February 22, 2014

Tennessee Gentlemen - Sunday morning (1981)

Artist: Tennessee Gentlemen
Album: Sunday morning
Release Date: 1981
Quality: 128
Style: Bluegrass

At Calvary
He's my friend
Touring that city
Satan's jeweled crown
I came on business for the king
Glory bound
I'm on the other side of life, now
Leaning on the everlasting arms
Until then
In the garden

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Ronnie Byrd - Desert Of Life...A Tribute To The Pell Brothers (2005)

Artist: Ronnie Byrd
Album: Desert Of Life...A Tribute To The Pell Brothers
Release Date: 2005
Quality: 128
Style: Bluegrass
Unable to find any info or artwork

1. Ronnie Byrd - He Helps Me Climb That Hill (1:44)
2. Ronnie Byrd - Jesus Is Everywhere I Look (2:51)
3. Ronnie Byrd - Loving You Thruogh The Test (3:20)
4. Ronnie Byrd - Desert Of Life (1:54)
5. Ronnie Byrd - State Of Georgia (2:23)
6. Ronnie Byrd - All For The Love Of Sinners (3:10)
7. Ronnie Byrd - Life's Stormy Weather (2:17)
8. Ronnie Byrd - Working Like A Truck For The Lord (2:18)
9. Ronnie Byrd - Jesus Is The Man (4:30)
10. Ronnie Byrd - Just Take Good Care Of Her (2:29)
11. Ronnie Byrd - What A Wonderfull Feeling (2:49)

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Heaven's Harmony - Spiritual

Heaven's Harmony hails from Mansfield, OH. Their CD Spiritual has a number of good elements including quality music tracks and variety in song selection. Eight cover songs are joined by two originals written by tenor singer David Campbell and another co-written by Campbell and baritone Joe Baumgard. On the minus side, the vocal harmonies aren't quite gelling in a few spots and there's a lack of balance in singing style between the voices, most noticeaby between the tenor and the bass voices. The first four tracks come across more convincingly than the last seven. Packaging quality is about average. In fact, when all things are considered, Spiritual

Source: CD Rip
Bitrate: CBR 320K
Location: Ohio (USA)
Year: ???? (as none is printed on cd)


Stand Up
You Can Walk On The Water
Fare Thee Well
John The Revelator
Servant's Prayer
You're Not Alone
When We All Get Together
Are You Ready?
God Be With You

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February 13, 2014

Virgin Black - EP (1995_Demo_Correct track 2)

Gene: Symphonic gothic metal
Year: 1995

Note: Found the correct track 2(web rip).. All others are repeat of track 1... 

  1. "Veil of Tears" - 6:31
  2. "Black Corsage" - 6:33
  3. "Mother of Cripples" - 7:46
  4. "Anthem" - 6:18
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February 10, 2014

Cafe Noire – Self Title (1988)

-1988 Demo
Rare,Very Hard to Find.
I re-coverted tape to mp3.This time sounds alot better than other copies.
Format:MP3, VBR High

Track List:
2.Run To The Sea
3.Broken Arrows
4.The Clock Strikes Twelve

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February 3, 2014

Time’s Arrow – 4 Tracks (2006,2008) -The Near Future-

*Major update*

The Near Future is New name for this band. They got back together. Check this out..

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Tony Correlli
Kevin Noonkester

Found this great new band and the only tracks they did.So,far…
Band members
Gary Noonkester
Type: Electronica / Industrial
From: Middle River, MD (USA)
More info: http://www.myspace.com/timesarrow
Track List
1. TIME’S ARROW – Alone not Apart (3:42)
2. TIME’S ARROW – Artificial Light (3:56)
3. TIME’S ARROW – Take A Bullet (3:07)
4. Time’s Arrow – No More Angels (3:59)

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