September 15, 2015

Valor – Fight for your Life (1988)

-Scanned inside cover of tape-
Michael Brueck – Vocals
Chris Price – Guitar
Vic Sardon – Guitar
Adam Alvarez – Bass, Vocals (Golgatha (USA))
Jim Maxwell – Drums

Additional notes
A Christian heavy metal/speed metal band from San Fransisco! After the demise of Golgatha (USA), who released the ‘Prisoner’ demo in 1985, bass-player Adam Alvarez teamed up with Jim Maxwell (drums), Chris Price (guitars) and Michael Brueck (vocals) to form Valor. They recorded one demo, entitled ‘Masquerade’, and a full-length album before disappearing.

This is from Tape not reissue CD in 2004 .. 

1. Valor 04:53
2. The Flesh Is Weak 04:07
3. Fight For Your Life 03:40
4. Empty Tomb 04:58
5. Didn’t I 04:15
6. It’s Not Too Late 05:39
7. Accept Him 01:06
8. Masquerade 04:05
9. Burn 06:24





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