July 12, 2017

The Melody Boys – Movin Up To Heaven (1985)

Genre: Southern Gospel
Password: BKM2016
Artwork: found.

Track List:
01-Movin’ up to heaven
02-On the way home
03-We are but ships
04-Rise again
05-Search the bible
06-Ships in the harbor
07-The sun’s coming up
08-Good life
09-Just in time
10-God’s amazing grace

Southern gospel group from Elyria,Ohio.This came from an record.Done in the 1980s.

Dan Powell, Lead
Joe Hollingsworth, 1st Tenor
Joe Casper, Baritone
Mike Hofacker, Bass
Jan Jones, Bass Guitar



  1. My uncle Joe Casper is the Baritone. He passed away yesterday in TN. He's ship is in the harbor.


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