March 11, 2021

Overland Stage - S/T (1972)


Gene: Christian Rock / Jesus Music
Artist: Overland Stage
Title: Overland Stage
Year: 1972
Format: LP
Label: Epic
Password: 2021

New File 3/12/21

Overland Stage garnered a recording contract from CBS in 1972 and recorded this album in San Francisco of that year. Two singles were released from the lp, including “I’m Beginning To Feel It”.
The group which included Steve Babb, Duane Elofson, Jim Flint, David Hanson, Rick Johnsgard, and Don Miller had been described earlier as “xian hippie” but this album while having subtle xian overtones (“Salvation”, “Brother Moses”), is closer to a progressive rock sound with vocals and harmonies similar in style to the Eagles, Yes, and CSN (or a cross between them).
The album features the brilliant percussion work of Santana’s Coke Escovedo, who were recording down the hall when this album was being made and who the group got to know personally. (Prairie Prince Minsky)

Track Listing
  1. Salvation
  2. Cherokee
  3. She Will Leave Me
  4. I’m Beginning To Feel It
  5. Brother Moses
  6. To The Park
  7. After You Leave Me
  8. Don’t You Believe Me
  9. It’s Just Life
  10. Indian



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