thanks
    I have this LP but nice to now have it on a CDr too.

    Here's the musicians in the group

    Joe Dailey - vocals, guitar
    Pat Conn - vocals
    Karen Klepack - vocals
    Bernie Hall - guitar, harpsichord, recorder, vocals
    Steve Krupa - vocals, (bass and percussion?)


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