September 26, 2021

The Stand - Demo (1988)


Christian Alt Rock

The Stand

1988? Independent

Barry Duren - Vocals, guitar
Billy Huff - Guitars
Rick Minter - Guitars
Michael Turkett - Bass
Brad Duren - Drums

  1. Bible Study
  2. Between Here N Heaven
  3. Mannequin Man
  4. Stuck in the Middle
  5. Make a Prophet
  6. I Love You #19

September 23, 2021

Stinging Rain - EP (1993)

 Password: 2021

Stinging Rain EP

1993 Nondescript Records

Nathan Depew – Vocals, guitars, harmonica
Paul Fry – Bass, backing vocals
Brett Kendall – Keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Jon Phillips – Drums, percussion

  1. Violin (live)
  2. Shoes
  3. Via Dolorosa
  4. The Minstrel's Song (live)



September 16, 2021

Legacy - Demo (198?)


Christian Rock

19?? Independent

Steve Crosby

    Trusting Jesus
    Go and Be With My Lord
    Won't Be on My Own

Female fronted Christian Rock Band



September 12, 2021

Testimony - Demo (1988)


Christian Heavy Metal


1988 (no label)

  1. You are Lord
  2. I Hear His Voice
  3. In a Twinkling of an Eye

September 6, 2021

The Passion - Picture of Love (1992)


Christian Alt Rock 

Picture of Love
1992 (no label)
Winter Park, Florida, USA

Ken Tucker – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Dean Adams – Bass, vocals on “I Hear the Sounds,” background vocals on “Cancel”

Neil Vermillion – Drums on tracks 1-4
Bill “Ox” Givins – Vocals on “Choose Life” and “Wash Me in the Jordan”
Pat Kelly – Vocals and guitars on “Mt. Zion” and “Cancel”
Scott Newforth – Drums on “Mt. Zion” and “Cancel”
Jack Templeton – Lead and backing vocals on “Face to Face”

Side 1:

  1. I Hear the Sounds
  2. Choose Life
  3. Wash Me in the Jordan

Side 2:

  1. Face to Face
  2. Mt. Zion
  3. Cancel


Spike - Alive and Ticking... (1989)


Christian Rock / Folk / Alternative
Youngstown, Ohio, USA 


Alive and Ticking

1989 The Furnace Room

Spike (Terry McCabe) – Lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar
Joe Hudek – Lead Guitar (tracks 1-5)
Mike Talanca – Bass guitar (tracks 1-5)
Jim Toti – Drums (tracks 1-5), keyboards on “Newave 82”

Lori McCabe – Acoustic guitar on “Seeking Shelter,” background vocals on “Newave 82,” voices on “Voices”
Greg Yochman – Keyboards on “Celebration Day”
Pam Talanca – Harmony vocals on “Snow Mountain”
Tom Eich – Background vocals on “Newave 82,” synth on “Silent Struggler,” bass on “In Love with the Bomb,” voices on “Voices”
Chris Yambar – Background vocals on “Newave 82,” voices on “Voices”
Billy Zalot – Trumpet
Larry Placer – Electric and acoustic guitar on “Silent Struggler”
Rick Beckett – Voices on “Voices”

“This cassette-only release featured a Yambar cover, the 1982 ‘Newave’ single, and selected skits by Yambar and McCabe (aka: The World Famous Lamb Chop Players) from Asphalt Invasion.” (from

  1. Old or New
  2. Snow Mountain
  3. New Wave '82
  4. Seeking Shelter
  5. Celebration Day
  6. Sold Out
  7. Thankx
  8. In Love With the Bomb
  9. Voices
  10. The Song That's Never Heard
  11. Silent Struggler


September 5, 2021

Smell of Wonder - Three Star Demo (1996)


Christian Alt Rock

Three-Star Demo

1996 Independent


  2. Zoom
  3. In the Garden
  4. Soul Food
  5. Don’t Be Shy


Secret Agent - Demo Tape (198?)


Christian Rock


198? (no label)

  1. You are the Reason
  2. Come on Up
  3. I Can Feel Your Love
  4. Time is Chang'in
  5. Good Pretender


Tera - Self Title (1990)


Christian Heavy Metal

Ton-e Palumbo – Vocals
Walter Murphy – Guitars
Perry Basile – Bass
Paul Murphy – Drums

  1. Heaven in Your Heart
  2. Where Were You
  3. City Blues
  4. Tuff Love



The Cry - What It Means To Be (1988)


Christian Alt Rock

What It Means to Be
1988 (no label)
Austin, Texas, USA

Chris Wright – Guitars, harmonicas, lead vocals
Melvyn Goveas – Bass, vocals
Andy Koehl –Keyboards, vocals
Jim Echels – Drums, vocals

Side 1:

  1. There is One
  2. Just One Way
  3. Distant Change

Side 2:

  1. Greater Love
  2. Walk Away
  3. What It Means to Be




Craig Erickson – Demo (1990)


Christian Instrumental Rock / Metal

1990 (no label)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Craig Erickson – Guitar, all instruments

  1. The Open Road
  2. Riff-Groove
  3. Fast Lanes
  4. When Night Ends
  5. Airborne


Red Sky - Time is Running Out (1987)


Christian Metal



1.Time is Running Out
2.East to West
3.Young One
4.Last Days
5.Call of Battle
8.Strong Faith



Whatever - Self Title (1995)


Christian Metal

Local Baltimore, MD area band consisting of:
Bill Yost - Vocals & Bass
Sean Ward - Rhythm Guitar
Mike "Pickle" Evans - Lead Guitar
Johnny Bomhardt - Drums

Produced by Whatever & Mark Scott


1.Everything I Need (3:28)
2.Let Me Go (3:17)
3.To Me (4:19)
4.Attempted Possession (2:36)
5.Tunnel's End (4:34)
6.Only the Stron Survive (4:41)
7.Everbody Knows (4:23)
8.What Goes Around (3:17)
9.Calvary (5:45)




September 4, 2021

Force 3 - Opposing Force (1987)(demo)


Christian Heavy Metal

Mega Rare . Very Hard To Find Demo Tape


1.Opposing Forces
2.Devil In Disguise


SHOWDOWN - Demo (1993)


Christian Hard Rock

SHOWDOWN (USA) - Demo Tape (1993)

1. Do You Remember?
2. No Ordinary Love
3. I Surrender
4. Need To Know Your Love

Showdown was a Christian hard rock band from Baltimore, MD in the early 1990's.  Unfortunately, this is the only studio demo they recorded, as they also wrote and performed additional songs after this that were also great!


September 3, 2021

Fools and Strangers - Hardcore Beatniks (1989)


Christian Alt / Indie Rock

Fresh new link- 9/04/21

Hardcore Beatniks
1989 (no label)
Adams, North Dakota, USA

Dan Crowley – Lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar solo on “Laugh”
Jason Loraas – Lead vocals, backing vocals
Eric Lorass – Bass guitar, backing vocals, scary voices
Jay Mindeman – All guitars, drums, backing vocals
Kari Drevecky – Drums, groovy handclaps

  1. Pain Dog
  2. I Don’t Understand Girls
  3. Bikini Frankenstein
  4. Missing You
  5. Sorority Girls
  6. Blitzkrieg
  7. Renae’s Song
  8. I Believe
  9. Laugh at Death (Scream for Life)