July 24, 2021

The Fish John West Reject - Canned (1986)


Christian Acoustic Pop Thrashabilly

1986 (no label)
Tasmania, Australia

Mark Narkowicz – Vocals, acoustic guitar
Mark Adams – Vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonica
Andrew Viney – Occasional yells, acoustic bass
Tim Gleeson – Vocals, drum, percussion

Side 1:

  1. Rush (trad.)
  2. Not Mutate
  3. Dreams Are Had
  4. Run Come See (trad.)
  5. Dustbowl Refugee
  6. Rivers Rise
  7. Resting In Your Love

Side 2:

  1. Tamar River
  2. Oppression
  3. Up The Coast
  4. Never Be Friends
  5. Sand ‘n’ Dust ‘n’ Bones
  6. The Balm (trad.)
  7. Muleskinner Blues (trad.)

Wasn’t sure what this was by the band name or title, and there a lot of songs. A comedy troupe? An avant-garde noise band? Turns out it is a folk-ish quirky rock band, kind of like if Hokus Pick was more acoustic and from Australia, with a good dose of traditional folk songs thrown in. In fact, six of the songs are traditional songs or covers of Woody Guthrie and Iva Twydell. Sometimes you think it is a throwback to Gospel/traditional music, other times they might be opening for the Dead Milkmen. You also hear harmonica, mandolin, and other folk-y instruments. The band calls themselves “acoustic pop thrashabilly” and that works. Seems they went on to releases several albums and singles after this one.

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  1. Certainly not a comedy troupe, but certainly inspired by humour, punk & Violent Femmes. Spot on when you mention American Folk. Iva Twydell was refreshing in the Christian music realm. But when we heard The Femmes, The Housemartins and T-Bone Burnett there was no looking back.


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