Theocracy A.D. (aka Bloodbath)
-Welcome To Our Island
-When powers fall
-Strength of Many

Carpenter Tools - Surrender (1992) 
New Wine - Cartunes (1986) 
Special Division - Bonds of Trust (1989) 
The Sign - S/T Cassette (1988 CCM AOR) 
No Secret - Power Lines (1987 cassette) 
Temperance - They Gotta Know (1987) 
Nathan - Vision (1986) 
Turning Point (1983)

Tambora - Mummy Nina (2005)
Prophecy - Real Life EP 2007
Detritus - A Taste of Reality Demo 1990
Bride - In Your Face Unplugged 2008
Cafe' Noire - The Heart Of Winter 1991
Cafe' Noire - Through The Glass Darkly 1992
Cafe' Noire - When I Awaken 1990

Preacher - Sanctuary Of The Dead 199x
Preacher - Welcome To Forever 1995
Sorrow Of Seven - Amber - Amber (3 Singles) 1994
Sorrow Of Seven - I Could Murder_Wow + Flutter (Single) 1995
Sorrow Of Seven - Red (4 Singles) 1992.
Sorrow Of Seven - The Happy Jerks (Split) 1995
Megamouth-1988 The Great Skateboard Adventure
Rappin' Reverend-Crack Attack(1989)
Rap Sure's,The - O.T. Rap (1987)
Scymitar(aka Arsenal)
-Message of Love (demo, 1984)
-In Concert (live album) Upper Room( Matthew Gauthier )
-Demo 1994
-S/T 2000
Immortal Chorus
-Self Title (tape)
-Noble cause

Angry Little Freak
-2005 Self destruct
-2003 self title
-2003 step right up

Message of Love (demo, 1984)
In Concert (live album)  




  1. Hi brother, I have:
    Godfear - Know God? - 1994
    Vital Decision - Vital Decision (Demo) 1998
    Omega - Alpha [Demo] (1983)
    Intricate - Intricate 1992

    1. Great.. Please send them to me.. Links or files..


      Thank You..

    2. sir can you send me Godfears download link?

  2. Michael & Tamara - Heavenbound (1976)
    Michael & Tamara - Love Flow (1977)

    Thank you, be blessed.

  3. LibSuite Water and Blood - 1990

  4. you have Zion - Cry Out (1987) posted, so I guess all of these are also gotten,
    or you do not care to update this wanted list?
    I almost uploaded it before I seen a comment thanking Doug M.

  5. Umm.. Wow.. Yes, i do care.. and No, not all have been gotten.. If you got something on my updated list. Post it.. When i get the time to update a list or post on this blog i will. If i don't update a list/post then i must be busy doing something else.. Like finding the many many request i get for this blog.. As i'm the only one running this music blog.

  6. I'm after Jon Eberson Group Polarities from 1982 and City Visions from 1984 (also by Jon Eberson Group!)

  7. Does anyone have TNK - The Nobel Knights. They had a single (cassette only I think) called White Knights.

    Also looking for Hundredfold - Look Up which was an LP only from Grand Junction, Colorado in 1983.

    Lastly, anyone heard of Zur Gabriel?

  8. axlanbay - rough
    axlanbay - break the mould
    axlanbay - values
    kosher - white lies
    kosher - virtual criminal
    kosher - bakstabba
    zero theory - zero theory (similar to skillet and pax 217
    deafaid (sweden) - deafaid
    deafaid (sweden)- the payment
    deafaid (sweden) - inhale
    gen (uk) - rites of refusal

  9. https://mega.nz/#!DbgVACBA!R0TEgX8e3PGedMJnQOFmReSltmutNcWBZHoHwroOCIM

    seed- restoration

  10. Out Of Darkness - The Celebration Club Session
    Out of Darkness - Out of Darkness

    Been looking for these two rare albums for years

  11. i have

    relent - embers (singles)
    luti-kriss- 5ep, and throwing myself
    38th parallels - unreleased demo,korea ,turn the tides,and let go ep
    painted soul - the threshing floor
    condidered rubbish -
    red (all album )
    sleeping giant(all abum)
    impending doom (all album)
    12 stones (all album)
    we against - everything is meaningless

    1. Painted Soul - The Threshing Floor(2013)

  12. Here is some Sorrow of Seven, Is that what you were looking for? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Dlp8XFUFVMLUm4Bf-VWlhwtFEbRTaPVH


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