March 23, 2015

Concern - America Where Are You (1973)

Gene: Xian Christian Rock Folk Jesus Music
Password: 2020MUSIC

Another super scarce one with something like a 200-300 press I’ve heard. On America, Where Are You? the former Guitar Ensemble (now renamed Concern) duplicates seven of their best songs from the You-N-You sessions plus a couple from Have Faith. But it’s the previously unheard tracks that are the real treat here. The addition of electric guitar to all four songs pushes the group’s sound further in the rock direction. At the same time the organ is given more prominence in the mix, making their previously subtle psych edge noticeably more distinct. The opener ‘Lone Man’s Plea’ has a cool wah-wah thing going down coupled with dizzying organ – a sound not too distant from Azitis. ‘Clap Your Hands’ employs a catchy mid-tempo banjo-plunking rhythm, followed by the mesmerizing ballad ‘Abortion’ where the soft-psych vibe is in top form. Add the sharp marching hippie beat of the title track and you could potentially even snag a Jefferson Airplane fan or two. Comes in a very plain-looking red cover with the title in white, the back of similar design with exclamations of “Unity!”, “Sharing!”, “Abortion!”, “Identity!”, “Prejudice!” and “Pollution!”.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

01. Lone Man’s Plea
02. Close To Me
03. Clap Your Hands
04. Abortion
05. This Is A Man
06. America Where Are You
07. The You In You
08. The Answer
09. Have Faith
10. Don’t Say Love
11. The Call
12. Hear O Lord
13. Greensleeves

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March 15, 2015

Glory Hallelujah Amen (Fear Dark,1999)

Gene: Christian Thrash Metal
Password: 2015

  1. Various - The Judge (Tefilla) (6:46)
  2. Various - A Contemplation Of David (Remix 99) (Sculpture) (5:10)
  3. Various - Spiritual Matrix (Remix 99) (Sculpture) (5:57)
  4. Various - Enslaved (Salutary) (4:17)
  5. Various - War Of The Saints (Salutary) (6:11)
  6. Various - Part Of The Plan (Jacks Of All Trades) (1:49)
  7. Various - Nail Through Hand (Jacks Of All Trades) (2:28)
  8. Various - Limbman (Salida) (2:54)
  9. Various - Migraine (Salida) (3:37)
  10. Various - Scenes Beyond The Grave (Pre-Mix) (Tefilla) (7:40)
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Drnwyn - Gypsies in the Mist (1978)

Gene: Jesus Music / Folk
Password: 2015

David W. Hoag - Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Synthesizer, Vocals
John Volio - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Randy Pregibon - Electric Guitar
Kevin McIlvainde - Bass
Larry Davis - Drums
Greg Smith - Keyboards
Nancy Fannin - Vocals

1. Empty Bars
2. Summer Sun
3. Secrets Of the Past
4. Brothers
5. Move a Mountain
6. Gypsies In the Mist
7. Places Faces Pages
8. The Madman And the Angel
9. Something To Hang On To


Sculpture - Spiritual Matrix (1998)

Gene: Christian Thrash Metal
Location: Netherlands
Password: 2015

Album Artwork:

1. A Contemplation of David 06:58
2. Sodom 03:45
3. No Liberation 04:39
4. Spiritual Matrix 06:51
5. No Respect 03:32
6. Scoring 05:33
7. Dawn of Eternity 04:37
8. Grinding Sacrifice 04:42
9. Death to Death 03:20
10. Twilight Traps 05:07

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SCSI - Crave (2000)

Gene: Christian Alt Rock
Password: 2015
Bitrate: 192k CBR

Here's rare gem. Great tunes..

  1. SCSI - Better Than This (3:25)
  2. SCSI - Crave (3:10)
  3. SCSI - Wouldnt Change A Thing (4:09)
  4. SCSI - Right Here Right Now (5:15)
  5. SCSI - Somedays (4:35)
  6. SCSI - Stunned (3:14)
  7. SCSI - Looks Like Me (3:23)
  8. SCSI - Grace And You (5:00)
  9. SCSI - Just Tell Me You Love Me (3:43)
  10. SCSI - Be The One (3:22)
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Ransom - Demo Tracks (1988)

These demo tracks are from 20th Anniversary Edition(2011) . I won't be posting whole album here since you still can buy it

Gene: Christian Metal Female Front Band
Password: 2015

12. Sin Killer [demo] (4:32)
13. Sticks & Stones [demo] (4:04)
14. To Be Like You [demo] (5:00)
15. All My Heart [demo] (5:02)

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March 11, 2015

Bill Davidson - Starwars Of Darkness And Light (1978)

Gene: Folk / Pop / Rock
Password: 2015


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Backwood - Pilgrim's Road (1976)

Gene: Folk / Jesus Music
Password: 2015

01. I am My Brother's Brother
02. Because We are One
03. Pilgrim's Song
04. Love is Like a Circle
05. Lonely Days
06. We Reach Out for Love
07. Amy's Song
08. Together Again (Scotty's Song)
09. Glory
10. Daily Bread
11. Celebration (Timmy's Song)
12. God Gives Freely
13. The Earth is Filled
14. Praise and Honor
15. Alleluia, Christ Has Died
16. Alleluia (before Gospel)
17. Lamb of God
18. On the Road

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John Polce - Your Love is Changing the World (1978)

Gene: Folk / Jesus Music
Password: 2015

Like John Michael Talbot, Jon Polce is the type of folk-singer that immediately grabs your attention through skilful musicianship, stirring vocals, and a lengthy free form style that stands in contrast to the usual 3- minute verse-chorus-verse songs. Six of the seven compositions use the simple approach of voice accompanied only by acoustic guitar, including the beautifully delicate 9-minute ‘Silver Nor Gold’. Title track is a simple praise tune with backup singers and small band. Solemn meditative presence throughout this whole work . (Ken Scott – Archivist).


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March 10, 2015

Robin Runge - Don't Give Up The Ship (1974)

Gene: Rock / Jesus Music
Password: 2015



Jime Thomson II & Preflyte - Message at 33 1/3 (1979)

Gene: Christian Rock / Jesus Music

01. Be My Song
02. I’ve Got Jesus
03. Lonely One
04. New Song
05. Blend
06. Train For Thought
07. Eternal Light Brigade
08. Come Follow
09. Oh Lord
10. Slow Down
11. You Are The Song
12. Be My Song


March 4, 2015

Trinity House - Flashback Through History (1977)

Gene: Jesus Music / Rock
Password: 2015

Usually when I see a group advertised as a “garage band” I anticipate a real low-budget muffled sound, like it was recorded deep in the bowels of some submarine or something. While this British trio’s obscure (only 500 made) lp probably didn’t have a big budget, and while they’re clearly amateurs, I’m pleased to say that there are no production snafus here. Yes, this is garage rock, folks! – with trashy raw guitars shining in the forefront. Not a keyboard lick on here. Some late-’60s psychedelic effects make it sound about 8 years earlier. Some long progressive songs – not the kind of thing that goes through your head all day. Some straight-ahead grungy rock and roll. They stumble to stay in sync occasionally, but given the crudeness of the project that just makes it all the more fun! Royally British sounding, too. Intriguing song titles like ‘Victim Of Today’, ‘The Name Behind The Face’, ‘Epitaph To Icarus’, ‘Warning Lights’, ‘Stormy Night’ and ‘T. H. Take 3’. “It may have happened far away in a distant land so many years ago; but in three short days the world was shaken, and the curtain of our history torn in two.” Three long-hairs for Jesus whose opus is well worth seeking out.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

01. Victims Of Today
02. A Child Is Born Pt. 1
03. A Child Is Born Pt. 2
04. The Name Behind The Face
05. Epitaph To Icarus
06. Warning Lights
07. More Than A Word
08. Stormy Night
09. Free To Live
10. The Take 3

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Sonfolk - Self Title (1971)

Gene: Jesus Music / Rock
Password: 2015

Minnesota’s Sonfolk consists of two guys and one girl, backed on this appealing primitive custom production by five additional guests. Side one consists mainly of folky guitar-and-piano light rock covers such as ‘Sweet Sweet Spirit’, ‘Morning Has Broken’, and ‘Wish We’d All Been Ready’, dragging a bit on a medley of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ and ‘The Old Rugged Cross’. A lazy country rocker ‘God Power’ pokes along quietly with some nice electric guitar. Side two, however, are where the real surprises come in. ‘Stand’ charges forth with a crude driving fuzzed riff, ending with some psychy warbled reverse guitar. More psychy basement guitar envelopes the forlorn ‘Traveling Man’, an excellent rural rock kind of ballad. The bluesy ‘Personal Boogie’ struts along slowly with wailing harmonica, slick bottleneck guitar and seedy vocals, while the ballad ‘Matthew 6:22’ gets a lift from a wistful violin accompaniment. The moody rural vibes resurface on the powerful 7-minute ‘Homecoming’, starting softly on a mysterious acoustic theme, building up to a hard-rocking climax, then quietly fading out again. Simple black and white cover photo of the trio seated under a pine tree. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

01 – Sweet Sweet Spirit
02 – Morning Has Broken
03 – Bridge Over Troubled Water The Old Rugged Cross
04 – God Power
05 – I Wish We’d All Been Ready
06 – Stand
07 – Traveling Man
08 – Personal Boogie
09 – Matthew 6:22
10 – Homecoming

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March 3, 2015

Narnia - Aslan is No Tame Lion (1974)

Gene: Christian Rock / Jesus
Location: UK
Password: 2015


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Exit - Glory Road (1977)

Gene: Jesus Music
Password: 2015


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Harlan,John,Todd - Time Takes on Meaning (1973)

Gene: Jesus Music
Password: 2015

Good lazy rustic understated kick-back country folk private from Grand Rapids Michigan group featuring John Burggraaff (guitar, harmonica, piano), Harlan Hyink (guitar, bass) and Todd Gould (guitar, bass), along with Ross Phillips on drums. A couple standout tracks with electric guitar - cool tremolo twang on the title track, some fun rudimentary noodling around on ‘A Song To Sing’. Nice brooding 12-string theme on the moody ‘Blue Horizon’. Ten original songs, some of the other titles being ‘Why Do You Turn The Other Way?’, ‘Keep Me Through The Weak Parts’, ‘Grey Sky At Dawn’, ‘Those Who Are Forgiven Much’ and ‘Walking In The Shadows’. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

A Special thank you to Ozark Ken for this one.


01. why do you turn the other way
02. thank you lord
03. keep me through the weak parts
04. grey sky at dawn
05. those who are forgiven much
06. time takes on meaning
07. walking in the shadows
08. could it be
09. blue horizon
10. a song to sing

Everlasting Praise - S/T (1972)

Gene: 70s Jesus Music
Password: 2015

With crude electric guitar strumming over a crisp drumbeat, Pennsylvania’s Everlasting Praise brings to life several standards, enveloping them with that lovable home-made real-people charm. As a straight acoustic group they’d sound pretty ordinary, but that plugging in dds the garage edge and makes all the difference in the world. The harmonies and overall sound of these four guys and two girls are clearly amateur, but then that’s what makes albums like this so interesting. The formula works especially well on tracks like ‘My Sweet Lord’ and ‘One In The Spirit’ (which features a couple dandy guitar solos). Other selections include ‘Let’s Talk About Jesus’, ‘Without Him’, the Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ (“sweet Jesus comes to me”), ‘God’s Love’, ‘The King Is Coming’, ‘For Those Tears I Died’ and ‘Reach Out And Touch The Lord’. 1000 pressed. (Ken Scott – Archivist).

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