June 6, 2014

X Of Eden - Beyond The Gates Of Eden (2001)

Gene: Christian Rock / Metal

The mix of heavy guitars, strings, and piano brings to mind Queensryche circa the 'Empire' days and Savatage. There is some excellent atmospheric numbers intertwining the guitars and piano. "New Heavens" and "Return" showcase this point effectively. "Believe" and "I Won't Go Down" effectively close out this excellent debut CD. Worth tracking down.

Note: Password for unlocking file is 2014

Jonah Blaze Vocals, Bass, Drums, Percussion
Asa Blaze Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards


1.  The Land Of Fugitiveness  
2.  Would You Care To Argue?  
3.  New Heavens  
4.  Beyond The Gates Of Eden  
5.  Courage  
6.  Return  
7.  Shakespeare  
8.  It's Only Sleep  
9.  Believe  
10.  I Won't Go Down  

Download:  CLICK HERE


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