July 21, 2021

Happy Clappies – Sick Underground Guitar (1990)


Christian Alt Rock

Sick Underground Guitar
1990 (no label)
Utrecht, Netherlands

Edwin Ogenio – Sick guitar, lead vocals
Gerard van Driesten – Bass, background vocals
Renee – Percussions
Steef – Drums, background vocals

Side 1:

  1. Welcome
  2. Send Me
  3. Let Him In
  4. Satan is a Liar

Side 2:

  1. She’s in Love
  2. Who are You Anyway?
  3. Jesus Christ the King
  4. Allmighty
  5. Varkentie

This appears to be a side project from members of Decision D. The sound here is more like sloppy alternative grunge rock. Maybe comparable to LS Underground or Four Living Creatures, but without the tight musicianship. Or maybe mixed with the looseness of Breakfast with Amy? Either way, it’s not that the songs are bad – just a little too long. They all ramble a bit… or a lot. This is actually a live album, so a lot of this could be stuff that was improvised somewhat. Seems that they later shortened their name to Clappies, and released at least one more demo called Dancing Away Depression. Also note that the song “Repent and Sing” listed on the cover does not appear on the actual tape.(not review)




  1. The 3rd track Repent And Sing seems to be missing in the download. Also the last track is called Varkentje.


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