July 20, 2015

Wild Olive Branch Band - Through A Glass Darkly (1977)

Genre: Jesus Music Era
Password: 2015


Superb Kentucky custom from the trio of Richard Broaddus, Ron Houtz and Mike Price. Sincere homemade rural feel with some west-coast hippie vibes, including simple acoustic songs with harmonica (‘We Love You’), lyrical piano/guitar melodies (‘Life Is More’, ‘Not In New York City’), twangy acoustic country (‘Light On A Hill’) and jangly electric folkrock (‘So Glad Ya Made It’). Some great plugged-in rural rock moves on ‘I’d Have To Be Crazy, Parts 1 & 4’ and ‘Changes’, peaking with the 9:20 multi-faceted ‘Ajax Revisited’ in three movements. Good hard rock fuzz action on ‘High Times, Low Times’, psychy phasing on the edgy ‘Jesus Is Love’. Subtle female backing vocals from time to time. The guys called themselves Latter Rain from 1972 to 1977, then changed their name because of the other Kentucky Latter Rain group. Attractive cover photo shows the trio peering through the windows of an old house. See also The Festival Album. (The Archivist, 4th Edtition by Ken Scott)


01. Life Is More
02. Light On A Hill
03. Jesus Is Love
04. We Love You
05. Not In New York City
06. High Time Low Times
07. I'd Have To Be Crazy
08. Changes
09. Before My Lord
10. Ajax Revisited
11. So Glad Ya Made It



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