January 25, 2018

Julie Miller - Invisible Girl (1994)

Password for file: 18
Genre: CCM
Source: DirectCDrip (320kbs,48khz,2 Channel Stereo)

1 Nobody's Child 3:42
2 Runaway Heart 3:30
3 In My Eyes 3:51
4 When You Come Home 4:08
5 Too Many Troubles 2:11
6 I Will Be With You 3:55
7 Weapon Of The Spirit 4:24
8 I Can't Cry Hard Enough 3:43
9 At The End Of The Road 2:47
10 Back Of Your Head 2:37
11 I Like You 1:56


January 17, 2018

Sacred Reign - Looking for Love (1993)

Password: 18
Genre: Christian Metal

Location: Chillicothe, Ohio (USA)
Status: Split-up
Formed in:1993
Album: Looking for Love
Year: 1993

Mike Arledge (Bass)
Chad Morris (Drums)
Don Bay     (Guitars)
Tony Kaltenbach (Guitars, Keyboards)
Mark Hull     (Vocals)

01. Strength in Yourself        
02. Arms Open Wide        
03. Walking Alone in Moonlight        
04. Looking for Love        
05. In My Mind        
06. Someday        
07. Memory Lane        
08. Friend of Mine        
09. Broken Man        
10.Shadow of the Son


January 9, 2018

Sons of God - Hogtie'n the Devil EP (2010)

Genre: Christian Metal
Location: GA(USA)

Password: 2017

This is the only EP the band has done.

Fixed Link 1-10-18

1.On Our Way Home
2.Butcher's Holler
3.Hogtie'n The Devil


Sovereign Steel - Say Your Prayers (Demo) 1988

Genre: Christian Metal
Password: 18

Color Cover.
Very rare tape..

  1. Sovereign Steel - Market of destruction (5:00)
  2. Sovereign Steel - Divine justice (4:58)
  3. Sovereign Steel - Follow the king (4:28)
  4. Sovereign Steel - Dark hour (6:08)
  5. Sovereign Steel - By your love (3:13)
  6. Sovereign Steel - I Will See You Again (6:37)

January 8, 2018

Admin's Corner: 01-09-2018

For the first time ever.. Someone has sent an message about the slogan i have on here " The War against satan"

They(M Evang.) are wondering why i got album cover's with Satan & Skulls on here..

First off..

I do not judge a book by it's cover..  If you just assume it's evil by it cover. Then i'm guessing you are closed minded and think everything must be sugar coated cus it has offended you.. I do not have a reason why bands choose to put so called "evil" on their covers. There's an reason behind it.. Ask them. Not me..

If you don't like it. Then you don't have be here. 

As far as i know all bands here are Christian. At least that's what they say. I do not know the condition of their soul. That is between GOD and them..

I would normally just delete it and forget but I think this needs to be said.. Cus no one is going to tell me how to run My Blog. or what i should put on here. If i want to post albums with so called "evil" then i will do so. As said before. There is a reason behind the artwork. Just cus you think it's evil doesn't make so.. Just look up the info on the band yourself...


January 6, 2018

The Veil - Demo Disk (2008)

Artwork: None
Genre: Christian Metalcore
Password: none needed

fixed link 01-06-18

Ps 18/Alpha
2. The Coming Of...
3. Remeber The Blood
4. Rip Through


Kidd Robin – The Inevitable Return Of The Dinosaur Monster (1996)

Genre: Christian Rock


01. Not Falling
02. Prelude in E Major
03. Be There
04. What Now?
05. Questions
06. Go
07. Sidewalk Cowboy
08. Blood Red
09. Never Stop
10. Lost
11. Reprise
12. A Little Bit of Somethin’
13. Emotions
14. How Long?
15. Flannel Shirt
16. Rokkin’

Buy Here: Email Kidd Robin --CLICK HERE-