September 24, 2015

Kentucky Faith - Fool's Gold (1971)

Password: BKM2015

Pre-Brush Arbor band with all the ingredients for good truck-drivin’ country rock: guitar, banjo, mandolin, steel guitar, fiddle, harmonica. Those who enjoy bands like The Amazing Rhythm Aces and Pure Prairie League should also appreciate Kentucky Faith’s original songs like ‘On A Hill’, ‘Open Your Eyes’, ‘Come To The Rock’ and the title track, as well as their covers of ‘Salty Dog Blues’, ‘Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad’, ‘I Bowed My Head’ (a Hank Williams tune) and Love Song’s ‘Front Seat, Back Seat’. Several special musicians helping, out including Dennis and Danny Agajanian. A custom lp that had some distribution by Sonrise Publications. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

  1. Kentucky Faith - On A Hill (2:50)
  2. Kentucky Faith - I Bowed My Head (2:42)
  3. Kentucky Faith - Open Your Eyes (2:33)
  4. Kentucky Faith - Back Seat Driver (3:01)
  5. Kentucky Faith - Salty Dog Blues (1:59)
  6. Kentucky Faith - Fool's Gold (3:31)
  7. Kentucky Faith - Come To The Rock (2:00)
  8. Kentucky Faith - I See Your Face (3:14)
  9. Kentucky Faith - Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad (3:07)
  10. Kentucky Faith - One Last Song (3:09)


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