September 17, 2015

Servant – Demo (1979,original,Doug Pinnick)

Password: BKM2015

Found an demo w/ some live tracks.. Good stuff..
In the mid seventies, Pinnick formed a band called Servant with keyboardist Matt Spransy. They were described as a progressive Art Rock type of band along the lines of Yes and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The band played all over the midwest and even put together a demo of original songs. Oddly enough, there was a band from Canada that also called themselves Servant who had actually scored a recording contract. Spransy ended up joining the Canadian version of Servant in the late seventies, and that band recorded a song that he and Pinnick had written together called “I’m Gonna Live”. It appears on their 1981 album Rockin’ Revival.
Pinnick was also part of Alpha as well as his own “Doug Pinnick Band” shortly after Spransy joined the Canadian Servant.
In 1979, Pinnick was invited to join a band that was forming in Springfield, MO. with singer Greg X. Volz of Petra fame. He accepted the offer and re-located, only to have the band dissolve within a month of his arrival. He was soon offered a spot in guitarist Phil Keaggy’s touring band, along with the drummer from the failed Volz project, Jerry Gaskill. Pinnick has a co-writing credit on the track “Just A Moment Away” from Keaggy’s 1980 album Ph’lip Side. Pinnick toured with Keaggy for about a year before returning to Springfield and set about looking for a new musical project.

1. On My Way 2. Never Be Alone 3. I’m Gonna Live Forever 4. Whose Side Are You On 5. Every Knee Shall Bow 6. Why 7. Find The Answers 8. Jerusalem 9. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 10. I’m Gonna Live Forever ( live W/Doug Pinnick ) 11. Stormy Mondays (live W/ (Phil Keaggy Band with Doug Pinnick & Jerry Gaskill)



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