January 26, 2014

Modern Mission (1985)

Modern Mission was a mid-80′s new wave quarted featuring one member with a real name and three others who remain somewhat anonymous. The album sports hard-hitting music with direct and aggresive Christian lyrics. Brain Quincy Newcomb of CCM wrote that the band “may only do one thing, but they do it quite well.? Songs like “Stick to Your Guns and “Time to Fight? exemplify their mililant take on theology.

Track List:
1. The Race
2. Time is Running Out
3. Stick to Your Guns
4. Through the Fire
5. Hide My Heart
6. Never Let Me Go
7. Magazine
8. Time to Fight
9. When Heaven’s Calling
10. Believe in You

New Link Added 1/26/2014

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  2. Enjoyed this album. Thx for sharing!


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