January 23, 2022

Tanzen - Piece by Peace (1988)


 Heavy Metal (Non-Christian)

Still an great album.. I like it..

Piece by Peace

1988 JLT Records (8601C)

Mitch Taylor - Lead vocals, bass
Pete Palazzolo - Guitar
Chuck Lambrick - Guitar
Mike Andreazzi - Keyboards
Jim Bonventre - Drums, percussion

  1. Games Girls Play
  2. Change
  3. Hangin' on a Wire
  4. Only a Dream Away
  5. On and On
  6. Send Out a Message
  7. Chains of Love
  8. One Night Friend
  9. Piece by Peace


  1. Is this a Christian band? I cannot find anything which says they are. They seem to just have been a secular A.O.R. band from Canada. Obviously, I haven't been able to check the liner notes, so, maybe . . . ?

  2. Tanzen was NOT a Christian band, but naively signed with a very small independent Christian label (JLT Records) in the mid 80s. The label had no real distribution to speak of but may have circulated the original cassette-only release in a few Christian bookstores. To further confuse things, the band was managed by the guy who ran the label - lots of good intentions but no resources and absolutely no industry savvy whatsoever! It was a great band that really deserved much better!

    1. Thanks for the info..

      I still like this album.. They sure was/is a great band.. Very nice sound..


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