September 30, 2015

Rising Hope - Farewell To The Shadowlands (1975)

Genre: Jesus Music Era
Location: Ohio
Password: BKM2015

  1. Rising Hope - Farewell To The Shadowlands (1:20)
  2. Rising Hope - Secret Of The Stars (5:14)
  3. Rising Hope - Love To Pass The Ages (2:58)
  4. Rising Hope - Psalm 27 (4:15)
  5. Rising Hope - Come Gather Children (3:23)
  6. Rising Hope - Song Of Praise (3:06)
  7. Rising Hope - The Lord Will Be My Snowtires (2:16)
  8. Rising Hope - Psalm 121 (1:56)
  9. Rising Hope - Help Oh Lord (3:42)
  10. Rising Hope - Lead Me On (1:44)
  11. Rising Hope - Further Up (A Song About Narnia) (4:56)

Roger Rose - New Songs Hymns 2013

Artwork: None
Info: WebRip... new org. , hymns from Mad At The World band member Roger Rose . Really great pop/rock sounds.. This tracks were posted 2 years ago on SoundCloud (2013)

  1. A mighty Fortesss
  2. Great is thy faithfulness
  3. Holy Holy Holy
  4. I Get To Live Another Day
  5. I love to tell the story
  6. I stand amazed final
  7. I surrender all
  8. In the garden
  9. Jesus paid it all
  10. nothing but the blood of jesus
  11. Psalms 23
  12. There is a fountain
  13. This is the Day
  14. This little light of mine
  15. when we all get to heaven 

Roger Rose - Demo (2007)

Artwork: None
Password: BKM2015

Info: Demo tracks from Mad At The World band member.. Solo ..

  1. Roger Rose - Why Should I Worry (3:07)
  2. Roger Rose - Keep My Eyes On You (3:55)
  3. Roger Rose - Until You Give It (2:49)
  4. Roger Rose - His Loving Arms (4:32)


September 28, 2015

The Last Adam - Self Title (1980)

Gene: Christian 70s Rock / Jesus Music
Password: BKM2015
Bitrate: 192k CBR

I normalized the volume


This is group not the same as "Last Adam from the 90s with Guy DiBuono" .. This band has an female lead vocals.

Lots of variety on this excellent custom Florida obscurity. For starters hardrock buffs will definitely salivate over driving cuts like ‘Receive It’, ‘Trips’, and ‘Remember That Name’, all of which register high with loud guitar. ‘Dance Cloud’ is acoustic and carefree with progressive overtones. Some melodic middle-ground rock and a few acoustic ballads fill out the lp. The spacey synthesizer is a nice touch adding that progressive edge here and there. Flute, French horn, and flugelhorn solo passages fit right in. And a most expressive lady passionately belts out the lead vocals. Would have been a perfect candidate for the Tunesmith label - production is certainly up to par. Real striking cover of horse and rider with flaming sword emerging from the clouds. Back cover and label both say “The Salvation Army” -not sure if that’s the album title or label.


  1. The Last Adam - Receive It (5:12)
  2. The Last Adam - Resist The Devil (3:48)
  3. The Last Adam - Any Old Music (4:00)
  4. The Last Adam - Psalm 113 (5:13)
  5. The Last Adam - Washed In The Blood (3:40)
  6. The Last Adam - Dance Cloud (5:52)
  7. The Last Adam - Letter To The Devil (3:02)
  8. The Last Adam - More Much More (3:54)
  9. The Last Adam - Trip's (3:51)
  10. The Last Adam - Remember That Name (4:53)

    DOWNLOAD HERE (correct link) 09-28-15

    September 25, 2015

    Rebrn - Self Title (1976)

    Genre: Jesus Music Era
    Source: LP Record
    Bitrate: 320K
    Password: BKM2015

    1. Reborn - Any Man (4:37)
    2. Reborn - I've Got Something to Tell You (5:33)
    3. Reborn - Christian Brothers (3:55)
    4. Reborn - Reborn (5:06)
    5. Reborn - Do You Find It Hard (4:21)
    6. Reborn - I've Always Wanted to Know (4:04)
    7. Reborn - My God Isn't Dead (4:54)
    8. Reborn - Oh Jesus (5:22)
    9. Reborn - Your Only Hope (3:11)

    September 24, 2015

    Kentucky Faith - Fool's Gold (1971)

    Password: BKM2015

    Pre-Brush Arbor band with all the ingredients for good truck-drivin’ country rock: guitar, banjo, mandolin, steel guitar, fiddle, harmonica. Those who enjoy bands like The Amazing Rhythm Aces and Pure Prairie League should also appreciate Kentucky Faith’s original songs like ‘On A Hill’, ‘Open Your Eyes’, ‘Come To The Rock’ and the title track, as well as their covers of ‘Salty Dog Blues’, ‘Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad’, ‘I Bowed My Head’ (a Hank Williams tune) and Love Song’s ‘Front Seat, Back Seat’. Several special musicians helping, out including Dennis and Danny Agajanian. A custom lp that had some distribution by Sonrise Publications. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

    1. Kentucky Faith - On A Hill (2:50)
    2. Kentucky Faith - I Bowed My Head (2:42)
    3. Kentucky Faith - Open Your Eyes (2:33)
    4. Kentucky Faith - Back Seat Driver (3:01)
    5. Kentucky Faith - Salty Dog Blues (1:59)
    6. Kentucky Faith - Fool's Gold (3:31)
    7. Kentucky Faith - Come To The Rock (2:00)
    8. Kentucky Faith - I See Your Face (3:14)
    9. Kentucky Faith - Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad (3:07)
    10. Kentucky Faith - One Last Song (3:09)

    Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp - Song in the Air (1977)

    Genre: CCM / Jesus Music Era
    Password: BKM2015

    Org. files had low volume..I gave it a boost.. Sounds better.. 

    1. Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp - Song in the Air (2:35)
    2. Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp - Can You See Me (6:18)
    3. Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp - One Day at a Time (3:34)
    4. Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp - Song of Hope (4:16)
    5. Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp - The Answer (2:34)
    6. Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp - David & Goliath (2:53)
    7. Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp - I'm Going Home (2:22)
    8. Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp - Do Lord (4:21)
    9. Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp - Let's Live Together (3:47)

    September 23, 2015

    Ledfoot - Self Title (1997)

    Genre:  Christian Rock / Metal
    Password: BKM2015
    Bitrate: 128k CBR <best found>

    Earl Wayne Davis - Vocals
    Larry Lee Dunbar - Drums
    Dennis Glasco Jr - Guitars
    Matt Davis - Bass
    01.  Get Out
    02.  Unto the Church
    03.  Pain, Blame, Shame
    04.  Picture of the Hill
    05.  Behold
    06.  Get Right or Get Left
    07.  Prodigal Son
    08.  Falling in Love
    09.  Not About You
    10.  Rat Race
    11.  Righteous Man


    Stone Vengeance – Wrath Cometh Rehearsal Demo (1985)


    Christian Metal
    Password: BKM2015

    Here is Side B of this LP/Record. Wrath Cometh Rehearsal Demo.Audio is tad rough.As that is what it sounded like on the record.Still listenable. Dub from Record.

    Track List
    1.Long Live Stone Vengeance
    2.Time is at Hand
    3.The Great Controversy
    4.The Persecution


    Chariot – Step Into Light [Tape] (1987)


    Christian Metal

    1. Wise Eyes
    2. Reflections
    3. Nothing’s Changed
    4. 2000
    5. Voice In The Wind
    6. Truth
    7. Know For Sure
    8. Step Into The Light


    September 22, 2015

    Stonewood Cross - Single (1975)

    Two thunderous hard rock tracks from a Michigan band that Harmony magazine likened to the James Gang. Both clock in at six minutes and feature loads of loud guitar.

    Type: 45 RPM Single Record
    Password: 2015

    No other album.This is it.. Too bad.Really great stuff..


    01. Magic Man
    02. Brand New Love

    DOWNLOAD(MF,Updated lnk 7-31-15)

    Stryken – Live in Austin,Texas 1987

    Audio capture from the bootleg video recorded in Austin, Texas, in 1987. The quality isn’t all that great but does capture an underground, classic Christian heavy metal band back when metal reigned supreme.

    Format: MP3, VBR High 192-320K
    Password: BKM2015

    Track list:
    01 Rock On
    02 State Of Emergency
    03 Surprise
    04 Riot
    05 Band Intros
    06 Say No
    07 Daddy’s Girl
    08 The Answer
    09 One Way

    DOWNLOAD-New correct link

    September 20, 2015

    The Lifters - What Love's All About (1985)

    Password: BKM2015

                     The Lifters - What Love's All About

    Artist...............: The Lifters
    Album................: What Love's All About
    Genre................: Rockabilly
    Source...............: Vinyl transferred to CD
    Year.................: 1985
    Ripper...............: EAC (Secure mode) / LAME 3.92 & Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD-117R
    Codec................: LAME 3.97
    Version..............: MPEG 1 Layer III
    Quality..............: Extreme, (avg. bitrate: 318kbps)
    Channels.............: Joint Stereo / 44100 hz
    Tags.................: ID3 v1.1, ID3 v2.3

    Ripped by............: JustABill on 3/2/2008

                           Track listing

       1. (00:02:12) Be Like You
       2. (00:02:41) Operator
       3. (00:02:37) Scream And Shout
       4. (00:03:05) I'm Goin' To Heaven
       5. (00:01:51) Front Slidder
       6. (00:03:14) No Middle Ground
       7. (00:02:23) What Love's All About
       8. (00:02:40) Do What I Do
       9. (00:02:27) Eternity Bop
      10. (00:03:14) C'mon Back
      11. (00:04:03) My Love For You Will Stay

    Playing Time.........: 00:30:26

    The Lifters - Self Title (1983)

    Password: BKM2015

    If you like the Stray Cats from the 1980's (famous for the Stray Cat Strut) then you'll like these guys. Very 50's sounding. Never been issued to a CD that I am aware of. They release two albums and both of them presented here.
    The Lifters - The Lifters
    Artist...............: The Lifters
    Album................: The Lifters
    Genre................: Christian
    Source...............: LP to MP3
    Quality..............: CBR 160, (avg. bitrate: 160kbps)
    1. The Lifters - Baby Left Me [02:15]
    2. The Lifters - Buckets Of Blues [03:04]
    3. The Lifters - Eternity Bop [01:37]
    4. The Lifters - He's My Lord [02:03]
    5. The Lifters - I'm Yours [02:46]
    6. The Lifters - Living Water [01:47]
    LP to MP3 @ 160kbps (Still sounds great though!!!)

    September 19, 2015

    Charlie Earnst - A Question of Faith (1974)

    Genre: Jesus Music Era
    Password: BKM2015

    1. Charlie Earnst - A Question Of Faith (8:39)
    2. Charlie Earnst - Come To Jesus (6:26)
    3. Charlie Earnst - What Is (3:53)
    4. Charlie Earnst - There's A Reason (5:49)
    5. Charlie Earnst - Ode To Those Left Behind (4:46)

    September 18, 2015

    Chainbreak3r/Chainbreaker - Self Title (2009)

    Genre: Southern Rock
    Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
    Time: 00:51:25
    Size: 70,54 MB

    Password: BKM2015

    United States

    Album Notes

    Christian Southern Rock at it's finest! This is their smokin' hot debut album! Old school made new, and with a clear message that Jesus Christ is Lord! Rippin', rockin' guitar and vocals from Jay Harris, and a solid, godly groove laid down by Johnny Compala on drums and Anthony Mirto on bass. This is a must have for anybody that ever liked Southern Rock, or guitar heavy Hard Rock. It's got that Classic sound, with a very honest message of hope and faith. Battling and overcoming Muscular Dystrophy, as well as years of the "crazy life" Harris has a lot to sing about. His Christian faith and a passion for playing guitar is evident throughout this album from front to back.


    01 - Walking In Glory 04:07
    02 - I Need You Now 04:22
    03 - Children Of The Light 04:53
    04 - And We Prayed 03:59
    05 - Deliverance 05:19
    06 - Fly Away 06:20
    07 - I Wanna Be 06:59
    08 - Give Me A Sign 04:09
    09 - Narrow Road 04:07
    10 - The Shepherd 03:46
    11 - Done Deal 03:24


    Zombie Gutz – Who’s Come’n With Me? (2006)

    Richard Kelly Bass
    Ryan Hefner Drums
    Preston Barnes Guitars
    Ryan Conrad Guitars
    Brandon Davidson Guitars
    Chase Brent Vocals
    Christian Metalcore

    Password: BKM2015

    Formed in September 2004 and split-up in 2007

    01.Moonpies and Browne Chocolate
    03.Bo Fever
    04.How Does It Go
    05.Burned ALive
    07.Wacko Jacko
    08.Track 7
    09.Keep Poundin
    12.Water Hockey


    Dez Dickerson – Oneman (1997)

    Password: BKM2015

    Gene: Christian Rock
    Year: 1997
    Former band: Prince,Guitar player
    Track List
    1. Dez Dickerson – Hello Again (3:35)
    2. Dez Dickerson – Love Somebody (4:17)
    3. Dez Dickerson – For You For Me (5:22)
    4. Dez Dickerson – Fall Into Me (6:06)
    5. Dez Dickerson – Maybe Tonite (4:35)
    6. Dez Dickerson – Peacehopejoy (5:18)
    7. Dez Dickerson – East Coast/West Coast (3:35)
    8. Dez Dickerson – Oneman (6:29)
    9. Dez Dickerson – This Song (4:44)
    10. Dez Dickerson – Like A Merry Go Round (5:24)
    11. Dez Dickerson – Home (3:37)
    12. Dez Dickerson – The Way I Feel (2:54)
    13. Dez Dickerson – Real To Me (8:50)


    Advocates - Here I Rest My Case (1975)

    Genre: 70s Christian Rock
    Location: United Kingdom
    Bitrate: 320K CBR
    Password: 2014

    Note:File/Link works no problems or virus....


    01. (Nobody Gives Me) Life Like You
    02. Criticism
    03. Rolph's Song
    04. The Leper
    05. How Can I Be Sure
    06. You Are My Music
    07. Say One For Me
    08. The Problem Of Me
    09. Sunshine
    10. Man Of Sorrows
    11. (Why Not) Meet With Jesus
    12. Here I Rest My Case
    Download: CLICK HERE 

    September 17, 2015

    Jesus Rally (aka Petra) - Live at University of Illinois (1973)

    Genre: Christian Rock / Jesus Music
    Password: BKM2015
    Bitrate: 320k CBR

    Early Petra Music.. Rare tunes.. Bootleg

    Bob Hartman - Vocals, guitar
    Greg Hough - Vocals, guitar
    John DeGroff - Bass
    Bill Glover - Drums

    01 Storm Comin' (first verse cut) 3:00
    02 Rockin' On With Jesus 3:12
    03 Interview with Someone


    Zion Mountain Folk - Grass Root Music (1978)

    Genre: Jesus Music Era
    Password: BKM2015

    1. Zion Mt Folk - 01-grass roots music (2:37)
    2. Zion Mt Folk - 02-two kinds of people (2:13)
    3. Zion Mt Folk - 03-bigger picture of jesus (1:46)
    4. Zion Mt Folk - 04-light of his love (2:14)
    5. Zion Mt Folk - 05-midnight rambler (2:23)
    6. Zion Mt Folk - 06-i don't believe it (1:54)
    7. Zion Mt Folk - 07-thank you for my wife (2:12)
    8. Zion Mt Folk - 08-humble annie (1:57)
    9. Zion Mt Folk - 09-feared of the lord (2:01)
    10. Zion Mt Folk - 10-i'm the receiver (2:03)
    11. Zion Mt Folk - 11-the family (2:28)
    12. Zion Mt Folk - 12-we all rejoice (2:57)
    13. Zion Mt Folk - 13-we give thanks (2:59)

    John Fischer Naphtali (1976)

    Genre: Jesus Music Era
    Password: BKM2015

    1. John Fischer - 01-naphtali (6:36)
    2. John Fischer - 02-we are his workmanship (3:50)
    3. John Fischer - 03-don't veil the door (3:36)
    4. John Fischer - 04-work out the life (2:48)
    5. John Fischer - 05-naphtali arise (2:51)
    6. John Fischer - 06-angel's song (3:38)
    7. John Fischer - 07-mary and joseph (4:25)
    8. John Fischer - 08-song for the good times (3:44)
    9. John Fischer - 09-live in the power (4:53)
    10. John Fischer - 10-arise my beloved (4:01)

    Sweet Crystal – Still Standing (2001)

    Genre: Christian Rock / Metal
    Password: BKM2015

    Marq Andrew Speck – Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Drum Programming
    Bill Blatter – Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Harmony Vocals
    Steve Wieser – Acoustic & Electric Drums

    01. Do You Believe In Love
    02. Soldiers Of The Crown
    03. When I Think Of You
    04. This Way Forever
    05. Messiahsong
    06. In God We Trust
    07. No Two Masters
    08. In Your Name
    09. Stand Up & Shout Live
    10. Looking Back
    11. Ominicity


    Honeytree - Self Titled (1973)

    Genre: Jesus Music Era
    Password: BKM2015

    1. Honeytree - 01-only god (2:40)
    2. Honeytree - 02-treasures (2:53)
    3. Honeytree - 03-sweet rain (1:57)
    4. Honeytree - 04-hallelujah outasight (1:42)
    5. Honeytree - 05-job's song (1:52)
    6. Honeytree - 06-resist the devil (3:41)
    7. Honeytree - 07-so much man (2:06)
    8. Honeytree - 08-clean before my lord (2:56)
    9. Honeytree - 09-i don't have to worry (2:33)
    10. Honeytree - 10-honeytree (4:51)

    Servant – Demo (1979,original,Doug Pinnick)

    Password: BKM2015

    Found an demo w/ some live tracks.. Good stuff..
    In the mid seventies, Pinnick formed a band called Servant with keyboardist Matt Spransy. They were described as a progressive Art Rock type of band along the lines of Yes and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The band played all over the midwest and even put together a demo of original songs. Oddly enough, there was a band from Canada that also called themselves Servant who had actually scored a recording contract. Spransy ended up joining the Canadian version of Servant in the late seventies, and that band recorded a song that he and Pinnick had written together called “I’m Gonna Live”. It appears on their 1981 album Rockin’ Revival.
    Pinnick was also part of Alpha as well as his own “Doug Pinnick Band” shortly after Spransy joined the Canadian Servant.
    In 1979, Pinnick was invited to join a band that was forming in Springfield, MO. with singer Greg X. Volz of Petra fame. He accepted the offer and re-located, only to have the band dissolve within a month of his arrival. He was soon offered a spot in guitarist Phil Keaggy’s touring band, along with the drummer from the failed Volz project, Jerry Gaskill. Pinnick has a co-writing credit on the track “Just A Moment Away” from Keaggy’s 1980 album Ph’lip Side. Pinnick toured with Keaggy for about a year before returning to Springfield and set about looking for a new musical project.

    1. On My Way 2. Never Be Alone 3. I’m Gonna Live Forever 4. Whose Side Are You On 5. Every Knee Shall Bow 6. Why 7. Find The Answers 8. Jerusalem 9. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 10. I’m Gonna Live Forever ( live W/Doug Pinnick ) 11. Stormy Mondays (live W/ (Phil Keaggy Band with Doug Pinnick & Jerry Gaskill)


    The Preachers – Way to Paradise (1991)

    Password: BKM2015

    -1991, Rare demo album
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: Germany (Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony)
    Rip and share by Andreas, thanks!!
    One and only album of THE PREACHERS ripped from the LP.
    THE PREACHERS was a forerunner to the prolific Christian Melodic traditional Metal act SEVENTH AVENUE,established in Wolfsburg and dating back to a formation billed THE PREACHERS during 1989 comprising vocalist Joachim Klauenberg, guitarist Alex Wetzler, bassist Willi Hieb, keyboard player Viktor Bader and drummer Waldemar Schock (a.k.a. Luis Schock). In 1991 this outfit issued the album ‘Way To Paradise’ on Alles Records. That same year the group inducted a new singer, seventeen year old Herbie Langhans, and in 1993 a demo ‘First Strike’ surfaced prior to the debut 1995 ‘Rainbowland’ album, released under the SEVENTH AVENUE banner by Brazilian label Megahard Records, this set seeing the group as a trio of Langhans, Hieb and Schock. – MusicMight
    Joachim Klauenberg – Lead Vocals
    Alex Wetzler – Lead Guitars
    Willi Hieb – Bass
    Viktor Bader – Synthesiser
    Waldemar Schock aka Louis Schock – Drums
    1. Way to Paradise
    2. Win Over Your Heart
    3. My Little Friend
    4. Burn
    5. Colour of Blood
    6. No More
    7. Praise the Lord
    8. Only Love
    9. Coming Home8
    10. Broken Heart
    11. Jesus Came Down


    Shadow Wings – Carry On (1994)

    Password: BKM2015

    Bryan Lantis – Drums, vocals
    Troy Hillstrom – Guitar, vocals
    Christina Hillstrom – Keys, vocals
    Rev. Patrick Hillstrom – Bass, vocals

    01. Carry On
    02. Don’t Leave the Same
    03. Shadow Wings
    04. No One To Blame
    05. Finders, Weepers
    06. Live For the King
    07. Hero
    08. Love’s Not a Four Letter Word
    09. No Condemnation
    10. Hell is For Children(benatar cover)
    11. Wake Up
    12. Prayer


    Defib:Sternum - Various Artists (2008)

    Gene: Christian Industrial / Electronica
    password: BKM2015

    01. Time's Arrow - No More Angels   
    02. RED+TEST - Unforgiving Landscape   
    03. Delta-S - Tempest   
    04. Heart of Darkness - What Else Could It Be?   
    05. blacklist(collective) - Martyr   
    06. Null Factor - Frail   
    07. Autumn's Descent - Sinsleeper   
    08. Jagged Doctrine - Watch For the Stalker   
    09. Splyntr - I Swear   
    10. Coriolis - Endless Funeral


    Thunderchild – Various Songs (1993-1994)

    Password: BKM2015

    Genre: Heavy / Power Metal
    Country: USA (Arlington Texas)
    Share by Lunaboy, thankyou!
    Tony LaRussa(Godfear)
    Uploader Notes: Here’s obscure Christian Heavy Metal band THUNDERCHILD (ex-R.O.C.K.) from Texas(Not listed on Metal-Archives). I’m not sure if this is Demo recordings or Album. Also Im not sure of year of release, but I think it’s from 1993/94. Great Heavy/Power Metal!!! Will please all lovers of this genre. I’ll promise. More info at:
    1. The Artisan
    2. The King
    3. Borrowed Time
    4. Death For The Wicked
    5. I Shall Come Again
    6. Runnin After You
    7. God Of The Light
    8. Want To Love You More


    Zion – Thunder from the Mountain (1989)

    Christian Rock / Metal
    Password: BKM2015

    Rex Scott – Lead Vocals & Guitars
    David Moore – Guitars
    Jeff Johnson – Bass
    Tommy Bozung – Drums
    1. Who Pulls The String
    2. Kick In The Gates
    3. Is It A Crime
    4. Help Me
    5. Thrillseeker
    6. Sold You A Lie
    7. Roll The Rock
    8. Less Of Me
    9. He Loves You


    The 4th Movement - S/T (1980) / Totally (1982)

    Gene: Christian Rock
    Bitrate: 320k CBR
    Password: BKM2015



    Gene: Christian Rock
    Password: BKM2015



    The Knights of the Lord's Table (1976)

    Gene: Jesus Music / 70s Rock
    Password: BKM2015

    Definitely the coolest lp on Randy Matthews’ custom label. The Knights are Kevin Johnson and Joseph Ravitts, and roughly half their lp picks up on medieval themes, using such instruments as harpsichord, recorders and autoharp. Tracks like ‘The Fable Of Young Roderick’ and ‘Jesus Lover Of Men’ are worthy of a Kemper Crabb or Arkangel lp. Other classics include the opening rock anthem ‘The Lord’s Table’ (with fuzz guitar and deep chanting), the whimsical ‘Bold Musketeer’ in march time, and the album’s closer ‘The Open-Ended Dream’. The other half of the album doesn’t have quite the same level of creativity, but still shows the boys proficiently skipping around from rock to country rock to novelty tracks like ‘More Than A Monkey’. Mike Johnson provides some hefty electric guitar leads, while Randy Matthews contributes vocal parts here and there. Sharp cover painting of the twosome in knightly attire. Very original.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


    Download: CLICK HERE

    September 16, 2015

    Phil Accardi’s Chalice – Take Control (1988)


    Password: BKM2015
    One of the most sought after 80′s indie american hard rock-metal out there.Self-released on tape only (there’s a “radio station only vinyl promo” even more rare)
    Phil Accardi has the chops, crunchy sound, good solos.
    Nice layered keyboards and acceptable voice.
    Production is so-so, c’mon, it’s self produced indie!
    If you like this kind of ‘hard ‘n heavy’, try this one.

    1 – Eyes Of Burning Fire
    2 – On My Way
    3 – More than Anything
    4 – High on Love
    5 – Take Control
    6 – Running Around
    7 – Victim of the Night
    8 – Bright as the Stars


    Holy Saint – Sound the Alarm_Demo 1987


    Password: BKM2015
    Chris Brooks – Vocals
    Michael Amico – Bass
    Radojica Uskokovic – Guitar
    Bruce Atomic – Drums

    01    Christ is the Answer
    02    The Revelation
    03    Let Freedom Ring
    04    Coming Home


    Die Happy Discography 1992-1993

    Gene: Christian Metal
    Year: 1992
    Betrate: 192k CBR
    Password: BKM2015

    1.  Renaissance 3:11
    2.  Perpetual Motion 3:21
    3.  Die Happy 4:52
    4.  Bone Doctor 3:16
    5.  Cage 4:07
    6.  Real 5:10
    7.  Slide Rule 5:54
    8.  Painted Truth 3:11
    9.  Celebration 5:38
    10.  Melrose 4:12
    11.  Silver Cloud 6:05


    Bitrate: 192k
    Year: 1993

    Track Listing:
    1.  Sticks and Stones
    2.  Justified
    3.  Love Sick Dog
    4.  Tear Gallery
    5.  Blue
    6.  Talk (Speak Your Mind)
    7.  Eden
    8.  Cole's Atomic Funk Thang
    9.  Temple of Soul


    Gene: Christian Metal
    Year: 1993
    Bitrate: 192k CBR

    1.  Justified
    3.  Painted Truth
    5.  Temple of Soul
    7.  Celebration
    9.  Endless Time
    10.  All Over Me


    Higher Power – Cast a Light (1989)


    Password: BKM2015

    Rick Carlson – Keyboards
    Dave Dutka – Vocals
    Mark Anderson – Vocals
    Gord Boyce – Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Vocals
    Bryan Boyce – Drums, Percussion
    Randy Ritz – Bass
    01. Man Of Sorrow
    02. Love You Forever
    03. Now I Believe
    04. Cast A Light
    05. Jesus Make Me Whole
    06. Rock On Which I Stand
    07. Give It All
    08. Could It Be Love
    09. His Name
    10. I Know
    11. One Day


    The Lead - Automoloch EP (1986)

    Genre: Christian Thrash Metal / Punk
    Password: BKM2015

    WAY Out Of Print ..  Thanks to L.L.

     No One's An Atheist (3:04)
     XB (3:07)
     Sick of This (4:20)
    You Don't Need Him (3:33)
    Calling Out to You (2:12)
    Alienated (1:46)
    Download: CLICK HERE

    California Earthquake - Reformation (1971)

    New link added: Feb 25 2015
    Password: BKM2015

    Artist: California Earthquake
    Album: Reformation
    From: USA
    Year: 1971
    Gene: 70s Rock
    Tracks: 12
    Format: Mp3
    Bit Rate: 320 kbps
    Source: Record / LP

    Band Members:
    Bill Connors - guitar
    Jim Gordon - drums
    Mike Barrowman - horn
    Jon Clarke - horn
    Brian Griffin - organ
    John Guerin - drums
    Joe Porter - horn
    Don Roberts - horn
    Roy Smith - vocals
    Mayo Tiana - horn

    Track List:
    01. In the Beginning
    02. Let There Be Light
    03. Who Is That Man?
    04. Friday; 3 P.M.
    05. Put Your Hand in the Hand
    06. My God and I
    07. Have You Read the Word
    08. Bible Salesman
    09. Sally Go Down
    10. Prelude to Suzanne
    11. Suzanne
    12. Reformation


    September 15, 2015

    Princess - A Glow in the Dark Age (1996)

    Genre: Christian Metal
    Password: BKM2015
    Note: Robert Sweet on Drums.. Very rare..  Thanks to L.L.

    1. Princess - Forgiven (5:15)
    2. Princess - Deliver me (4:36)
    3. Princess - The gate (4:06)
    4. Princess - Blood brother (3:05)
    5. Princess - Serpents son (3:24)
    6. Princess - Hatchet (1:51)
    7. Princess - Driftwood (2:34)

    Out Of Darkness - S/T (1970) Reissue (2007)

    Gene: Jesus Music / Rock
    Location: UK
    Password: BKM2015
    Bitrate:256k CBR

    One of the best X-ian psychedelic prog albums ever. The one and only album by London based X-ian group who music range from psych-beat to Hendrix-influences psych-bluesrock this band its a great 70s,that brings me in Mind the other awesome Christian Band(ARK-Voyages)-Simpsonville, South Carolina trio whose mega-rare Band that had A sound remarkably like The Doors, both instrumentally and vocally.Hope you Take This Notification to Place(ARK-Voyages)1978)in this List of christian Collection Names,its a Shame That (ARK-Voyages) was an Underrated band for many Christian till now,,any Fan of The Doors Band will be Happy to get this band on hands,Even though there's another band With the same name we don't have to mistake them,both are CHRISTIAN from 70s both are great bands But distincally in sounds(the Second Band With the name(ARK-The Angels Comes) its a Pop band that blended together the sound of bands like The Beatles, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and The Byrds. The band featured Al Perkins, and four additional members from the UK. They only released one album and have basically remained a footnote in Christian music. this just for fans of 70sssss,They Do Remind Me Some Few Christian Bands As(Semaja)-(Jonathan And Charles)And The Earlier (Moody Blues)


    Bonustracks(Recorded At The Celebration Club,Gillingham 1972

    Download: CLiCK HERE

    Discarnated - Disography 1992-1993

    This is one of my favorite bands..Really great stuff. 

    Location: Adelaide, South Australia
    Status: Split-up
     Paul Lienert -  Bass
    Kelvin Sugars - Drums  
    Michael Wright- Guitars (lead & rhythm)
    David Moxon -   Guitars (rhythm)
    Rowan London -  Vocals

    Gene: Christian Death Metal
    Bitrate: 128K . Best i could find
    Year: 1992 Demo
    PW: 2014

    1.Expurgation Ritual    
    2.Our Mortal Excrement    
    3.Violate the Grave           
    4.Baptised Into Death


    Genre: Christian Metal
    Password: BKM2015

    01 Season of the Witch (2:48)
    02 Dancing Insane (4:02)
    03 Misery Guts (3:52)
    04 Gutted and Skinned (3:56)
    05 Black Cancer (5:16)
    06 Deus Misereatur (3:35)
    07 Violate the Grave (3:44)


    Valor – Fight for your Life (1988)

    -Scanned inside cover of tape-
    Michael Brueck – Vocals
    Chris Price – Guitar
    Vic Sardon – Guitar
    Adam Alvarez – Bass, Vocals (Golgatha (USA))
    Jim Maxwell – Drums

    Additional notes
    A Christian heavy metal/speed metal band from San Fransisco! After the demise of Golgatha (USA), who released the ‘Prisoner’ demo in 1985, bass-player Adam Alvarez teamed up with Jim Maxwell (drums), Chris Price (guitars) and Michael Brueck (vocals) to form Valor. They recorded one demo, entitled ‘Masquerade’, and a full-length album before disappearing.

    This is from Tape not reissue CD in 2004 .. 

    1. Valor 04:53
    2. The Flesh Is Weak 04:07
    3. Fight For Your Life 03:40
    4. Empty Tomb 04:58
    5. Didn’t I 04:15
    6. It’s Not Too Late 05:39
    7. Accept Him 01:06
    8. Masquerade 04:05
    9. Burn 06:24



    DOWNLOAD(pw: BKM2015)

    Aflame - The Goods (1997)

    Genre: Christian Rock
    Password: BKM2015

    1. Aflame - Story (3:38)
    2. Aflame - Wonder (5:25)
    3. Aflame - Be Still And Know (4:29)
    4. Aflame - For Me (4:54)
    5. Aflame - Trusting You (4:39)
    6. Aflame - Things (4:59)
    7. Aflame - Dying Without You (4:46)
    8. Aflame - What's Not To Laugh About (3:30)
    9. Aflame - Waiting On Your Love (4:16)
    10. Aflame - Running Into Heaven (3:21)
    11. Aflame - Resting Place (7:05)

    Seventh Avenue - First strike (1993_Demo)

    Genre: Christian Metal
    Password: BKM2015
    Note: Thanks to L.L.   Very rare demo..

    1. Seventh Avenue - Pray (2:39)
    2. Seventh Avenue - Father (6:57)
    3. Seventh Avenue - Die (5:30)
    4. Seventh Avenue - In my dreams (4:30)
    5. Seventh Avenue - Abyss intro (3:52)
    6. Seventh Avenue - Near the abyss (Pt.1) (4:55)
    7. Seventh Avenue - Wisdom (3:56)
    8. Seventh Avenue - Loving you (6:25)
    Download: CLICK HERE