July 31, 2021

The Hedges - Self Title (1991)


Christian Alt. Rock

The Hedges
1991 (no label)
Surrey, England, United Kingdom

  1. Strange
  2. All Aglow
  3. Protect Your Children
  4. Family Tree


July 30, 2021

Priority Paid – Sometimes We Scream (1990)

Fix titles tracks 2,3,4,5 with correct names.. Reuploaded on 7/30/21

Christian Alt. Rock

Sometimes We Scream
1990 (no label)

J.R. Burns – Vocals, keyboards, harmonica
I.K.A. McDonald – Guitars
P.D. Downey – Vocals, acoustic guitar
O.M. Craig – Bass, vocals
R.E.S. Pye – Drums

    Back to the River
    Counting the Gains
    All Guns Blazing
    Footsteps in the Sand
    Madame Trousseau


July 28, 2021

Jeremiah’s Grotto – Raining Small Colors (1998)


Raining Small Colors
1998 (no label)

Chris Siegle – Lead vocals, guitar
Brian Gray – Guitars
Dan Gray – Bass
Jonathan Farnell – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Hold the Light
  2. Clarified
  3. 20/20
  4. Afraid
  5. Raining Small Colors

Side 2:

  1. Embrace
  2. One Second of Grace
  3. Lost Impurity
  4. Divine
  5. 5


Woolton Parrish – Jericho (1989)


Woolton Parrish
1989 Agape Records
Erin, Wisconsin, USA

Stacy Maloney – Lead vocals, color guitar, keyboards, piano
Keith Adrian – Bass, backing vocals, keyboards, piano, cello
Danny James – Drums, percussion, piano

Side 1:

  1. Pattern of Love
  2. Picture in Blue
  3. She Waits for Me
  4. Veiled Memory
  5. Road to Jericho

Side 2:

  1. The Fisherman
  2. In a Littleway
  3. Tale of Two Passions
  4. Isolation
  5. The Only Door


July 27, 2021

Hey Ruth – Allegretto (199?)


Christian Funk Alt. Rock

199? (no label)

Don Chaffer
Lori Chaffer

Side 1:

  1. Hey Hey Hey
  2. Come to Me
  3. To the Singer on the Stage
  4. I’m the One
  5. His Perfection

Side 2:

  1. Soul of Slavery
  2. Who is in Me
  3. Big Word Tyranny
  4. The Animal
  5. Hunting the Tender Heart

Hey Ruth was one of the bands that Don and Lori Chaffer were in before they formed Waterdeep. In fact, you can hear a lot of the later Waterdeep sound in these songs. Kind of alt-rock-ish, kind of funky, kind of folk-ish rock. The cassette above is all the information I have about this one specifically, so no release date or names of who played on it. The same is true for the other tape I have by them called Largo. However, the Shaffers did release a compilation double CD (called Old Stuff) that had many of the songs here on it with the date of 1991-1993. So I have some idea of when this was released. “Come to Me” and “Who is in Me” didn’t seem to make it on to the compilation CD in 1998. Also, some of the songs that are on the compilation might be older or later versions than the ones here.<not my review>



Priority Paid - Image (1988)


Christian Rock / New Wave

New link Updated tracks 5 & 6 were bad. If you downloaded it before. please re-download it. Thx


1988 NES Records
Pymble, NSW, Australia

John Burns – Vocals, keyboards
Iain McDonald – Electric guitars
Peter Downey – Acoustic guitar, vocals
Owen Craig – Bass, vocals
Rik Petereit – Drums, vocals

Bill Marsden – Percussion, additional vocals on tracks 5 to 9

Side 1:

    Night After Night
    Can You Come Over Tonight
    Going Home

Side 2:

    Robin Hood
    Do You Know
    Shut Up and Dance
    In Your Image


ID - Identify Yourself (1987)


Christian Heavy Alt. Rock

Identify Yourself
1987 (no label)
Pleasanton, California, USA

Lisa McCann – Vocals
Paul Montoya – Guitars
Derek Shaffer – Keyboards
Scott Engel – Drums, vocals

Side 1:

  1. Identify Yourself
  2. Running
  3. Ages’ End
  4. Please Make Me Understand
  5. Images
  6. I Don’t Know Why
  7. Little Girl
  8. Judge
  9. Noah’s Ark
  10. Colors

Side 2:

  1. Rise Above
  2. So Your Good
  3. Mirror
  4. Can of Beans
  5. Unconditional Love
  6. Prince of Peace
  7. “23”

This is a very eclectic album. Also very long at 17 songs. It starts off with an alternative/space rock song, then jumps into a keyboard-ish heavy metal track, and continues to jump around from song to song to rock to alternative to metal to even some punk.



July 25, 2021

Debbie Cocoa - Refuge (1993)



Christian Gothic Rock

1993 (no label)
Martinez, Georgia, USA

Debbie Cocoa – Vocals, instruments
Scott Story – Vocals, instruments

Side 1:

  1. Refuge
  2. The Gift
  3. Killing of a King
  4. E.S.U.S.

Side 2:

  1. Sinners Dream
  2. The King is Coming Soon
  3. O Come, O Come Emanuael

So when you pose with a metal looking guitar on the tape cover, one would come to expect a metal album with some shredder guitar. But the then the music starts playing, and it is slower, somber, distant sounding music. Is this gothic music? The pace doesn’t pick up until half way through the second track, and there is a lot of guitar soloing on here… but still a definite melancholy sound that is distinctly goth. Some tracks like “Killing of a King” are not really that gothic, but then “J.E.S.U.S.” is very gothic. Interesting. (not my review)


Hip Dream - Jump to the Drum (1992)


Christian Electronica / Eurodance

Jump to the Drum
1992 (no label)

Sheri Swaback
Janet Chalupnik

Side 1:

  1. Love Thing
  2. I’ll Be There
  3. Waited

Side 2:

  1. Can’t Live a Day
  2. Beat of My Heart

This is another highly sought after demo. This one features Sheri Swaback, who went on to join Deitiphobia, Massivivid, and now Sstaria. It was produced by Barry Blazs of Code of Ethics fame, and even features a cover of a Code of Ethics song (“Can’t Live a Day”). There is also a cover of an Ian Eskelin song (“Beat of My Heart”). The three non-covers are written by Swaback and Blazs. So, of course, it does have a euro-pop sound like Code of Ethics, but really kind of does its own thing. There are some guitars in the mix, but this is still electronica rather than the industrial or industrial metal of Swaback’s next two bands. I think this is the only release by this band, which is too bad.



Daybreak - DeMo (199?)


Christian Alt. Rock

199? (no label)
Kansas, USA

  1. Six/8
  2. Walt
  3. Alone

Another mysterious alternative rock band. Definitely an early 90s mix of alt rock, indie rock, and shoegaze. 



Element - Peanutbutter and Jelly (1997)


Christian Pop Punk / Alt Rock

Peanutbutter and Jelly
1997 (no label)
Cedar Groove, New Jersey, USA

Crissie Verhagen – Vocals
Danny Papa – Guitar
Chris Lindstrom – Bass
Chris Mizzone – Drums

  1. So Happy Together
  2. Life-Line
  3. Schooldaze
  4. Hide and Seek
  5. Escape Route
  6. Coolday

This band was formerly going by Element316. They released one demo under that name, and then dropped the “316” part. After this demo, they signed to Burnt Toast Records and released Future Plans Undecided. If all of that sounds familiar, it is because Tooth & Nail Records picked up Future Plans Undecided, remixed it slightly, and made the band change names to Elemenet101. They then released a couple of albums for Tooth & Nail before calling it quits. This demo seems a bit more punk than their later releases, but still pop-oriented. The vocals are bit buried and/or mixed weird on this demo (well more so than on most demos, that is).(not review)



Thin Red Line - Seclustions Paradise (1990)


Christian Alt Rock

Seclusions Paradise
1984 Independent
Palmerston North, New Zealand

Karen Rush – Vocals, percussion
Dave White – Keyboards, drum machine, percussion
Russell Wakeling – Guitars
Des Wilson – Bass, acoustic guitar

Side 1:

  1. Survivor
  2. Mind That Mine
  3. Kaitoki
  4. Waikawa Beach
  5. Journey in Light

Side 2:

  1. You Too
  2. Separation
  3. The Examination
  4. Consulate No More

The long lost Thin Red Line album emerges. This one was released between 1983’s Equinox and 1985’s Thin Red Line EP. There is also some confusion over the title of the tape, and you can see why in the scan above. The artwork says Seclusion in Paradise, while the spine says Seclusions Paradise. It seems that Seclusions Paradise is used the most, including in the song lyrics of track 2, so I am going with that. For those that don’t know, Dave White went on to form Clear and then Lung after this band released a few more tapes. Which is quite the contrast, as this is kind of laid back alternative rock. I like this style a lot, even though it’s often not that aggressive. They just do a great job writing the songs.(not review)



July 24, 2021

DOXA - Send Me Home (1990)


Christian Rock

  1. Hold On (4:08)
  2. Master Plan (3:39)
  3. Eternally (4:30)
  4. Sing A New Song (3:35)
  5. When I Stand (4:47)
  6. Just A Prayer Away (4:20)
  7. Sing Your Praise (3:31)
  8. Quit Times (4:19)
  9. The Great I´m (3:27)
  10. Ya Know (4:26)


Chuck Guthrie - Demo (198?)

 Password: none

Christian 80's Pop

Link updated 7/24/21

I'm unable to find any info on this demo tape

Source: DirectTAPE 24bit 48khz

Format: 320kbps 48khz


  1. Chuck Guthrie - Gotta Make a Change (3:37)
  2. Chuck Guthrie - What a Friend (4:08)
  3. Chuck Guthrie - Commitment to You (3:34)
  4. Chuck Guthrie - You Are the Way (3:34)


The Fish John West Reject - Canned (1986)


Christian Acoustic Pop Thrashabilly

1986 (no label)
Tasmania, Australia

Mark Narkowicz – Vocals, acoustic guitar
Mark Adams – Vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonica
Andrew Viney – Occasional yells, acoustic bass
Tim Gleeson – Vocals, drum, percussion

Side 1:

  1. Rush (trad.)
  2. Not Mutate
  3. Dreams Are Had
  4. Run Come See (trad.)
  5. Dustbowl Refugee
  6. Rivers Rise
  7. Resting In Your Love

Side 2:

  1. Tamar River
  2. Oppression
  3. Up The Coast
  4. Never Be Friends
  5. Sand ‘n’ Dust ‘n’ Bones
  6. The Balm (trad.)
  7. Muleskinner Blues (trad.)

Wasn’t sure what this was by the band name or title, and there a lot of songs. A comedy troupe? An avant-garde noise band? Turns out it is a folk-ish quirky rock band, kind of like if Hokus Pick was more acoustic and from Australia, with a good dose of traditional folk songs thrown in. In fact, six of the songs are traditional songs or covers of Woody Guthrie and Iva Twydell. Sometimes you think it is a throwback to Gospel/traditional music, other times they might be opening for the Dead Milkmen. You also hear harmonica, mandolin, and other folk-y instruments. The band calls themselves “acoustic pop thrashabilly” and that works. Seems they went on to releases several albums and singles after this one.

 (this is not my review)



Surreal - Simple Dreams (1992)

 Christian Rock / Metal

I was unable to find any info on this Gem. If you know something. Let me know

Very Rare,Out Of Print,Hard To Find Tape to Digital(24bit/48khz)


Willcarter-Castratti - All guitars,leand & Harmony vocals
Steve Black-Lead/Harmony vocals,Keyboard
Fontaine Isles-Drums,Percussion,Harmony vocals
Mike Jones-Bass


1.Child of Glory
2.Of Sea and Sky
3.All I'll Ever Need
4.Simple Dreams
6.Navigation: One


July 21, 2021

Happy Clappies – Sick Underground Guitar (1990)


Christian Alt Rock

Sick Underground Guitar
1990 (no label)
Utrecht, Netherlands

Edwin Ogenio – Sick guitar, lead vocals
Gerard van Driesten – Bass, background vocals
Renee – Percussions
Steef – Drums, background vocals

Side 1:

  1. Welcome
  2. Send Me
  3. Let Him In
  4. Satan is a Liar

Side 2:

  1. She’s in Love
  2. Who are You Anyway?
  3. Jesus Christ the King
  4. Allmighty
  5. Varkentie

This appears to be a side project from members of Decision D. The sound here is more like sloppy alternative grunge rock. Maybe comparable to LS Underground or Four Living Creatures, but without the tight musicianship. Or maybe mixed with the looseness of Breakfast with Amy? Either way, it’s not that the songs are bad – just a little too long. They all ramble a bit… or a lot. This is actually a live album, so a lot of this could be stuff that was improvised somewhat. Seems that they later shortened their name to Clappies, and released at least one more demo called Dancing Away Depression. Also note that the song “Repent and Sing” listed on the cover does not appear on the actual tape.(not review)



July 20, 2021

Dark's End - Self Title (1992)

 Christian Alt. Rock / Rock

Dark’s End
1992 (no label)
Marbach, Germany

Uli Horner – Vocals
Martin Zettler – Guitars
Dirk Nising – Bass
Christian Schmidt – Drums

Side 1:

  1. White Dove
  2. X (instrumental)

Side 2:

  1. Signs
  2. The Tramp


July 19, 2021

Blue Trapeze - Mask & Marquee (1986)

Christian Modern / Alt. Rock

 Mask and Marqee
1986 Fullspeak Records
Fullerton, California, USA

Dan Koenig – Guitar, vocals
Roger Arendse – Bass, backing vocals
Lisa Klive-Koenig – Drums, vocals, keyboards

James D. Murray – Bass clarinet

  1. Mask and Marqee
  2. Afraid of Real
  3. A Reason
  4. See Them Turn
  5. The Old Home
  6. Midnight Sun



The Paul Q-Pek Band - Self Title (1987)


Christian Alt. Rock 

Very Rare Demo Tape

Q-Pek & Owens are from One Bad Pig

Paul Q-Pek - Lead vocals, guitarSam Nunes - Bass, vocals
Michael Willoughby - Keyboards, vocals
Phillip Owens - Drums, vocals

Maury Millican - Guitar on “Tear Down the Walls”
P.Q. - Keyboards
A bunch of strange people taking up space in the studio - The “Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!” Chorus


Truth Be Told

Kingdom Come

Mrs. Lowery

Tear Down The Walls


The Healing



July 17, 2021

Modest Attraction - Blizzful Zample (1993)


Christian Rock/Metal

Blizzful Zample
1993 (no label)

  1. Healing Touch
  2. Tonight
  3. Blizzful Man
  4. Time
  5. Don’t Worry
  6. Burning Flame



Zion - Cry Out (1987)(US,OR)

Password: 2021

Christian AOR

Cry Out
1987 (no label)
Jacksonville, Oregon, USA

Lynda Holt Morrison – Lead vocals
Dave Day – Guitar, lead vocals
Jeff Bates – Keyboards, guitar, vocals
Larry Wicks – Bass, vocals, guitar
John Scott Armes – Drums, percussion

Side 1:

  1. Cry Out
  2. The Edge
  3. Kidz
  4. Take My Life

Side 2:

  1. Heaven Help Us
  2. Rad
  3. Love You To Life
  4. I’ll Be Here

This is not the same Zion that was started by Rex Scott before he formed X-Sinner. This is a hard rock band from Oregon that borders on heavy metal at times, and 80s rock at other times.



July 16, 2021

Reassônica - The Motorcycle Man [Single] (2020)


Christian Rock/Metal

Check out this great band from Brazil

Youtube Channel


Good things are coming soon with this band..


  1. Reassônica - The Motorcycle Man (4:22)
  2. Reassônica - Playing The Game (4:15


Changed - It's Good To Be Alive (1988)(Live)



Christian Hard Rock

Note: I edited all talking after track 2

Fans of REZ(Resurrection Band)

It’s Good to Be Alive
1988 (no label)
The Netherlands

Ytsje Droogsma – Vocals
Jouke Droogsma – Vocals and lead guitar
Jurjen Wind – Rhythm guitar
Benno Nijmeyer – Bass
Johan Boersma – Drums

  1. Introductie
  2. Anyone Pays the Price
  3. Tell the Children They’re Mine (Who is Real? 1989)
  4. Big Shot (Wake Up 1990)
  5. Masks (Who is Real? 1989) + (Wake Up 1990) + (Favourite Food 19??)
  6. The Answer Off My Live (Who is Real? 1989)
  7. You Have It (Wake Up 1990)
  8. Share It With God (Who is Real? 1989)
  9. What Live is All About (Who is Real? 1989)
  10. Changed
  11. Lost and Lonely (Who is Real? 1989)



Admins Corner

 - Admin Corner -

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Just want to let you all know that i'm still working on getting the 30+ demo tapes posted.. So, As soon I get them converted over to digital. Will post them here...

July 15, 2021

Brother Brother - Young Warrior (1993)

Password:  2021


link fixed 7/15/21

Gene: Christian AOR

Billy Plake vocals, guitars
Carl Kelly keyboards, percussion
Dennon Dearman bass
Lance Huff drums
David Huff producer
1.  I Will Not Bow Down  
2.  No Need For Suicide  
3.  Restless Heart  
4.  Young Warriors  
5.  He Will Carry You  
6.  Send Down The Fire  
7.  Lead Me To The Rock  
8.  Heart Of Hearts  
9.  Somebody Prayed  
10.  What Kind Of Love Is This   


July 13, 2021

Sherri Smith – Wavering Deficit (1997)


Christian Hard Rock

Wavering Deficit
1997 (no label)
Clyde, New York, USA

Sherri Schmitz Smith – Most guitars, lead vocals, percussion
Shawn Harnish – Some guitar parts
Scott Andrezejewski – Bass guitar on some songs
Tim Reed – Bass on all other songs
Art Ralston – Drums
Jim Hinrich – Background vocals, congas
Tim Sampson – Harmonica

Side 1:

  1. Go Away
  2. Shattered
  3. The Room Inside
  4. Please Rescue Me
  5. Dusted Angel

Side 2:

  1. When Will I Learn?
  2. What Can I Say?
  3. Be Not Conformed
  4. It’s Always Something
  5. Salsa Picante


Casa Alianza – Sanctuary: Songs for the Voiceless


Casa Alianza
Sanctuary: Songs for the Voiceless
1996 (no label)
Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom

Eve & The Garden:

Alison Eve – Vocals, classical guitar
Paul A. Davies – Electric guitar, classical guitar, synth lead guitar, background vocals
Phillip Rainey – Bass
Alyson Rainey – Violin
Paul Cudby – Drums, percussion

The Rumors are True:

Helen Turner – Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Rachel Coates – Acoustic guitar, low whistle, vocals
Jason Bell – Chapman stick
Richard Coates – Drums, percussion

Side 1:

  1. Eve & The Garden – Sanctuary

Side 2:

  1. The Rumors are True – Close to Me

This demo is basically a split tape recorded to benefit Casa Alianza, an organization that works to protect street children in Guatemala. The contact information is in England, so I am guessing these are two UK based bands raising money for relief work in Central America. Eve & The Garden is an ethereal folk band – the synths and violin probably adding to that feeling. Their song does surprisingly pick up the pace during the chorus – wasn’t expecting that. The Rumors are True is a Celtic folk band that reminds me of Iona in some ways, but more on the folk side. Having a chapman stick and low whistle on their song probably helps that comparison, but those two instruments are always a plus in my book.(not review)


Bottom Line - Between U and Me (1995)


Christian Groove Metal

Between U and Me
1995 (no label)
South Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Scott Thomas – Lead Vocals
Russ Cootey – All guitars
The Unstoppable Rev. Chim Chim – Bass
Jeremy Orris – Drums

  1. Pull the Plank
  2. Between U and Me
  3. Stand Up
  4. False Fase
  5. Apology


July 12, 2021

Modern Poets – Politics, Poetry, and… (1990)


Christian Alt. Rock

Politics, Poetry, and…
1990 (no label)
Brisbane, Australia

Jonathan Sargeant – Vocals
Timothy Hills – Guitar, vocals
Ben Thomson – Bass
Phil Neil – Drums

Side 1:

  1. She Says
  2. Ethic of Love
  3. Rock of Strength
  4. Crushed
  5. Understanding Mary
  6. Driving

Side 2:

  1. Big Slide
  2. Planet Go to Rest
  3. Fall From Grace
  4. Forest Fire
  5. Everything is Fine
  6. Epiphany
  7. This Burning Town


July 11, 2021

Tempestuous All – Ponderings (1996)


Christian Industrial Metal/Rock

1996 137 Records
Wheaton, Illinois, USA

Brian C. Jones – Electronic wizard, vocals, general nuisance
Scott D. Lee – Apprentice, graphics, public relations

Scott Barrett – Guitars
Heavy Cat – Violin on “The Tree”

Side 1:

  1. Innocence
  2. The Tree
  3. Thou Shalt not Lie

Side 2:

  1. Who I Am
  2. What Does It Mean
  3. Mother




The Wake - Rock and Roll (1988)


Christian Heavy Metal

Rock and Roll
1988 (no label)
Porterville, California, USA

Gina Taylor – Vocals
Mike Taylor – Guitars
Eric Claussen – Additional guitars
Kevin D. Davis – Bass
Marty Dodson – Drums

Side 1:

  1. N.S.U.
  2. You Shake Me

Side 2:

  1. You’ve Got to Fight It
  2. Kick It

Honestly, I thought this would be some form of alternative or progressive rock based on the band name and cover. But it turns out it is female fronted heavy metal. They tend to blend in some progressive metal parts with some commercial metal parts in many songs. For example, the first track has guitar riffs and playing that leans progressive metal, while the verses definitely have a commercial metal style (guitar drops out while a plodding bass/drum mixture comes to the front). If you were to tell me that the guitarist was a huge Queensryche fan, while the main songwriter was a commercial metal fan, I would believe it. It’s a mixture that works well (not my review)



July 10, 2021

I Witness - The Voice (1989)


Christian Rock

The Voice
1989 (no label)
Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA

Heather Hathaway – Vocals
Robb Marrs – Vocals
John Marrs – Keyboards, classical guitar, synth, drum programming
Eric Douthitt – Electronic percussion, drum programming

Side 1:

  1. Someday
  2. Between the Pages
  3. The Voice
  4. Key of David
  5. Never Let Me Fall

Side 2:

  1. Emmanuel
  2. It’s Time
  3. One World
  4. Eagle’s Wings


Angst – The Null Hypothesis (1995)

 Password: 2021

Christian Industrial 


If another has the following:


1995-Black and...

Let me know. I'm looking for an copy.Thanks


The Null Hypothesis
(1995) 137 Records
New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Matthew M. Nordan – vocals, instruments

Side 1:

  1. Descent
  2. Who am I to Question God?
  3. Warm Dry Cell
  4. Exactly Precisely
  5. Godshaped Void
  6. Shades of Light
  7. Positive

Side 2:

  1. Lollapalooza
  2. Boiling Point
  3. Effexor (Venlafaxine HCl)
  4. Persistence
  5. Five in the Chamber
  6. Nothing Else



Crucifer - Hellbound Angel (1996)

 Password: 2021

Christian Metal



  1. Crucifer - Midnight (4:30)
  2. Crucifer - Why (3:52)
  3. Crucifer - Kick It (5:31)
  4. Crucifer - Hellbound Angel (5:58)
  5. Crucifer - Wild And Free (5:23)
  6. Crucifer - Sweet Miss Fortune (3:34)
  7. Crucifer - The Power Of The Flame (4:12)
  8. Crucifer - Just The Way (4:18)
  9. Crucifer - Questions (4:30)
  10. Crucifer - In The World (5:58)
  11. Crucifer - Hellbound Angel (Live CMT Mix) (2:52)


Crankin’ at the New Union (Various Artist)(1994)

 Password: 2021

Christian Rock / Pop / Metal

-Track Listing-
1. Allegory - Crimson & Snow
2. Anna's Eye Tooth - Child
3. Cybernetix(metal) - Mortal Defilement
4. Epa Aldea - Joy and Tremble
5. Glass House - Welcome
6. Here Lies Franklin - Intro-Mission
7. Insight(metal) - Kids
8. Josiah(rock metal) - In My Life
9. Junno Janni(alt rock) - Grace
10. Living Stones(rock) - Please Help Me
11. Mechanizm(metal) - Devil's Fruit
12. Mr. Crazy - Smile
13. David Peightal Trio - Tracker
14. Scout - Crying Out Your Name
15. Touch Velvet - Broken



Autumn Rose - Demo (1988)


Christian Alt. Rock 

Source:DirectTAPE recorded at 24bit/48khz . encoded @ 320kbps/48khz

Changed name to Acoustic Shack  


I will be there

In love again

I surrender



July 8, 2021

Bloodline - One in The Spirit (1987)

80s Pop/Rock / CCM


Bloodline was formed in '86 out of two bands.Sun from St Cloud with Mitch Groethe and Salt which was Nancy Ruby, Dave Ruby, Dan Wood, Clif Cline, and Do Rouse. The group was only active for 2 yrears and recorded the One In The Spirit as the only album in 1987.


  1. Sea Of Glass (4:36)
  2. God Is Alive (2:55)
  3. I Will Praise Him (4:20)
  4. Praise You Jesus (3:34)
  5. Changing Day (4:07)
  6. One In The Spirit (3:19)
  7. Lean On Jesus (3:11)
  8. Sword Of The Lord (4:43)
  9. Wretched Man (4:22)


July 7, 2021

Simon Elvin - Apart from Me (1985)


Christian Rock / Pop

Apart From Me
1985 Broken Records
Plymouth, Devonshire, England

Simon Elvin – Lead vocals, piano, synthesizers, clarinet, acoustic guitar, drums, rhythm programmes

Dave Wellington – Backing vocals
Linda Nicols – Backing vocals, duet on “The Need in Me”
Steve Wheeler – Lead guitar, backing vocals on “Warriors”

Side 1:

  1. Feeling the Love
  2. Party
  3. Years Go By
  4. The Need in Me
  5. Little Star

Side 2:

  1. Can’t Waste Another Day
  2. Every Day
  3. One in a Million
  4. Suddenly
  5. Warriors
  6. His Love



July 4, 2021

Crimson Glow – Rough Mix Song Demo (1994)

Password: 2021

Christian Grunge

AKA Crucifix

Rough Mix Song Demo
1994 (no label)
La Grange Park, Illinois, USA

Dan Linhart – Vocals
James Magrini – Guitar, backing vocals
MIke Croschere – Bass
Jeff Bures – Drums

Side 1:

    Slipping Through
    I Alone
    Mind Rape
    Crimson Glow

Side 2:

    Like a Crown
    House Burn


Emmaus Road - it's No Rumor... (198?)


Christian Hard Rock


We've got the Spirit!

Sing You Own Kind of Song

Cephas/Psalm 96

Who Am I 

Road to Emmaus



Harry Gore and the Measles – Rough Unmixed Demos


Christian Alt. Rock / Power Pop

Rare,Out Of Print, Hard To Find

Rough Unmixed Demos (No EQ)
1999 (no label)
Richmond, Virginia, USA

Harry Gore – Vocals, guitar, lead guitar, bass on track 3
Mervin Nickel – Guitars, lead guitar
Henry Gerber – Vocals, bass, guitar on track 3
Mark Corvino – Drums, percussion

1.You’ll Never be a Girl
3.Father God
4.(Ain’t Gonna Live a) Godless Life


Terry McCabe - Live in Holland (1986)


Christian Acoustic / Rock / Alternative Rock

Live in Holland
1986 Hubcap Records
Boardman, Ohio, USA

Terry McCabe – Vocals, acoustic guitar

Side 1:

    Sold Out
    Breaking Out of Jail
    I’m Glad I’m Not Religious
    Lord of My Life
    Sodom and Gomorrah

Side 2:

    Snow Mountain
    Your Letter


Hidden Faces - Demo (1989)

 Password: none

Christian Alt. Rock

1989 Independent
Blooming Glen, Pennsylvania, USA

Steve Haines – Vocals
Dave Smith – Guitar, vocalsBill Mackie – Acoustic guitar, keys, vocals
Ban Zaslow – Bass
Scott Hopkins – Drums

Lydia Zaslow – Additional vocals on “Looking Forward”

    Change the World
    No Breakdown Here
    Looking Forward
    Dancing Soldiers
    Skin Deep


July 2, 2021

Camel Society Kings - C.S.K (1986)(demo)

 Password: 2021

Christian Alt. Rock

Camel Society Kings
1986 Independent
Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Anthony Lancenese – Bass
Timmy Marsh – All guitars
Michael Angelino – Voice, drums

  1. Walking on the Water
  2. Home
  3. Say a Prayer
  4. Remembering Our Friend
  5. Home (remix)
  6. Say a Prayer (remix)

Tribe of Dan - The Beeb Tapes (1989)

Password: none

Christian Alt. Rock

The Beep Tapes

1989 Mister M Records (MRM 001)

Dan Donovan – Lead vocals, guitars
Solze – Bass
Mark Stirk – Keyboards, vocals
Ali Byworth – Drums

  1. Learning From You
  2. Cooking Pot
  3. Just a Little Bit More
  4. Away From Here


Jeremiah's Groto - Afraid EP (demo)(1998)

 Password: none

Christian Emo / Rock

Afraid EP
1998 (no label)
Gainsville, Florida, USA

Chris Siegle – Vocals, guitar
Brian Gray – Guitar
Dan Gray – Bass
Jonathan Farnell – Drums



3.Raining Small Colors
4.One Second of Grace
5.Lost Impurity


Ikthus - Fish you Were Here (1992)

 Password: none

Christian Punk Rock

Ikthus (aka) changed named to Strongarm in 1993


Dave Bean-Vocals

Jason Berrgeren-Guitars

Matthew John-Bass

Christ Carbonell-Drums


Follow Me

A Way

Monkeys Uncle


Kiss the Son