July 20, 2022

The Inspirations – I’m Taking a Flight (1975)

Artist…….: The Inspirations
Album……..: I’m Taking A Flight
Genre……..: Southern Gospel
Year………: 1975

Track Listing
01. I’m Taking A Flight (02:46)
02. Crossing Chilly Jordan (02:03)
03. The First Million Years (02:46)
04. I’m One Of His Own (02:19)
05. When We Look On His Face (02:02)
06. Tell My Friends (02:44)
07. Jesus Is Mine (03:44)
08. On The Way Home (02:46)
09. Have A Little Talk With Him (02:50)
10. Sounds Of The City (02:23)
11. He’ll Call My Name (01:57)
12. Christ Still Lives (02:08)



  1. The download link was flagged suspicious by my browser. Would you check it pls?

    1. Awesome! Call me strange, but every once in awhile I love me some good ole Southern Gospel. Thanks KJ

    2. Great! Every now and again I get a hankerin' for some good ole Southern Gospel. Thx KJ

    3. Sir do u have some Christian Nu Metal Rapcore Oldschool Rare stuffs finds? Like Charizmata aka Broken Before Honor and Psoulpatch, Zero Theory

  2. Muito obrigado irmão !!!


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