February 16, 2021

Junker Jorg - Diet of Worms (2000)

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Junker Jorg mixes complex theological concepts, Christian history, and hard music to stir a spiritual awareness in their unique way.

Junker Jorg's name is the alias of Martin Luther - the father of the Reformation. After Martin Luther tacked the 95 thesis to the Wittenburg Door on October 31st 1517, there was a great uproar which resulted in changing Christianity forever. Luther was summoned to the "Diet of Worms" to defend his beliefs, after which, the counsel found him a heretic and sentenced him to death. Duke Fredrick hid Luther in the Wartburg Castle, disguised him as a Knight, and gave him the name Junker Jorg.

Updated file to VBR V2 HQ

 01 Hello World          
02 Virus          
03 Autibionic          
04 Flatline Me          
05 Cyberneurotic          
06 Overcomin' It          
07 Despond          
08 Dunamis          
09 Lamentation          
10 Ockham's Razor          
11 Carmel's Fire          
12 Burden Of Proof



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