January 22, 2023

January 21, 2023

Michael Peace - Loud n Clear (1990)


Michael Peace - Ad Lib - Live (4:11)

Michael Peace - Rrrock It Right (Let's Get Busy) - Live (4:44)

Michael Peace - J-E-S-U-S - Live (4:22)

Michael Peace - Vigilante of the Rhyme - Live (4:31)

Michael Peace - I'll See You There - Live (3:28)

Michael Peace - Solid Rock - Live (6:27)

Michael Peace - That's Right - Live (4:09)

Michael Peace - He's the Baddest - Live (4:40)

Michael Peace - Livin' on the Edge - Live (7:20)

Michael Peace - (The New) Solid Rock Crew - Live (6:27)

Michael Peace - On the Throne - Live (2:24)

Michael Peace - Rock Your World - Live (4:06)


January 20, 2023

The Rapsures - O.T. Rap (1987)


Christian Rap

O.T. Rap

Noah's Ark

Joseph's Coat

Jacob's Dream (Check It Out)

Moses And The Burning Bush

Tower Of Babel

Samson And Delilah

The Battle Of Jericho

David And Goliath

O.T. Rap (No Vocals)

Noah's Ark (No Vocals)

Joseph's Coat (No Vocals)

Jacob's Dream (Check It Out) (No Vocals)

Moses And The Burning Bush (No Vocals)

Tower Of Babel (No Vocals)

Samson And Delilah (No Vocals)

The Battle Of Jericho (No Vocals)

David And Goliath (No Vocals)


IDEoLA - Tribal Opera (1987)


Christian Alt Rock

I Am An Emotional Man 4:29

Is It Any Wonder 3:49

Watching The Ship Go Down 3:52

Talk To Me 3:48

Go Ask The Dead Man 3:51

Love Is Bigger Than Life 3:36

How To Grow Up Big And Strong 5:06

Everybody Dances 4:07

Why Can't We Just Say No 4:23

Hold Back Your Tears 3:46


January 17, 2023

Crashdog - 7inch Finch Pinch (1996)

From 7in record.Rare.Very Hard to Find
PW: BKM2015

Christian Punk Rock

1.Millstone Co.
2.Easy Out
3.The Crowd


January 15, 2023

Soulfood 76 - Let's Eat (1992)(demo)


Christian Funk Rock


02-Reach Out

03-My Pretty Baby

04-Find My Way


Chain Flesh - Enter the Hard Zone (1995)(demo)


Christian Metal

This is the lost demo tape of almost legendary short lived Finnish metal band Chainflesh. The demo was recorded at CF jamroom late 1995 on six track reel-to-reel tape recorder. The reels were found a quarter of a century later.  

01 Grin & Tear It

02 Shower of Nails

03 Sunset Road

04 Mould

05 Desperado Brother