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Michael James Murphy-Tender Heart(1984)

Michael James Murphy-No Kidnap Today(1987)

Servant - Caught in the Act of Loving Him (1983)

Servant -Light Maneuvers (1984)

Byron Spradlin and Carl Stanley - Edge Of Drifting (1971)

 Phil Driscoll-I Exalt Thee(1983).

Ralph Carmichael and the Young People - Our Back Porch LP (1970)

Liberation Suite - 25th Anniversary Edition [2003]

Malcolm & Alwyn - Wildwall (Digitally Remastered) [1999]

2nd Chapter of Acts - Hymns Collection [2003]

Elvis Presley - He Touched Me [1972]

Sweet Comfort Band [1977]

The Crossbeats - Crazy Mixed-Up Generation 1967 & Singles Of 1965

Parchment - Shamblejam [1975]

Ron Salisbury & J.C. Power - Forgiven [1974]


Password for 2nd Chapter / Candy: 17

2nd Chapter Of Acts, "20"
2nd Chapter Of Acts, "Far Away Places"
2nd Chapter Of Acts, "Hymns I"
2nd Chapter Of Acts, "Hymns II"
2nd Chapter Of Acts, "Mansion Builder"

Candy Hemphill, Candy, 1982
Candy, Heart Of Fire, 1984
Candy Hemphill, Arms Of Love, 1986


Password: 17
Tony Palacios - Epic Tales Of Whoa! 1998 320K -DOWNLOAD-

Note:New Link..Had uploaded wrong one upped.Corrected:12.11.17

Password to UnRar albums: 18

Added 8-15-18
Michael Omartian - White horse --DOWNLOAD--

Added 7-31-18
Phil Johnson - Somebody like you (1978) -DOWNLOAD-
James Ward - Good Advice (1985) -DOWNLOAD-

Added 07-09-18
Pierce Pettis - Chase the Buffalo --DOWNLOAD--
Michael Been - On the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough --DOWNLOADhttps://www.mediafire.com/file/h9cm980zo7ru12b/MBeen94OTVOANervBT.rar/file--

Added 06-25-2018
Nina - No Shadow of Turning (1991)  --DOWNLOAD--
Canadian Rock Theater (1972)  --DOWNLOAD--
Harvest - Give Them Back (1987)  --DOWNLOAD--
Ariel (1986)  --DOWNLOAD--
Matthew Ward - Fortress (1990)  --DOWNLOAD--
Pierce Pettis - Tinseltown (1991)  --DOWNLOAD--

Added 06-072018
Chris Eaton - Vision (1986) --DOWNLOAD--

Added 5-28-18

Mark Heard - Appalachian Melody 1979 -- DOWNLOAD --

Added 05-10-2018

Keith Green\1981 - The Keith Green Collection --DOWNLOAD--
2'nd Chapter Of Acts\1974 - With Footnotes    --DOWNLOAD--

Added 05-10-2018
Keith Green\1981 - The Keith Green Collection --DOWNLOAD--
2'nd Chapter Of Acts\1974 - With Footnotes    --DOWNLOAD--

Added 04-29-2018
1988-Lets Spin
1989-Swirling Mellow
1990-Cornerstone Live 1990
1994-Zoom Daddy
1995-The Berry Vest of...
1996-Sacred Cows
1998-Meat The Farm Beetles
2007-The Midget, The Speck and The molecule

DOWNLOAD them all here

Under Midnight
*1992 - Cybernetic Remixes
*1992 - Under Midnight (Cybervision)
*1994 - Void

-- Get them HERE<<<Click>>>  

New Post 4-07-18
Ric Alba\1991 - Holes In The Floor Of Heaven --DOWNLOAD--

4-23-2018 added

Children of the Consuming Fire
*1991 - Children Of The Consuming Fire  --DOWNLOAD--
*1993 - Come Home Phlubber  --DOWNLOAD-

Hounds Of Heaven, The\1992 - Virtue & Virginity  --DOWNLOAD--

Blind Teeth Victory Band
*1983 - Trilogy EP  --DOWNLOAD--
*1987 - Kill A Baby ... Save A Dog  --DOWNLOAD--
*1989 - Give An Account  --DOWNLOAD--

Randy Stonehill - 1971 - Born Twice --DOWNLOAD--

- Password for albums: 17 

Moral Support\1979 - Just Where It's At Tonight 7 Inch  --DOWNLOAD--

Our Generation\1971 - Dawning Of The Day  --DOWNLOAD--
Kevin & Clare Sarkissian\1975 - All The Roads  --DOWNLOAD-

 Cumberland Boys
*1984 I owe it all to Jesus -- DOWNLOAD --
*1987 - A New Song -- DOWNLOAD --
*1988 - Alive And Now -- DOWNLOAD --

The Trailblazers - the bridge (1990)  -- DOWNLOAD --
Randy Matthews-Self Title(1980)  -- DOWNLOAD --

Crossmen Quartet
-The Early Years -- DOWNLOAD --
-1997 - Thoughts Of Him -- DOWNLOAD --
-2000 - Final Destination -- DOWNLOAD --
-2002 - He Is Leading -- DOWNLOAD --
-2004 - New Ground -- DOWNLOAD -- 
Servant\1985 - Swimming in a Human Ocean  --DOWNLOAD--
Servant Band, The\1980 - Sounds of Praises --DOWNLOAD--
Set Free - Self Title (2000) Christian Hip Hop / Rap --DOWNLOAD--

Radiohalo - Illumation (1992) --DOWNLOAD--

Concrete Rubber Band - Risen Savior(1969) -- DOWNLOAD--

David and The Giants - Riders in the Sky(1983) --DOWNLOAD--
Adam Cunningham - Self Title (2007)  --DOWNLOAD--

Tom Howard
-1981 Danger In Loving You    -- DOWNLOAD --
-1991 Bamboo In Winter           --- DOWNLOAD --

Malcolm Wild - Broken Chains (1979) --DOWNLOAD
SheeSH - Self Title (1997) VBR High -- DOWNLOAD --
Dion - Only Jesus (1978) ---DOWNLOAD--
Sheila Walsh\1983 - War Of Love --DOWNLOAD--
Sheila Walsh\1984 - Triumph In The Air --DOWNLOAD--
Stonehill, Randy - 1986 - The Wild Frontier --DOWNLOAD-
Sheila Walsh\1988 - Say So --DOWNLOAD--
Paul Smith - Human Touch (1991) --DOWNLOAD--
Donna McElroy\1990 - Bigger World --DOWNLOAD--

Acceptance With Joy\1979 - Thanks A Trillion --DOWNLOAD--
Sixth Station, The\1982 - Deep Night --DOWNLOAD--
Hope Sterling\1988 - The Way Things Are --DOWNLOAD--
Kevin Roth ‎– Somebody Give Me Direction (1976)--DOWNLOAD--
Sounds Of Salvation\1970 - Sounds Of Salvation--DOWNLOAD--
New Creation, The\1970 - Troubled--DOWNLOAD--
Neale, Powell, Lundgren\1982 - Time Of The Harvest--DOWNLOAD--
McGann & Morris\1974 - Walk Humbly With Your God--DOWNLOAD--
Dominican Sisters Of St. Cecilia\1975 -Bitter Sweet--DOWNLOAD--
Cindy Bashaw\1978 - Friends--DOWNLOAD--
Found Cats - Full Gospel Rockabilly --DOWNLOAD--

Herring, Annie - 1976 - Through a Child's Eyes--DOWNLOAD--
If needed...
Password: 2017

Servant - World of Sand 1983 -- DOWNLOAD --
Phil Keaggy - Love Broke Thur -- DOWNLOAD --
Phil Keaggy - The Master & The Musician -- DOWNLOAD --
Phil Keaggy - Emerging. -- DOWNLOAD --
Omega Sonship - The Sword and the Oil 1982 ---DOWNLOAD --
Shack of Peasants _ Classic Blues Vol.1 ---DOWNLOAD --
VA-1969 - A Great Light Is Shining ... Body Of Christ Phoenix(link fixed)   -- DOWNLOAD --
Randy Matthews - Plugged In 1981  -- DOWNLOAD --
Jawbone Hill - 1995 - Sackcloth And Sunshine  -- DOWNLOAD --
The Julies - January [EP] (1994) -- DOWNLOAD --
The Beginning - Self Title 1976 -- DOWNLOAD
Hope -Hope (1972). -- DOWNLOAD
Chris Christian - With your love 1979 -- DOWNLOAD
Chris Christian - Chance 1980 -- DOWNLOAD
Undercover - God Rules 1983 -- DOWNLOAD
Virus - Odd -- DOWNLOAD
Mothership - Rock Star 2002  -- DOWNLOAD

Justus - Don't Turn Away (1984) -- DOWNLOAD
Justus - Somebody's Waiting (1986) -- DOWNLOAD
Believer - The. First. (1985,Best copy found) -- DOWNLOAD
Carla Riehl - Alien (1985) --- DOWNLOAD
Randy Stonehill - Welcome to Paradise (1976_320kbs) -- DOWNLOAD
Don Francisco - Brother Of The Son (1976) -- DOWNLOAD
Doubledge - Breakthrough (2008) -- DOWNLOAD
Fearscape - Detonator (2002) -- DOWNLOAD
Oh The Blood - This World Needs No Introduction (2007)  -- DOWNLOAD
Seven Vials Outpouring - Or An Exposition, Of The (2002) -- DOWNLOAD
Seven Vials Outpouring/Eidolon's Elegy - The Split EP (2002) -- DOWNLOAD 

Key of David - We're Not Going Back (1983) -- DOWNLOAD
Geoff Moore - Where are the Other Nine?  -- DOWNLOAD 
Cool Hand Luke - So Far -- DOWNLOAD

Broken arrow - moment of Truth(1983) ---DOWNLOAD
Syco - Kommand(1992) ---DOWNLOAD
Street Christian - It's been a long time a coming(1970)(link fixed) ---DOWNLOAD
Crashdog - Hard Knocks for Hard Heads EP(1990) --DOWNLOAD
Damascus - Caught In The Middle(1984) -link fixed 2.26.28-DOWNLOAD
Oracle - Danger Zone--DOWNLOAD
Keith Green - The Keith Green Collection (1981) --DOWNLOAD--
Perry Sisters,The - We Shall Stand Live (1987)  --DOWNLOAD--
Rex Nelon Singers - We Shall Behold the King (1983) --DOWNLOAD--
Dallas Holm - Self Title (1970) .......  -- DOWNLOAD --
Dallas Holm - For Teens Only (1971) ........ -- DOWNLOAD --  

First Gear (links fixed 03.05.18)
-Self Title (1972)  -- DOWNLOAD
-Caution! Steep Hill Use First Gear (1974) -- DOWNLOAD

Phil McHugh

-Saviour (1974)  -- DOWNLOAD
-All Glory To You (1976)  -- DOWNLOAD
-Canvas For The Sun (1977) -- DOWNLOAD 

-Reference Point (1980)  -- DOWNLOAD

E.T.W(End Time Warrior)
-Self Title (1989)  -- DOWNLOAD
-Stop the Wild Hype (1991)  -- DOWNLOAD
-Ain't Nobody Dyin' But Us (1997) -- DOWNLOAD

-1989 back to back ---DOWNLOAD
-1991 The Chosen One ---DOWNLOAD
-1998 Here we are back bonus tracks ---DOWNLOAD

-- Fills by Someone Else -- (password not needed)

GIDEON'S ARMY:Warrior Of Love.(1985)(Remastered 2013) -sipi-
-- DOWNLOAD -(mega.nz)

PHIL KEAGGY:What A Day--Love Brokr Thru.(1990)(2 in 1) -sipi-
-- DOWNLOAD -(mega.nz)


  1. Hi have you got any ETW (End time warriors) hip hop?
    PID or other early Christian hiphop?
    Also SYCO or Jyradelix electronica?

    1. I have Jyradelix. How do I pass the flies on the the web page.

    2. Just upload it to a file host like mediafire,zippyshare,ect. post link here

  2. Looking for whiteheart Live (with rick florian) anything out there?

  3. Creed - Sign of Victory
    Betrayal - In remembrance of me
    Drop Dead - Death by Fusion
    Rebellion - Dream Again EP
    Salem Hill - not everybody's gold

  4. Requests:
    any albums by:
    Chuck Girard
    Love Song

  5. The Millie Pace Trio - Vol 1 thru Vol 5
    12 Sacred Favorites.
    era late 50s onward.
    Thank you for the many favorite albums you've assembled.

  6. Temperance - They Gotta Know! (1987)

  7. Does anyone have any of these?
    1) Veer Chasm - Blade Halo (1997)
    2) Atomic Opera - Alpha & Oranges (1999)
    3) Atomic Opera - For Madmen Only(1994)
    4) Atomic Opera - Penguin Dust (1997)
    5) 77's - A Golden Field Of Radioactive Crows (2001)
    6) Radiohalo - Illumination (1992)
    7) Altar Boys - Against The Grain (1987)
    8) Altar Boys - Forever Mercy (1989)
    10) Altar Boys - Gut Level Music (1986)
    11) Klank (all, especially the 1st one)
    12) Reliant K - Apathetic ep (2005)
    Many thanks for your posts and the the ones you posted for me too. ~~~Blessings~~~

    1. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX3vEJ8epL7LAoQcFhpnVWc95nUF5ykpe

  8. Bob Ayala - Rescued (1985)
    Temperance - They Gotta Know! (1987)
    Testimony - He's Alive! (1989)

    Thank you! :)

  9. Hi KJ,

    It's been a while and I have some more requests:

    1978 - After the Fire "Signs of Change"
    1979 - After the Fire AKA ATF " Laser Love"
    1980 - After the Fire "80-F"

    Hope you find these they're from the UK. Thanks for what you can find and God Bless!

    1. signs of change
      laser love

      have been posted

  10. I would like "Say What" "Nuclear Fishin'"

    1. this was the 2nd album right? i have it give me a few days and I can get it to you ^_^ hit me on my email tho: godsdj1@yahoo.com

  11. 1. Evangeline (Vangie) Carmichael - The Warm and Groovy Sounds of The Group featuring Vangie Carmichael. Date unknown
    2. Evangeline Carmichael - The Lord is My Shepherd
    3. Vangie Carmichael McPherson - Vol 1 & 2. I believe from before 1970. She was married to Ralph Carmichael.
    I can't find anything on the last two requests.

  12. Hi, I'm looking for for Precious Death "If You Must" and "Precious Death" Thanks so much!

  13. hello any chance to reup this album pls , thdx god bless you https://www.discogs.com/fr/Priscilla-Engle-Ageless-Love/release/1977429

  14. Hi KJ,

    I have a request for any and all albums by the Imperials from 1972 thru 1985. Thank you very much and God Bless!

    1. 1964-1979 have been posted..

      1980-1990 is coming next.. soon

  15. Does anybody have the only one Hope Sterling album? Thanks in advance.

  16. Thanks for the Sheesh :)

  17. looking for Greg & Rebbeca Sparks "Through Flood and Fire"

  18. Many thanks for your help KJ :)

  19. would you please fis these dead links?

    Street Christian - It's been a long time a coming(1970)
    VA-1969 - A Great Light Is Shining ... Body Of Christ Phoenix

  20. a kind request, can anyone provide a link for the Art Reynolds Singers album: Tellin' It Like It Is? Many thanks.

  21. I'm looking for Randy Matthews' self titled 1980 album.

  22. Hi,
    i'm looking for:

    DAVID DALE:Hide And Seek.(1985)(Bright News Music)

    Thank you in advance.

  23. The link for lp "damascus - Caught In The Middle" is off. Can you re-up this rare album? God bless you.

  24. Hello! Do you also have this:

    Kevin and Clare - All The Roads

  25. hi friend, i searching for these album really hard to find on web:

    Angelo Ballestero - The Wind Will Carry Me
    Jon Steven - Jezebel
    David Saylor - One On One
    No Two - No Two
    Shy Talk - Shy Talk
    john Hunter More Than Meets The Eye

    My precedent request it's ok, i'll already find; thanks in advance.



    1. Here we are Flax Pikko! (the one and only Jezebel - by Jon Stevens is here for you to download!). Jezebel was released as a single, whereby I had previously decided to alter the cover art of that track to highlight that it was a great track single release at the start of the 1980s to promote his debut album (in case you wondered why that didn't share the same art as the other tracks in the directory, like if you were to insert the folder into ITunes etc, once unzipped). http://www99.zippyshare.com/v/dNNFSYc1/file.html
      ENJOY Flax Pikko!

    2. ok! thank so much to explain me clear all about Jon Steven!
      and really really much appreciated!

  26. I'm after Jon Eberson Group - "Polarities" from 1982 and "City Visions" also by Jon Eberson group - from the year 1984 please someone!

    1. Please ... I'm also searching very hard.

  27. Does anyone have Evie? There is one album here (thankfully). It is for a friend who had a heap on vinyl which were loaned out and never came back. Missing them muchly. Peace to all.

  28. I'm looking for Dallas Holm's "Through the Flame"?

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Does anyone have these? 1-Sound alliance I Want To Thank You Jesus
    2-The Paul Mickelson Singers ‎– He's The One

  31. Awesome blog! Looking for:

    Ariel - Ariel (1986); AOR/Rock out of Canada

    Blessings to all here!

  32. Anyone have the Gospel Track by Luke Garrett called He Is Messiah?

  33. Sir, I am in awe of you! You found items I have been scouring websites and second hand stores for 20 years! I cant thank you enough. any chance telling us how you do it? or do you just have the most insane collection ever?

  34. Hillsong - Spirit and Truth (1988) It was only on cassette. Thanks

  35. Muito obrigado meu irmão!!!

    Mas E.T.W sem links!!!

  36. Anyone have September? First (1981), Lines are Falling (1984)? Or any others I'm unaware of? Thanks so much!

    1. Those albums are actually available for purchase from the band at http://www.september-music.com/ - They are LP transfers that have not been completely cleaned up with scratch elimination software, so they are a bit flawed on a few tracks, though most tracks have no noticeable flaws that I hear. The best transfer is 'September First'. (None of the albums were ever officially released on CD, though I've seen bootlegs of at least 2 of their albums floating around online.) So...digital copies are available for legal purchase. All September albums are available at that page except their first and rarest album 'I've Been Thinking', which continues to sell on eBay and just about anywhere else for large sums, so they may not ever get that one done unless someone does it for them or gives them a good condition copy of the album. There's also some previously unreleased studio demos that are not available for download on the page, but if you buy everything else like I did, they'll probably email you a copy of the demo files at no charge. And those are very decent sound quality.

  37. Hi - and thanks for all your work as always! I'm looking for a hard to get album by Stewart & Kyle called 'Temporary Residence' It was their third album but didn't get a good distribution at the time. Thanks!

  38. Morning KJ

    I have a request: 1978 Reba Rambo "The Lady is a child" and if possible any of her albums. Thank you and God Bless!

  39. Hi, I hope you are having a great and blessed week! I have a request I hope you will be able to find.
    Reba Rambo 1978 The Lady is a Child.

    also any other Reba Rambo McGuire albums. Thanks and God Bless!

  40. I'm looking for anything by Christian thrash bands Combat Faith, Amnos,and Antic.

  41. I'm looking for Love Songs in The Key Of D Minor and Parables Of Madness by Amnos. Blood From Above - Musical Warfare. Flowing Iniquity by Antic, And anything by Combat Faith.

  42. Anyone who has Angelo Ballestero ‎The Wind Will Carry Me album please?

  43. DOWNLOADED the dug pinnick Servant DEMOS from 1979. Password didn't work & files were corrupted. PLEASE someone send me a working link to this. Been looking for this for years & have many live Kings X show & rare stuff to trade.


  44. 2nd chapter of acts: Mansion Builder playlisted together. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6stQxorWkslbyyffn4AzYwDGktQyybay a great program to d/l is:
    https://www.youtubebyclick.com/ but you only get 24 hours to d/l. the great thing is you can download it @ 320 KB/s in mp3
    two always free programs are:
    https://ytmp3.cc/ & https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/mp3-converter *(this one lets you also adjust quality)
    Thank you.

  45. Obrigado por compartilhar, eu amo música e instalei-a em toques mp3 para celular. Para saber mais sobre a coleção de toques musicais gratuitos e seguros, acesse aqui: https://klingeltonekostenlos.com/neue-klingeltone/

  46. Bob & Joy Cull - Windborne Album Link


  47. Hi!
    Do you have the last album from Dogs of Peace - Heel?

  48. You wouldn't happen to have Morella's Forest- Bozur or the three song Chagall Guevara by any chance? I have them, but low quality. Looking to upgrade.


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