September 17, 2015

The Knights of the Lord's Table (1976)

Gene: Jesus Music / 70s Rock
Password: BKM2015

Definitely the coolest lp on Randy Matthews’ custom label. The Knights are Kevin Johnson and Joseph Ravitts, and roughly half their lp picks up on medieval themes, using such instruments as harpsichord, recorders and autoharp. Tracks like ‘The Fable Of Young Roderick’ and ‘Jesus Lover Of Men’ are worthy of a Kemper Crabb or Arkangel lp. Other classics include the opening rock anthem ‘The Lord’s Table’ (with fuzz guitar and deep chanting), the whimsical ‘Bold Musketeer’ in march time, and the album’s closer ‘The Open-Ended Dream’. The other half of the album doesn’t have quite the same level of creativity, but still shows the boys proficiently skipping around from rock to country rock to novelty tracks like ‘More Than A Monkey’. Mike Johnson provides some hefty electric guitar leads, while Randy Matthews contributes vocal parts here and there. Sharp cover painting of the twosome in knightly attire. Very original.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


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