September 17, 2015

Thunderchild – Various Songs (1993-1994)

Password: BKM2015

Genre: Heavy / Power Metal
Country: USA (Arlington Texas)
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Tony LaRussa(Godfear)
Uploader Notes: Here’s obscure Christian Heavy Metal band THUNDERCHILD (ex-R.O.C.K.) from Texas(Not listed on Metal-Archives). I’m not sure if this is Demo recordings or Album. Also Im not sure of year of release, but I think it’s from 1993/94. Great Heavy/Power Metal!!! Will please all lovers of this genre. I’ll promise. More info at:
1. The Artisan
2. The King
3. Borrowed Time
4. Death For The Wicked
5. I Shall Come Again
6. Runnin After You
7. God Of The Light
8. Want To Love You More



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